Three Minds As One

Chapter 39 - Zac's Adventures - Continued

Isaac sat against the wall on the mattress, with Neque at his side, as he looked at Taylor, who seemed to be lost in another world, while he leaned against the wall a few feet away from him. He still worried somewhat about him. First Taylor would seem normal laughing and talking with everyone and then just clam up looking lost and scared as he was doing now.
"Huh?" Taylor jumped turning to look at at his brother.
"Are you okay?" Ike asked with concern sliding up next to him.
"I'm fine. Why?" Taylor answered crinkling his eyebrows together.
"Just wondering. You seem to be a little jumpy. Want to talk about it?"
"Ike? I'm fine. Stop worrying about me so much. I was just thinking about things."
"Like what things?"
"Like how are we going to explain all this to Dad and Mom? I mean all this stuff we have been through is going to sound really crazy to them." Taylor pondered looking seriously into Ike's eyes.
"That's true. We'll say... well we discovered that we had more powers and met these aliens, went through time rips, and fought against the evil ones. Taylor was healed by becoming one body with the aliens. Saw a child of the aliens being born and ....." Ike laughed picturing the looks on their parent's faces. Taylor smiled imagining the same thing.
"And don't forget we taught them our language and helped fixed the balance of time!" Taylor exclaimed suddenly starting to laugh.
"Yes just your typical day in the life of the Hanson brothers!" Ike added as Taylor then rolled with laughter leaning into Ike who was laughing just as hard. Neque and Mayte curiously looked over at them wondering why they were so overcome with happiness.
"What is so amusing my young ones?" Neque asked glowing in a shade of gold.
"We....just...are...wond..wondering...how...we...are...going to explain all this to our parents when...we...get home!" Ike declared still laughing out of control as Taylor flopped suddenly onto the mattress laughing even harder. Demi walked up to Taylor feeling concerned. He gently rubbed Taylor's shoulder as the boy still laughed holding onto his sides.
"I...I'm fi..fine Dem..Demi!" Taylor chuckled finally gaining back some of his control. He sat up sucking in a breath as he wiped the tears off his face and smiled at Ike who was still giggling a little.
"Why is it going to be so hard to explain things to your mates my Ike?" Neque asked cocking her head to the right side.
"Que... no one in our world ever met aliens. I even wonder if anyone is ever going to believe us when we try to tell them. They will put us in a loony home if this gets out in the news." Ike said smiling shaking his head at the thought.
"They would do that to you?" Neque asked feeling worried now for the young ones.
"Que we just won't tell them, that's all. This has to remain a secret about what has happened to us." Taylor concluded as Demi squatted down in front of him with his body a medium shade of blue.
"This isn't going to be easy for you, is it My Taylor?" Demi asked seriously.
"Demi we just.... I mean we can't tell them everything about what has happened here. No one would understand." Taylor stated matter of factly.
"We don't want you to suffer anymore when you get home."
"No Demi... we won't. Don't worry. Please don't take this so seriously. It just struck us funny to picture the looks on our parents faces if we were to tell them everything. We're sorry if we made you worry." Taylor began when they all turned seeing a bubble form in the center of the room.
"They are back! I hope they brought us some good stuff." Ike yelled bolting up and ran toward the bubble as Zac came through first with a large box in his arms. Mike came out next followed by Haelz carrying all the pots and pans.
"Supper time!" Zac bellowed smiling at his brothers and placed his box onto the floor loudly.
"What did you get?" Taylor asked as he stood up and walked off the mattress with Demi following close behind.
"Taylor? What do you want to have for dinner?" Mike asked pointing at the boxes indicating he wanted him to look inside. Taylor walked up and squatted down opening one box as Ike opened the other.
"Wow! You have a lot of food here. I'm really hungry for something with noodles." Taylor smiled picking up a box of elbow macaroni.
"How about meatballs over noodles? We did grab about ten pounds of hamburger." Mike added in smiling at Taylor. Taylor nodded his head enthusiastically.
"Sounds great Mike, but how are you going to store the rest of this meat?" Taylor asked seeing the many packages of meat in the box by Ike.
"OH GREAT!" Zac yelled throwing his arms out to his sides.
"What?" Ike asked.
"We need a refrigerator to store this stuff in. We were in such a hurry to get out of there we forgot about that little necessity." Zac said feeling exasperated.
"Ummm... I think this meat will smell pretty nasty if we don't have one." Taylor chuckled looking at Zac gaze down at his feet.
"Well... I guess we have to go back and get one. Hazel can help me like she did with the stove." Zac declared pointing at the stove sitting next to the wall, near the mattress.
"But what about those men?" Haelz asked cocking her head. "I released my hold on them when we left."
"What are you talking about?" Ike asked looking at Zac who's eyes darted back and forth.
"Dave and Tom came into the kitchen while we were ransacking the place." Zac mumbled sadly.
Ike and Taylor stood up with worried expressions crossing their faces.
"Hey don't worry guys. Hazel took care of the situation. She put them in some kind of trance." Zac added defending himself.
"Trance?" Taylor asked crinkling his eyebrows together wanting to understand what he was getting at.
"Yeah. She said we can do it too. She showed me how." Zac smiled looking from Taylor to Ike.
"Well the place must be swarming with guards by now. I don't want anyone going back there." Ike sternly expressed.
"But what about the food?" Zac asked flipping his hand out toward the box of meat.
"I don't know. It's a shame to waste the stuff." Taylor said sadly.
"Young ones? We could store it in the rips. The flesh won't rot out there." Neque informed them when Nadroj walked unsteadly up to Demi.
"Okay. Zac and I will bring the meat into the rips and safely store it there in a block." Haelz asserted as she lifted the box into her arms. Mike looked inside grabbing the hamburger that he would use for the meal.

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