Three Minds As One

Chapter 37 - Sam - Continued

Ike woke up with a big smile forming across his face, feeling Neuqe's arm over him. He saw Zac smiling at him, while he sat next to Haelz, who was resting.
"Good morning Zac. How long have you been awake?"
"Oh... I just woke up a moment ago."
Ike gently lifted Neque's arm and slid his body out from under it and gently put it down. He crawled over to Zac and sat down.
"Zac? Where is Tay?" Ike asked, sensing that something was wrong. He suddenly saw a image flash of Taylor weeping.
"Ike? Taylor is ....." Zac began, when Ike stood up and ran toward the hallway. Zac got up and followed running after him.
"Ike?! Wait up!" Zac yelled, when he saw Ike stop in front of a door that was next to the bathroom. Ike waited until he caught up to him.
"Zac? Taylor is crying." Ike sadly said as they both heard the sound of their brother's sobs coming through the door. Ike slowly opened it and saw Taylor curled into a ball on the floor. They ran up to him bending over him, wondering what caused him to weep and why he was in this room.
"Taylor? What's wrong?" Ike asked gently, touching Taylor's shoulder. Taylor looked up at him and sat up, desperately grabbing Ike around the neck, rocking Ike forward. Zac rubbed Taylor's back watching him cry.
"Ike! Oh Ike! He... he....." Taylor sobbed shivering with fear. Ike rocked him in his arms.
"Who Tay?" Ike asked, filled with concern, feeling his heart drop into his stomach.
"He.. he...." Taylor moaned into Ike's shoulder. Ike leaned back, grabbing Taylor's face, seeing the terror in his eyes.
"Please Tay... who are you talking about? What happened?" Ike begged as Taylor tried to speak. Taylor formed the words with his mouth, but no sound would come out. Zac and Ike looked at each other fearfully.

Suddenly Demi appeared at the doorway and slowly approached as he placed his hand on top of Taylor's head, searching through his terror filled mind.
"The one called Sam was in here. I looked into his memory." Demi informed them. He could feel his Taylor's overwhelming fear of this man.
"What did he do to him? Why didn't we sense him?" Ike demanded, wanting to know.
"He somehow put up a block so we wouldn't know he was here. But my young ones... he didn't hurt him. He was telling him he was sorry for what he has done." Demi stated, wondering what changed this evil one.
"Then why is Taylor acting like this?" Zac asked as Taylor still shook uncontrollably.
Demi bent towards Taylor and gently turned him so he was facing him. He went into his memories. Taylor blinked still trying to speak.
"Young one calm... calm yourself." Demi droned, softly petting his hair back from his forehead. He knew it was a emotional reaction from all the pain he suffered from this man. Taylor closed his eyes feeling the soothing warmth of Demi's hand.
"I don't know if I could believe he was really sorry for what he has done to my brother!" Zac exploded angrily, with Ike agreeing, nodding his head.
"Demi... I... I..." Taylor finally mumbled feeling sleepy from the strokes of Demi's hand.
"Tay? Can you talk now? Are you alright?" Ike pleaded as Taylor's face twisted into saddness.
"He...he didn't hur...hurt me. I...I was so scared. I thought he wa..was going too again." Taylor confessed as a tear fell from his eye. He quickly wiped it away still shaking a little.
"What did he say?" Zac asked with concern, searching Taylor's eyes.
"He told me he was sorry and tried to tell me why he hated me." Taylor mumbled, bowing his head, as he rubbed the side of his cheek.
"He did?" Zac answered with astonishment in his voice.
"I was just so scared. I can't... couldn't stand him touching me. It hurt to much. I...I'm sorry for worrying you." Taylor moaned as Ike raised up his chin with his hand.
"Don't Taylor. Don't apologize for how you reacted. You couldn't help it. Will you be alright now? Can you stand up?" Ike said lovingly. Taylor nodded his head as his brothers helped him to stand. His legs still felt somewhat shaky.
"Let's get you back to the mattress. Okay?" Zac gently asserted as they helped Taylor to walk down the hall. Demi followed slowly behind hoping that Taylor would be alright emotionally. As the rest of the day wore on Taylor sat quietly next to the wall, needing the time to heal the emotional scars that tore deeply into his soul. Demi came up next to him and gently pushed him down wanting him to rest. He placed his arm over Taylor as he felt the young one drift off to sleep. He worried for his Taylor's mental state of mind.

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