Three Minds As One

Chapter 37 - Sam

Sam sat at his desk staring at the wall with a picture of his father and brother looking back at him. He reached out ripping it off with his hands shaking angrily as he crumbled up a corner of it. He threw it in the waste basket by his desk.
"You're not apart of my life anymore. Why I had that photo up I will never understand?" He said out loud to no one.
He sat back feeling ashamed for all that he had done in the past few days to Ike, Zac, and especially Taylor. The kidnapping, the cruelty and pain that he brought upon them, all because of his jealously and hatred he felt for his family. He thought he was above that. Now he understood why he hated the Taylor kid so much. He sadly leaned his chin into his hand wishing he could somehow make things right with the boy. He hoped and prayed that he didn't kill him. He knew how badly he had hurt the boy with his powers. He swallowed hard remembering the fear in Taylor's eyes. For over two days now they haven't heard or seen nothing of the boys or the aliens. The complex was crackling with tension. Fear could be felt in the air. And somehow Michael had escaped from his cell. The guards searched the island from one end to the other, but found no trace of him. This worried Tom Shane who feared maybe he would bring the US goverment to the island. In a way he didn't care anymore what happened to this so called Project that Tom started two years ago.

"I have to apologize to him! I have to somehow get him to know how sorry I am!" Sam yelled slamming his fist angrily onto the top of his desk. He got up with his legs shaking and sucked in a deep breath. He opened the drawer of his desk grabbing the card key that opened the room where the being stayed with the boys.
He knew he would have to somehow block his mind so they wouldn't feel his presence in the room he thought as he walked down the hallway nearing the door.


Taylor woke up turning onto his side bumping into Demi who rested beside him. He smiled slightly staring at the peaceful face in front of him. He loved this being so much in his heart. Taylor sat up noticing he felt no pain any more. He looked around noticing everyone was sleeping peacefully. He chuckled looking over at Ike and Zac because Neque and Haelz were cuddled up against them as if his brothers were teddy bears. He felt like he had to go to the bathroom and slid quietly off the mattress not wanting to disturb anyone. He walked around the mattress and squatted down next to Mayte as the young one fluttered his eyes open and looked up at him innocently. He reached out a arm toward Taylor. He gently touched the hand of Nadroj watching him turn golden in color.
"You're happy? Don't wake anyone.... I am just going to the bathroom." Taylor whispered still feeling awed by his blue eyes. It almost felt like he was looking into his own. He sauntered slowly toward the hallway leading to the bathroom feeling content.


Sam entered the room cautiously bringing up a block around his mind so they couldn't feel him inside the area. He walked down the long hallway when he suddenly saw Taylor turn around a corner. He felt thrilled that the boy was alright remembering how he hurt him so badly. He quickly went to the side of the wall hoping he wouldn't see him. The boy kept walking down the hallway on the other end and then disappeared into a room. He came up near the corner and peeked around the wall noticing everyone was sleeping soundly. He let out a puff of air and bolted quickly to the other side. He walked a little distance and heard the door to the room open, where he saw Taylor go in just moments ago. The boy came out into the hall and turned to his right away from him looking down at his foot. He gulped hard wondering how to approach without scaring him.

Taylor felt his sock on his right foot slipping and bent over to pull it up. He felt a hand touch him on the shoulder. He turned sucking in a sharp breath of air and sprung backwards hitting the wall with his back as fear took hold of him, when Sam leaned into him, slapping his hand over his mouth. Taylor started to shake with tears filling his eyes. He stood frozen with terror filling him while he stared into the green eyes.
"Please... please Taylor I am not going to hurt you. I promise. I just want to talk to you." Sam whispered desperately seeing the terror that he caused again fill the boy's eyes. Taylor let out a muffled moan as he breathed rapidly.
"Don't be afraid." Sam pleaded when the boy suddenly slumped forward against him. Sam caught him, knowing the boy passed out and flipped him up into his arms. Fear struck him not wanting his friends to see him like this. He looked around desperately and saw another door to his right and noticed it was open and kicked it wide open with his foot carrying Taylor inside. He saw it was a storage room that was empty except for a few towels and blankets strewn about on the floor. He gently laid Taylor down onto one of the blankets. He placed some towels under his head for a pillow. Taylor jerked awake looking fearfully up at him. Sam put his hand over his mouth again not wanting him to call out.
"Please don't yell. I just want to tell you something. Okay?" Sam whispered as Taylor nodded with tears filling his eyes. He slowly took his hand away as Taylor tried to backup a little away from him, but he was so riddled with fear he found he couldn't move or even speak.
"I don't blame you for fearing me Taylor. After what I have done to you I can understand if you hate me. I just wanted you to know that I'm sor..sorry for hurting you the way I did. I won't ask you to forgive me. I don't know how you could. But I won't ever hurt you anymore. I just wanted to tell you why I hated you so much. You see... you reminded me of my brother Tyler. You look so much like him. He was so cruel to me and I...I guess I took out my anger on you. I...I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't even know at the time myself why I wanted to cause......" Sam stopped not knowing what else to say. Sam bent his head and his eyes filled with tears. Taylor stared back breathing hard with fear still overwhelming him. Sam gently caressed the side of his face as Taylor cringed and let out a fearful moan, closing his eyes tightly.
"Oh God! I'm sorry Taylor. Look what I have done to you. Well I am going to leave you now. See? I'm not going to hurt you. Don't be a..afraid anymore." Sam said with his voice cracking with emotion. He slowly got up and backed away keeping his eyes on the shaking boy that was rigid with fear.
Taylor watched his every move. He saw him leave the room with his head bowed in shame. Taylor tried to scream out but he couldn't find his voice. Fear penetrated every pore of his body when he suddenly burst into tears. He rolled onto his side, curling into a tight ball with his hand over his mouth, as his body shook with sobs of anguish.

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