Three Minds As One

Chapter 38 - A Time To Trust

Taylor felt better again after another night's sleep. He knew how much he scared everyone. Sam's words kept running through his head. He still felt unsure of the man's motives. So many times he told him to trust him and then hurt him deeply. He hoped that Demi would be bringing them home soon, but the new young one had to gain more strength before they could leave. He and his brothers loved this child very much. They almost felt like it was another brother to them. Taylor smiled as he pictured the child with the blue eyes in his mind.

"How is my Taylor feeling today?" Demi stated breaking Taylor away from his thoughts. He turned his head and looked into those kind violet eyes that he came to love and trust with his life. He could never express in words how much he loved this being.
"I'm a lot better Demi. Don't worry." Taylor softly whispered smiling at him.
"You seem to be happy. I worry about you young one. You were so quiet yesterday after Sam talked to you."
"I just needed to think about things I guess. I do get that way sometimes. It is my way of making things better." Taylor explained sitting up and noticed only he and Demi were in the room.
"If you are wondering where everyone is... well they went into the tides to teach Nadroj how to travel through the rips."
"He can do that? I mean being so young.... just born." Taylor asked raising his eyebrows a little.
"Oh yes my Taylor. We start early into the rips. It is so much apart of who we are." Demi explained.
"I kept you from seeing that? I'm sorry Demi. I......" Taylor began when Demi put a finger to his lips turning a golden shade.
"I chose to stay here till you woke up. You needed to rest. Do you want to go into the tides and see how Nadroj is doing?" Demi asked seeing a big smile form across Taylor's face.
"Oh yeah! Let's go!" Taylor bolted up with Demi following him, feeling happy that the boy seemed to recover from his emotional scare with Sam.
"Go slow my young one. We will get there soon." Demi chuckled seeing Taylor's impatience. He opened the rip and took Taylor's hand pulling him in. They sped quickly through the tides to reach the area where the others were at. He could see them just ahead.

Ike turned seeing Demi coming with Taylor at his side.
"Nadroj take it slow." Mayte scolded happy to see her child learning so fast. Nadroj flipped into a circle loving the freedom of the rips.
"Tay! Well it's about time you woke up." Zac yelled happily coming up to his brother. Taylor chuckled as he saw Nadroj spinning in circles.
"What is he doing?" Taylor asked curiously.
"Que and Hazel are teaching him how to balance himself in here." Zac explained turning and saw the young one playfully spinning in a shade of gold.
"My Nadroj learns fast!" Demi exclaimed proudly as Mayte heard his voice and ran into his arms. She grabbed Taylor also, hugging them both into a embrace.
"He learns quickly my loves." Mayte expressed in a bright shade of brillant white.
"Has he spoken yet?" Demi asked curiously hoping he didn't miss that special moment.
"Man...you learn to talk this quickly too?" Taylor exclaimed filled with amazement.
"Don't you?" Mayte asked cocking her head to the right.
"Oh no! It takes us humans maybe two to three years before we actually make sense with any words." Taylor laughed noticing Ike was listening in to their conversation.
"Glad to see that my brother is feeling better." Ike said as Taylor nodded.
"We need to teach him how to raise a block. He must know how to do this." Neque instructed looking over to Demi and Mayte. They approached their child and put their hands on his head giving him a image of what he was suppose to do next.
Ike, Taylor, and Zac stood watching as Mike slid up next to Zac.
"This is fantastic to be a witness to such a event. I feel so honored." Mike stated smiling down at Zac.
"Come on Nodrow. I know you can do it!" Ike stated cheering him on. Taylor, Zac, and Mike laughed hearing Ike sound like a new father.
"What?" Ike asked smiling at them.
"Nothing Ike! Just love your enthusiasm...that's all!" Taylor said actually feeling the same way.
"Is he gaining his strength?" Zac asked wondering and watched Nadroj finally raising up a block all by himself after Demi and Mayte showed him several times how to do it.
"YES!" Taylor cheered suddenly feeling embarrassed when all eyes looked toward him from his outburst.
"And you pick on me Tay?" Ike laughed. Taylor shrugged smiling ear to ear.
"Yes Zac, to answer your question. He is absorbing the nutrients from his surroundings." Haelz explained as Zac nodded his head.
Neque floated up to Taylor and stopped in front of him. Taylor shyly looked up into her eyes wondering what concerned her.
"How is my Taylor doing?" Neque asked gently petting his head.
"I'm okay. I'll be just fine. Sam just scared me, I guess. He took me by surprise. I believe him when he told me he doesn't want to hurt me anymore. I don't know why I reacted like that." Taylor explained hoping they would understand his feelings.
"After what you have gone through young one I find it amazing that you didn't react even worse. I worried how you were going to be when you had to face him again." Neque said lovingly stroking Taylor's soft hair.
Taylor looked up and down not knowing what to say.
"Taaaaay." Nadroj suddenly yelled as everyone jumped hearing his small voice break the tension surrounding the area.
"He spoke! He said Taylor's name!" Zac bellowed as Nadroj floated up to Taylor stopping in front of him.
Taylor smiled at him and was glad he took the attention away from him.
"Tay Tay!" Nadroj yelled again as he spun in a circle.
"What did he say?" Zac laughed suddenly looking at his brothers.
"Tay Tay! Tay Tay!" Nadroj repeated again liking to say this word that he knew meant the being in front of him.
Suddenly Ike, Taylor, and Zac burst into rolling laughter. Everyone else stood back wondering what was so funny to them to get a reaction like this just from saying a name. Demi cocked his head wondering if they were laughing at Nadroj, as the young one flew into his arms not sure how to react to the sound of these beings.
"Oh Demi... guys it's a inside joke. We don't mean to be rude!" Ike chuckled wiping the tears from his face.
"What is a inside joke?" Neque asked cocking her head wanting to know the meaning.
"It's just that our sister said that to Taylor when she was little and it just struck us so funny. It is really great! We just thought it was amazing that Nod...row said it too." Ike explained seeing Neque, Demi, Mayte, and Haelz suddenly understand, glowing a bright shade of gold with the tiny lights dancing around them. Mike chuckled too joining them watching the youngest one trying to reach out and grab onto a floating light.
"Maybe in a couple more days we will bring you all home again. I just want to make sure that the young one is totally healthy and I want Taylor to gain more strength too. He needs his strength in order to travel through time." Neque informed them.
"We have to get more to eat. We are pretty skinny from not eating properly." Ike agreed knowing Taylor needed it the most.
"Well I think it is enough teaching for today. We will go back now and I want Zac, Mike, and Haelz to retreive more food for you young ones." Neque stated as they quickly went back to their room.

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