Three Minds As One

Chapter 40 - A Time To Heal

Mike peaked around the corner noticing everyone was playing with Nadroj. He smiled as the room was filled with a golden hue with white lights dancing around.
"Hey anyone hungry?" Mike announced as they all jumped and turned.
"It's ready?" Zac asked springing up and ran over to Mike near the corner.
"Yep! Want to help me bring it in Zac?" Mike asked as Zac nodded his head enthusiastically.
"Be right back guys. It turned out grrreat!" Mike exclaimed as their faces broke into huge grins.

Ike and Taylor waited in anticipation next to the wall.
"Come on guys! Hurry up!" Taylor moaned feeling his stomach growl. Demi sat down next to him.
"Patience Tay. Patience." Ike smiled when Mike and Zac came around the corner rolling a cart with the plates of steaming food on top. They sprung up running over to them.
"Looks good!" Ike stated grabbing a plate while the others did the same. They all found places to sit and looked at one another.
"Guys this is a time to say grace." Mike said as Ike, Taylor, and Zac nodded their heads. They closed their eyes bowing their heads. Neque, Mayte, Haelz, and Demi cocked their heads wondering why they would say words over the flesh.
"Thank you dear Lord for bringing this food to us and may we all get home soon. Amen." Mike said softly hearing the boys say amen.
"What did you just do?" Mayte asked curiously sliding up near Taylor.
"Humans say it to bless the food." Taylor explained shoving a big forkfull of noodles dripping with gravy into his mouth. He smiled savoring the flavor.
"Why bless it?" Demi asked.
"Because God gives us everything." Zac explained mumbling through the meatball in his mouth while he smiled.
"Ummm... don't you believe there is one greater then us? One who created everything?" Ike asked suddenly realizing they never thought to ask.
"Ohhhh.... yes the GREAT one! Maybe we don't believe in the same way, but now we understand." Demi said watching Taylor intently eating again.
"Demi? Please don't. I told you before I hate it when someone stares at me while I eat." Taylor pleaded when Nadroj sat down in front of him. He cocked his head curiously staring at him too.
"Oh great! Nodrow don't stare at me. It's not polite." Taylor said smiling and noticed Mayte, Demi, and Nadroj were still looking at him.
"It just seems funny that you creatures need this flesh to survive." Mayte began as Nadroj moved in closer.
"Want flesh. Tay Tay flesh." Nadroj announced looking and wanting to be just like Taylor.
"What?" Taylor choked slightly on his food and chuckled.
"That didn't sound right." Zac laughed suddenly as his body shook with his noodles slipping off his fork.
"Yeah.... he wants to eat Taylor." Ike chuckled scooping up more noodles from his plate.
"He didn't mean that. He wants some of my food." Taylor said rolling his eyes at his brothers.
"Tay Tay want flesh?" Nadroj asked pointing at Taylor's plate.
"Nodrow? You don't eat like we do. You get food a different way." Taylor gently told him.
"Want FLESH!" Nadroj demanded turning blue and feeling very confused.
"My young one you are absorbing your nutrients all around you. You are not like them." Neque tried to explain walking up to the young one and squatted down next to him. Nadroj looked up at her still not totally understanding the concept. He looked back at Taylor curiously watching his throat move as he swallowed.
"You're like them." Taylor said putting down his fork and pointing at Demi and Mayte, hoping he would understand.
"Tay Tay need flesh." Nadroj suddenly understood turning a shade of yellow. Taylor nodded his head smiling.
"I'm busting at the seams. That was good Mike." Ike said leaning back against the wall.
"Glad you enjoyed it. Anyone want seconds?" Mike asked looking at the boys.
"I think we had enough." Zac assured him smiling from ear to ear as Taylor put in his last mouthful and chewed slowly getting used to his alien friends staring at him. He gave up trying to explain why he didn't like it and also because he was to hungry not to eat, so he didn't care anymore. He took a deep breath leaning back against the wall and smiled contentedly.
"My Taylor is full now?" Demi asked as Taylor nodded smiling at him.
"The food made me sleepy." Zac stated happily closing his eyes as he layed down.
"I guess we were so hungry the food is acting like a sleeping pill." Ike said yawning and thought he would rest to like Zac who already fell asleep.
Demi and Mayte noticed Taylor was acting the same way. He rested his head against Demi's shoulder closing his eyes.
"I feel sleepy too, but someone has to clean up the dishes and I guess I won't get help from those three sleeping beauties now." Mike chuckled, happy to see that they finally got a decent meal in their stomachs.
"Should we wake them?" Demi asked with concern as he saw Mike pick up the plates and put them onto the cart.
"No. Let them sleep. They deserve a good rest with full stomachs for once." Mike explained as he went around the corner to do the dishes and clean up his mess he left in the kitchen.

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