Three Minds As One

Chapter 39 - Zac's Adventures

Zac, Haelz, and Mike were in the tides heading for the kitchen to retrieve more food. Mike swallowed hard trying to control his upset stomach from traveling through the rips. He thought the time travel was amazing but he always hated this part of it. He closed his eyes trying to regain control, hoping soon they would reach their destination.
"Mike? You okay?" Zac asked sensing Mike's frustration.
"I...I'm fine Zac. Are we almost there?" Mike glupped when he felt a jerk overtake his body.
"We're here!" Zac whispered not wanting to be heard in case anyone was around.
Mike opened his eyes and sucked in a deep sigh of relief. He looked around the kitchen noticing it was dark.
"Wonder what time it is?" Mike asked looking up at the clock on the wall above the stoves.
"One o'clock in the morning. Man I feel weird." Zac expressed finally knowing what time of day it was.
"Why?" Haezl asked as she looked into one of the refrigerators trying to find the flesh that she knew they would need to survive.
"To actually know what time it is. Wow! Ike would love to know this. I know it really bugs him the most not knowing the time of day." Zac answered smiling up at Mike.
"Well then let's just take the clock with us." Mike chuckled pulling up a chair and climbing up on it as he carefully took the clock off the wall. Zac grinned wondering why he never thought of it.
"Zac? Get a box. We'll put the stuff in there." Mike instructed.
"Yeah... I know where they are from the last time." Zac smiled and walked around one of the stoves grabbing up two boxes. Mike placed the clock in one of the boxes.
"Now to get some proper food to eat." Mike advised as he walked over to one the cabinets throwing Zac a sarcastic look.
"Hey... we just were in a hurry last time." Zac explained knowing Mike was picking on him about their last meal.
"What is all this stuff?" Haelz asked as she held a leg of beef in one hand and some more chicken wings in the other looking confused.
"Beef! Great.... let's take that with us." Zac smiled, grabbing the beef and placing it in one of the boxes.
"Zac? Wait a sec. I was just thinking. There are no stoves in our room. How are we going to cook this stuff?" Mike stated trying to think. Zac sadly shrugged his shoulders looking down at the leg of beef with his mouth watering.
"To bad we can't just take one of the stoves and hook it up in our room." Zac mumbled dreaming of a hot meal with meat and gravy.
"Well why not? That's a great idea!" Mike suddenly bellowed walking up to one stove and peered behind it.
"Mike? Isn't that going to be a little impossible? I mean how are we going to get that thing through the rips?"
"I can carry it." Haelz said as Zac turned his head looking surprised and suddenly grinned from ear to ear.
"Can you? Let's do it then!" Zac approved bending over near Mike who was still looking intently behind the stove.
"Hmmmmm.... yes.... I see." Mike said studying how the stove was hooked up to the wall. He stood up with Zac standing next to him.
"Let's move it out from the wall." Zac stated grabbing one side of the stove as Mike went around to the other side. They pulled but realized that the thing wouldn't move. They both looked at each other as Haelz watched them trying to move it again.
"Man! I....I...can't... it won't budge!" Zac grunted trying to put his weight into it.
"Zac.... stop! Let's don't kill ourselves here." Mike said as he stopped and rested panting out of breath.
"Mike? I want a nice hot meal. I am sick of candy, cookies, and chips! I want some real food for once." Zac moaned as he pounded his hand against the top of the stove feeling angry. Haelz walked up and cocked her head to the side and reached her arms around the stove and gently pulled. Mike and Zac sprung back as she slowly slid it away from the wall. Zac threw his arms up and smiled.
"Stupid! I should have thought of Hazel in the first place." Zac laughed slapping his forehead.
"You are such weak creatures. That wasn't hard at all." Haelz proclaimed feeling amused turning into a shade of yellow.
"Hey! We loosened it for ya. That's all!" Zac alleged, smiling meekly.
"If you want to believe that young one go right ahead." Haelz cooed turning gold with the lights floating around her.
"Well my next idea was that I was... going to move it with my mind." Zac chuckled as Haelz still glowed golden.
"I was wondering when you might have thought of that my Zac. But I still think that you are weak." Haelz teased back as Zac made a face.
"Now to release the pipes from the wall here. Wow it is dusty back there." Mike stated as he started working on removing the stove. Zac and Haelz continued searching and putting more food into the boxes from the cabinets.
"There! Hazel you can bring it back to the room now." Mike said watching Haelz in amazement as she lifted the stove as if it weighed nothing to her. She formed the bubble and turned toward them.
"I'll be back soon." She said slipping into the rip.
"We'll need pots and other cooking utensils in order for me to cook up the food."
"Mike? What will you make for us tonight?" Zac asked dreaming of food.
"Anything you want Zac, my man. You guys deserve the best." Mike smiled with Zac smiling back. He really liked this kid. He felt like he owned them so much for all the suffering they have been going through.
"Well I think we should ask Tay. He's been going through so much lately. I think he deserves first choice." Zac expressed smiling up at Mike who smiled back.
"Yeah. I agree with that. Taylor should." Mike answered, when suddenly they heard footsteps outside the doorway. Zac and Mike jumped for the light switch at the same time. Zac reached it first flipping it off. Mike grabbed Zac and quickly spun him around and pulled him behind a cabinet. Fearfully they stared at the door hearing the knob turn as two men came inside.
"Mike! Oh God.... the food!" Zac thought desperately to Mike. Mike squeezed his shoulder gently.

