Three Minds As One

Chapter 36 - The Youngest One

Mayte looked up desperately at Neque. She could feel something was not right with the young one she carried inside. Why she didn't realize she was with child confused her. She remembered when she mated with Emitforecnalab before he was violently ripped out of time by the evil ones. She never knew she carried a seed of life within her all that time. It must have impregnated her womb the day Haelz and her found the young one Zac lost in the rips. Time here was strange to her. She noticed the young one Taylor looked down at her with worry filling his eyes. He kept holding her hand and rubbing his thumb softly across the back of it.

"She is ready. Please Tay..lor could you sit back by your brothers?" Neque asked gently as Taylor slid back next to them.
"Wiseone? Something is wrong. I can feel it." Mayte fearfully expressed when Neque slid to her side watching her closely. She gently petted Mayte's head trying to comfort her.
"It will be fine Mayte. Haelz and I are here to help you bring the young one into the world. Your body is turning all the right colors. You are now violet and the womb is turning a blue and red hue." Neque stated looking up at Haelz who was on the other side with her hand placed on top of the womb, on Mayte's left side. She could feel the heat rising and was waiting for the split of the skin to appear on the surface.
"The young one is weak Neque. I think we are going to have to create the opening for the young one." Haelz moaned glowing with a concerned shade of light green.
"Ohhhh... the pain!" Mayte groaned as she tightly held onto Neque's hand. She looked up at Emitforecnalab who cradled her head in his lap. He looked over at Ike, Taylor, and Zac who had worried expressions covering their faces. They sensed that something was not right. Mike turned to face the wall not wanting to look.
"She is going to have a hard delivery." Neque stated sadly looking into Demi's worried eyes.
"Is... is it because of me?" Taylor interupted as Ike gently put his hand on his shoulder, feeling his brother shiver slightly.
"Young one don't blame yourself. I don't know why but this young one is different somehow." Neque explained feeling a odd sense surrounding her.
Mayte let out a moan as the skin was finally breaking along her left side as Haelz created the opening. Fear bolted through her. Neque and Haelz quickly placed their hands by the opening that was getting longer by the second. Suddenly the room filled with a golden light. Ike, Taylor, and Zac swallowed hard as they watched Mayte's left side split open with a golden like fluid dripping down her side. Neque and Haelz closed their eyes as their bodies began glowing a intense shade of white. Neque knew the young one was to weak to rise out of the womb. She slowly and carefully reached in cupping her hands gently around the young one pulling it upward into the air. Neque released the young one letting it float above the womb. Ike, Taylor, and Zac cautiously slid forward a little still watching and feeling amazed at how these beings gave birth to their young. They watched the young one start to move its arms and legs, stretching them out to it's sides. Taylor felt like he wanted to reach out and touch the baby who looked so helpless covered with a thin layer of golden fluid.
"Come on... come on young one. You know what to do." Neque droned softly noticing Mayte was not in any more pain and was watching her young one as she started to slowly turn to a white glowing shade.
Suddenly the room exploded with blinding lights that emanated from the young one swirling around as if it was searching for someone or something.

Taylor felt joy fill his heart knowing somehow everything was going to be just fine. He sat very still with his brothers waiting with anticipation wondering what was going to happen next. Suddenly one of the lights hit against his forehead knocking him slightly backwards. He noticed that two other lights did the same to Mayte and Demi. Ike and Zac held onto Taylor as his face started to glow with a white shade. Taylor felt a buzzing sensation in his mind.
"Que? Taylor is..." Ike cried out as Neque put up her hand to silence him.
"Shhhh... your brother is fine my Ike. This is amazing." Neque exclaimed not ever seeing anything like this happen before. Ike frowned not understanding how or why Taylor was somehow included in the birth of Mayte's child. Taylor rocked into Ike feeling dizzy. Zac caught him and saw that Taylor seemed to be in some kind of trance with Demi and Mayte.
"My Ike... your brother will be fine. The young one was searching for the mates who are apart of him. He includes Taylor for some reason." Neque said wondering how this young one was apart of this child.
"Huh? Why?" Zac whispered under his breath.
Suddenly the lights were released from their minds and the lights started to spin around the young one. Taylor looked up at his brothers wondering what just happened. Ike and Zac were astounded by the sight. They sat with their eyes transfixed on the child. The child seemed to absorb the lights swirling around his body. As the lights faded Neque knew the birth was complete. Haelz placed her hands over the opening of Mayte's side and closed the split. The young one gently lowered on the top of Mayte's stomach. Demi reached out caressing the child proudly.
"It is finished!" Neque announced as she lifted the young one and raised it high above her head with her body glowing golden with the white lights filling the room.
"Great one here is a life that I present before you. Guide it and fill it with wisdom forever and ever!" Neque yelled feeling intense joy. She carefully handed the child to Mayte who cradled it into her arms looking lovingly down at the sleeping young one. Demi helped her to sit up and let her rest against him.
"He is beautiful! Oh my Demi... I love you!" Mayte exclaimed filled with emotion.

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