Three Minds As One

Chapter 40 - A Time To Heal - Continued

Hours passed by as Demi watched Taylor sleep fitfully. He noticed all through the night he tossed and turned. He gently placed his hand on Taylor's head going into his dreams and turned a shade of light blue, as Neque watched him as she sat next to Mayte who was resting against her.
"Emitforecnalab is he alright?" Neque asked feeling concerned.
"He is having nightmares again about that man. It is repeating in his head about what has happened to him." Demi sadly explained with worry filling his mind.
"He acts like he is fine when he is awake. But these moments are disturbing him deep inside. He is still sick inside his head. We have to help him somehow to deal with it." Neque advised wanting desperately to make this special one whole again.
"Noooo. Leave me alone." Taylor moaned softly under his breath rolling his body onto his other side. Demi sadly watched him. He saw tears drip from under his eyelids. Sweat started to bead on his forehead and he suddenly screamed out bolting into a sitting position looking around fearfully.
Ike and Zac jerked awake looking up at their brother while Demi put his arm gently around him trying to comfort him. Taylor sucked in a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair.
"Tay? Are you alright?" Zac asked concerned rubbing the sleep out of his right eye with his finger.
"Umm... yeah. Just a bad dream. That's all. Sorry to wake you Zac." Taylor apologized swallowing hard and laying back down again.
"Young one are you sure you are okay?" Demi asked. Taylor nodded licking his lips and closed his eyes falling asleep again as he clutched onto his pillow.
Ike sat up and looked at Demi fearfully.
"He's not alright Ike. He's having bad dreams about the evil one. It keeps playing in his head over and over again." Demi told Ike who nodded his head and crawled near Taylor looking down at him filled with concern.
"Ike? How are we going to help Tay? How do you heal the mental wounds?" Zac whispered feeling just as worried as Ike was for Taylor.
"Yeah it's easy to heal the flesh, but the mind is a whole different thing." Ike expressed and gently caressed Taylor's head noticing a tear dripping down the side of his face.
"He has to face Sam." Neque claimed as Ike turned looking at her.
"But that is the problem Que. Taylor might go over the edge facing that man again. I really don't...."
"Ike he has to do it! It is the only way for him to understand and heal those mind wounds that he has." Neque interupted sounding assured.
"But Tay is so afraid of him." Zac added in, wondering why Neque would suggest that his brother had to face someone who hurt him so bad.
"It is the only way for him to heal. Trust me my young ones. You have helped us to save our world and yours. Now we shall repay the favor. Taylor may not like this, but he has to go through it. Promise me no matter how Taylor reacts you will listen to all I say and want you to do." Neque pleaded looking deeply into both sets of fearful eyes.
"I..I trust you Que. I promise." Ike said and looked lovingly back down at his brother.
"I will to. I promise." Zac agreed swallowing hard as Haelz rubbed his shoulder sensing his fear.
"My Emitforecnalab I want you to go into the rips and bring Sam to this room. Do whatever it takes to get him back here." Neque instructed as Demi stood up and formed the bubble passing through.
"And I want Mike and both of you to not let your brother know that we are bringing him here till I say that he is ready." Neque said as they all nodded.

Demi passed through the rips quickly looking for the room that Sam was in at the moment. He finally found him sleeping peacefully in his bed as he popped again into the humans time. He looked down at the man, wearing blue and white stripped pajamas, still feeling a little anger toward him for hurting his Taylor and anger for ripping him out of his time two years ago. He tried to calm his emotions knowing that he wanted to heal the young one. He slowly reached down and placed his large hand over his mouth.

Sam woke up with a jerk and fearfully stared up into the alien's eyes. He tried to move but found that he couldn't because a force was holding him down. Demi slowly took his hand away from his mouth enjoying the look of fear covering this man's face.
"What? What do you want?" Sam whispered fearfully thinking maybe the being came to exact his revenge upon him for all that he has done.
"You will come with me now. You have to help the young one Taylor." Demi stated in a cold even voice.
"Ahhhh...sure. Sure." Sam agreed as his heart started to race with fear and uncertainty.
Demi took his cover off and lifted him up still holding the force on him so he couldn't fight him. Sam shook slightly not liking the feeling. He fearfully watched as a bubble formed in the center of the room.
"Where are we going?" Sam thought as the alien brought him through the bubble. He was amazed seeing the colors swirling around them.
"We are going to the room, that you made my prison for two years." Demi answered as he sped forward wanting to return to his friends quickly.

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