"Well you get the beer and I'll get the snacks Dave." Tom ordered walking to the fridge and opening it as he reached in grabbing a six pack.
"Why don't you turn on the lights? I can't see the chips." Dave bellowed, across the room.
"Sure.... just a.... what the?" Tom said dropping the beer as he saw a strange like bubble forming in the center of the room. Dave grabbed a chair lifting it high over his head, ready to strike.

Zac glupped hard knowing it was Haelz returning to the kitchen. He bolted out of the corner as Mike tried to grab for him.
"Zac! No!" Mike screamed watching the two men spin around looking totally confused.
"Hazel! Watch out!" Zac yelled as she slipped into the room. Zac ran toward the man who lifted the chair ready to swing it at the being. Zac pushed him with all his might as they crashed together onto the floor. Dave looked up into Zac's eyes who was sitting on top of him.
"Ummm...." Zac began and bolted up off the man walking backwards, when he bumped into Tom who grabbed him tightly around the waist.
"LET GO OF ME!" Zac yelled trying to twist around in the man's arms.
Haelz sprung forward and grabbed the man by the shirt collar and lifted him up into the air.
"Let him go evil one! Now!" Haelz screamed into his mind. The man fearfully dropped him as Zac fell to the floor with a thud. Dave spun around and ran to door desperately reaching for the handle.
"Oh no you don't!" Zac called out and lifted him up with his mind, slamming him up against a wall.
"Let me go you stupid kid!" Dave yelled trying to fight the invisible hold on him.
"QUIET!" Haelz yelled out fearing the noise they were causing would bring more guards to the room. She was turning into a shade of blue.
Mike walked out into the center of the room noticing Dave and Tom seemed to be in some kind of trance.
"What did you do to them?" Mike asked as Haelz sat Tom down into a chair.
"They will be alright. I just shut them up for awhile." Haelz explained looking at Zac who still had the other man pinned tightly against the wall.
"That's amazing! Wish I could do that." Mike chuckled walking up to Tom and looked directly into his face. He snapped his fingers and saw no reaction.
"Young one you can put him down now."
"Are you sure?" Zac asked when he saw Haelz approach Dave and turned to look at Zac nodding her head. He released his hold slowly letting him slip down the wall as Haelz grabbed him and carried him to a chair next to the other man who was still staring into space.
"They won't bother us anymore." Haelz assured them turning back to a shade of white.
"How? How did you do that?" Zac asked smiling.
"You can do it too. All of you can. Don't you know that? You really don't understand your full potential young one." Haelz asked cocking her head slightly to the left.
"Cool! Wish we would have known. This power could have come in handy a few days ago." Zac chuckled waving his hand in front of Dave's face and getting no response.
"It's simple young one." Haelz informed him feeling amused.
"Show me how. I have to know how to do this!" Zac excitedly exclaimed as Haelz placed her hands gently on his head. He felt a tingling sensation on the left side of his brain.
"It's here. Just bring out a blue light and hold it as you speak your command. Who ever you direct the words too will listen until you take away the light." Haelz explained.
"Ohhh... I see! Wish I could try it out." Zac smiled devilishly.
"Don't you think we should be getting back? I mean we should stop fooling around." Mike stated nervously knowing more of the men might come wondering why Dave and Tom were taking so long.
"Yeah... guess you're right." Zac agreed still smiling at the new found power that Haelz showed him that he had. They quickly filled up the boxes with more food and Mike picked out the pots and pans that he would need. Mike and Zac each lifted up one of the boxes and Haelz carried the hardware as they left the room into the tides.

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