Three Minds As One

Chapter 3 - The Plan

Sam was pleased that the boys discovered their ability that they could speak through their minds. He chuckled remembering the fear they felt when he spoke to them. He reached over and put a casette into the tape player while driving to the warehouse, near the airport, he set up a few days ago for the plan to kidnap the Hanson's. He hummed along to the music feeling totally carefree. He turned into the parking lot near the wearhouse. He turned off the engine and sat back staring at the warehouse noticing a group of men were carrying in the stuff he ordered from the project from a white van parked near the entrance. He slowly opened the door and got out walking up to the men by the van. He looked over the packages and then walked in the warehouse and headed for the telephone that sat on his desk in the office located near the entrance. He sat down and grabbed up the phone and dailed the direct number to the project. He heard the line connecting as he tapped his fingers on the desk and swiveled his chair back and forth as he patiently waited for Tom to pick up.
"Hi Tom. This is Sam. The warehouse is looking up. Everything is pretty well set here. How about you?"
"The room is set now for the boys. Did you assemble the teams yet?" Tom asked excitedly.
"Yeah. They are ready too. But I want to leave them, the Hanson's, alone for awhile. I shook them up somewhat tonight. I want them feeling safe. Then we will strike." Sam said as a smile formed across his face.
"Sam... don't scare them to much! You know how important this project is." Tom declared feeling a little anger.
"Hey... don't worry. I was just testing and feeling them out. Their psychic abilities are amazing. It is more then we could have asked for!" Sam expressed feeling sure of himself.
"Great! I hope they do better then the last few who have tried to communicate with our special guest."
"If we train them right, I know they will be the ones!"
"Did any of them show the greatest power yet?"
"Tom these boys work as one. I don't know exactly how or why, but we need all three of them." Sam explained rubbing his forehead.
"Well I have to take your word for it. You know best when it comes to psychic ability."
"I should get going and get the rest of the stuff ready here. I should be seeing you in about a week or so. Okay?"
"Okay. Don't let anything go wrong and don't hurt them. I don't want them hurt in any way. Understand?"
"Tom.... of course I won't hurt them. I know how important they are. Don't worry so much. I made that a major point when I was getting the men ready for the kidnapping. Just take it easy and see you soon."
"Okay. Bye." Tom said and hung up the phone feeling anxious. He sat back in his chair and gazed out the window watching the sun setting over the ocean.

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