Three Minds As One

Chapter 36 - The Youngest One - Continued

Taylor, Ike, and Zac moved forward slowly. Demi looked over at them waving his hand for them to come closer.
"It's alright? The baby is okay?" Taylor asked looking down at the sleeping infant.
"Yes Taylor he is fine. Welcome the young one into the universe." Demi said proudly.
"Hi... welcome!" Taylor expressed feeling awed and smiled feeling his brothers lean up against him to get a closer look.
"It's a he? What are you going to name him?" Zac asked thinking he had never in his life seen anything so amazing as this.
"We don't know yet. But time will tell." Mayte crooned softly.
Ike noticed Neque was staring at his brother Taylor. Haelz was also doing the same.
"Que? What is wrong?" Ike asked wanting to know what was bothering them.
"Nothing.... young one. It is nothing." Neque answered still looking at Taylor who then noticed she was staring at him too.
"The child is waking up. This will be the first time he will see his universe." Mayte excitedly expressed. They all leaned in closer as the eyes fluttered open looking up into Mayte's. They all sucked in a breath.
"They are blue! His eyes are blue!" Neque cried making Ike, Taylor, and Zac jump. She bolted up and ran to Taylor lifting him by the shoulders and spun him around. Taylor fearfully looked up at her as she tightly gripped onto him.
"I... did I do anything wrong?" Taylor fearfully cried. Ike and Zac stood up next to them.
"No my young one. No! This has never happened in our history."
"What?" Taylor asked feeling her tight grip was now starting to hurt his shoulders.
"Because of the Enosa somehow your genes intermixed with the young one. Taylor you are and will always be apart of this child." Neque expressed with awe filling her, watching Taylor's eyes grow wide with wonder.
"I..I will? But will the child be alright? I..I didn't mean for this to happen." Taylor said swallowing hard.
"The child is fine my Taylor. He is beautiful like you and your mates." Neque answered releasing his shoulders. Ike smiled at the look of surprise plastered on Taylor's face.
"I know now what to name the young one." Mayte announced as they all sat back down. Taylor still felt shaken by the news that Neque told him as he rubbed his shoulders.
"His name will be Nadroj. Do you like that?" Mayte crooned softly as the young one started to turn into a golden shade. Demi glowed a bright shade of white knowing the meaning of the name.
"Nod..row? What does it mean?" Taylor asked shyly feeling a wave of shivers crawl up his back.
"He is named after you my Taylor. We will now always have something to remember you by my young ones. When our people look into his eyes he will always remind us of you three." Demi explained reaching out and caressing Taylor's cheek softly. Demi noticed he felt hot to the touch. Taylor smiled looking down at the child who suddenly looked up at him and blinked slowly. Taylor reached out with a shaking hand and put his finger inside the tiny curled hand of the baby who had long slender fingers. The child grasped Taylor's finger as tears of emotion filled his eyes.
Mike came up behind them finding the courage to finally approach and looked over them gazing with awe down at the child. Ike turned and looked up at him and smiled. Mike smiled back not saying a word.
"After all the pain and suffering we have been through, this child makes up for it. I'm glad we have met you guys." Zac expressed with tears in his eyes also. Emotion filled him as his brothers agreed nodding their heads.
"My Taylor? Are you feeling okay? You are so hot to the touch." Demi asked knowing his body temperature was not normal.
"I...I'm fine." Taylor said still staring at the child ignoring how he felt. He shivered again as he licked his lips. Demi slowly let Mayte rest back down as he stood up and came around squatting down next to Taylor from behind. He reached out and turned him around gently. He placed his hand on his forehead.
"Demi... I'm fine." Taylor said sensing his worry for him.
"Young one, you are not fine. You are still feeling sick and I am going to finish the healing now." Demi expressed firmly, watching Ike and Zac turn to face him. Demi lifted Taylor to his feet and walked him over near the wall and sat him down. Taylor looked up at him trustingly.
"Now lie down, my Taylor." Demi instructed, pushing him down so he layed on his back. Taylor turned looking over at Mayte and his brothers who were watching him.
"The child is..is so beautiful." Taylor whispered in awe turning his head and innocently looked up at Demi who glowed in a golden shade and placed his hand on Taylor's head, lighting the healing light within and entered the young one's body. He loved this boy even more now knowing the child was also apart of him. Taylor closed his eyes feeling extremely worn out. Ike and Zac came quietly up next to him watching Demi heal their brother.
"He will be just fine. The healing is finished. He needs to rest now and later we will be bringing you all home." Demi stated with a little saddness filling his heart.

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