Three Minds As One

Chapter 39 - Zac's Adventures - Continued

Zac and Haelz went into a rip, while Demi carried the stove to a wall in another room not far down the hallway where there used to be another kitchen. Ike helped Mike hook up the stove, while Taylor stood watching by the door.
"Hope it works." Taylor prayed when they finally finished.
"Well keep your fingers crossed kids. Here goes nothing." Mike exclaimed turning a switch. They watched as the burner lit up with flame.
"YES!" Ike and Taylor happily yelled in unison.
"Okay guys. Please leave the room while the chef here makes a masterpiece of a meal." Mike chuckled as Taylor smiled with his mouth watering thinking about meatballs over noodles.
"Sure you don't need any help?" Ike asked as Mike shook his head. He waved his hand indicating for them to please leave the room.
"How long will it take?" Taylor asked noticing Mike didn't answer as he started to set things up. Ike grabbed Taylor's arm and pulled him out of the room into the hall.
"Tay leave the master do his work." Ike smiled while they headed back to their large room. When they got to the room they could see that Zac and Haelz were back from the rips. Nadroj was still walking around on shaky legs enjoying himself at his new found freedom to roam around by himself. Ike smiled as Nadroj suddenly walked up to Taylor who smiled down at him.
"Tay Tay!" Nadroj hollered loudly reaching his arms out to him. Taylor bent down as Nadroj flung his arms around his neck. Taylor lifted him up as the young one wrapped his legs around his waist.
"Boy he is light." Taylor expressed carrying him over to Mayte. Mayte glowed golden enjoying the fact that Taylor was attentive to her Nadroj.
"Want your mama?" Taylor asked bending slightly over to put him down.
"No! Tay Tay!" Nadroj screamed making Taylor jump. He clung on even tighter.
"Oh... well, okay. I'll hold you then." Taylor chuckled as he carefully sat down next to Mayte, so he wouldn't drop the young one. He drew his legs up against Nadroj's back so he could lean against them.
"He likes you very much my Taylor." Mayte crooned softly sliding up next to Taylor. Taylor turned and smiled at her. Nadroj reached out and turned Taylor's face toward him with his little hands. He touched Taylor's nose gently with the tip of his finger and cocked his head. Taylor smiled at the action.
"That's my nose."
"Tay noooose." Nadroj crooned and ran his fingers gently down the right side of Taylor's cheek.
"He learns fast." Taylor stated while he let Nadroj explore his head. He knew that was how these beings loved and cared for one another. Touch was very important to them.

"Well Taylor seems happy." Zac said as Ike sat down next to him.
"Yeah I hope so." Ike stated looking down at his hands.
"Why do you say hope so?"
"I don't know. I just think Taylor is burying his emotions deep inside."
"You mean about Sam?" Zac asked while Ike nodded his head.
"That guy did so much to him Zac. Taylor proved how much he needs some kind of help the other day when Sam was trying to apologize for what he did."
"Yeah I know. Maybe Nod..row will get his mind off it. Taylor really loves that kid."
"I feel the same way towards Nodrow. I can't explain why I love the young one so much." Ike said smiling.
"Yeah me too. Maybe because he is apart of us through Taylor." Zac added in.
"That could be it!" Ike chuckled pushing Zac a little to the side.
"Well you finally figured that out?" Zac asked teasingly rolling his eyes.
"Shut up Zac." Ike laughed stretching his legs out in front of him.
"Ohhh... Ike? I have something for you. I forgot about it with all the stuff going on." Zac smiled as he walked over to the box of dry goods and dug to the bottom.
"What?" Ike asked wondering what Zac could have found so important to give him in this place.
"Are you ready Ike?" Zac asked smiling devilishly when Taylor wondered what Zac was up to too.
"Oookaaay?" Ike said in a unsure voice.
"It's a... CLOCK!" Zac bellowed loudly, whipping it out in front of him.
"Time! We can know what time it is from now on! Zac you're the greatest!" Ike gushed standing up and running over to Zac grabbing it roughly out of his hands.
"Hey don't get too excited Ike. It's just time you know." Zac laughed watching the joy cover Ike's face.
"Wow it is now three o'clock in the morning!" Ike yelled loving the fact of finally knowing what time of day it was.
"Three o'clock in the morning and we're eating dinner? Boy our bodies are way out of sync!" Taylor chuckled while Nadroj was gently touching a strand of Taylor's hair enjoying himself.

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