Three Minds As One

Chapter 35 - Time Is Of The Essence - Continued

Mike lifted Taylor into his arms to carry him to the bathroom. Ike and Zac went ahead to start the bath for their brother. Ike ran the water filling the tub while Zac went to the storage room to get some towels and clothes for their brother. Ike felt the water to make sure it wasn't to hot. He felt a overwhelming sense of calm fill him. He heard the door open and saw Zac come in carrying the towels and clothes.
"Found them. Aren't they here yet?" Zac asked when Mike walked in carrying Taylor.
"He is getting hard to hold because he is shivering so much." Mike said with beads of sweat forming on his forehead.
"Sor...sorry Mi...Mike." Taylor expressed with his body still shivering violently.
"That's okay. I'm not mad at you Taylor." Mike replied as he gently laid Taylor onto the floor near the tub.
"Ohhh... I...I'm so...so cold." Taylor moaned as a wave of shivers hit him again.
"Don't worry Tay we'll warm you up. Are you ready?" Ike smiled as Taylor nodded his head. Ike unwrapped the covers from around him.
"I'll take the head and shoulders. Zac you grab his feet." Ike instructed as they lifted their brother and Mike jumped forward to steady the middle. They lowered him slowly into the water. Taylor jumped feeling the heat of the water as his arm jerked up splashing some into Zac's face.
"Tay!" Zac yelled with his face dripping wet. Mike chuckled watching Zac wipe his face dry with a towel.
"Sorry about that Zac." Taylor apologized and smiled.
"How does that feel Tay?" Ike asked holding him up a little in the water, so his head wouldn't fall under. Taylor smiled as he felt his body finally relax.
"Feels good." Taylor answered closing his eyes loving the warmth surrounding him. Ike gently lowered his head into the water to wet his hair.
"Man that fluid from the cocoon is still stuck on your body Tay." Zac said looking at Taylor's arm that was covered with the sticky substance.
"It feels kind of weird. I wonder how May is doing." Taylor wondered rubbing his fingertips together noticing they were very sticky.
"I think she is in good hands out there. Don't worry Taylor." Mike said feeling sorry for the kid.
"How did you get here Mike?" Taylor suddenly asked smiling up at him.
"Zac and one of the female aliens came and saved me and then brought me here." Mike replied smiling and turned to look at Zac.
"Hey I promised I would come back for him and I did!" Zac boldly stated.
"Yeah that's right you did. I am glad you're here. Man... do you have any soap? I can't stand this stuff. I want to get it off." Taylor asked crinkling his eyebrows together.
"Yeah wait I'll get some. We should wash your hair too. It is also full of the sticky goo!" Zac said standing up and went over to the cabinet opening the door grabbing a new bar of soap and the shampoo bottle.
"Can you sit up Tay?" Ike asked helping Taylor to sit as he nodded his head.
"Oh God. I feel dizzy." Taylor said grabbing the sides of the tub trying to balance himself.
"Want to lay back down?" Ike asked with concern. Taylor shook his head.
"No... it'll pass." Taylor mumbled and swallowed hard.
"Just hold on and Zac and I will wash down your body. Okay Tay?" Ike advised. Taylor nodded his head holding onto the sides of the tub as Ike and Zac soaped down his chest and back.
"I feel like a baby. My brothers giving me a bath." Taylor smiled as Ike started to wash his right arm.
"Hey that will be something to write about in Moe." Zac teased while Taylor threw him a dirty look. Taylor reached down into the water and whipped some water up into Zac's face.
"Hey!" Zac sputtered while Mike, Ike, and Taylor laughed.
"Guess you deserved it this time Zac!" Mike said still laughing at him.
"Hmmmmf.... that's the thanks I get for trying to cheer you up." Zac said in a sarcastic tone of voice and smiled back at Taylor.
"Think you can stand Tay? Then we can wash your legs and feet." Ike said while Taylor looked unsure of trying to stand up.
"I don't think I can. I feel sort of cold again." Taylor admitted as he felt a shiver go through him.
"Well just sit there and we will wash your hair next." Ike began pouring some shampoo into his palm.
"Ike? I think I can wash my own hair." Taylor stated blinking at him and smiled.
"Oh...well then... hold out your hand."
Taylor held out his shaking hand as Ike poured the shampoo from his hand into his. Taylor brought it up and started to lather it through his sticky hair. He washed it through and Ike helped him to lower backwards rising the shampoo out into the water and then raised him up again. Ike poured another handful into Taylor's hand and watched him lather it through again. Finally his hair was clean with Taylor feeling exhausted. He grabbed the sides of the tub and sucked in a deep breath of air.
"You alright Tay?" Zac asked with concern. Taylor nodded his head slightly and smiled.
"Just a little tired I guess."
"Take it easy and let us do the rest." Ike sternly told him with Taylor agreeing.
They finally finished the bath and Ike let out the dirty water and ran fresh warm water into the tub again to rinse Taylor down. He noticed Taylor finally stopped shivering and Mike and him helped him up as Zac placed a towel around his waist. Taylor found it hard to stand without their help. He slowly got out of the tub. He felt his legs still shaking under him. Zac toweled the water off him and Ike helped him dress into some clean white sweats.
"Feels good to be clean again." Taylor smiled leaning up against Ike as Mike put some socks onto his feet.
"Well let's get back over to Que, Demi, and May." Ike said knowing they were gone for some time and he was curious to see how things were going. Taylor nodded in agreement as Mike lifted him carrying him out the door with Ike and Zac following. They turned the corner and noticed Haelz and Neque were hovering over Mayte with Demi sadly sitting on the end of the mattress.
"Demi?" Ike asked concerned.
They all looked over at Mayte who was glowing in a shade of deep red. Taylor swallowed hard as Mike placed him down near Demi.
"Is my Taylor better now?" Demi asked, as he gently caressed his cheek.
"I'm fine Demi. Just a little weak... that's all." Taylor smiled and heard Mayte groan behind him.
"She is going to give birth soon my young ones." Neque informed them. Mayte suddenly let out a terrified scream that filled the room. Taylor's heart jumped as he slid toward her. He saw her eyes looking up at him. Neque was glowing a intense shade of gold as was Haelz.
"Can we help?" Taylor asked tearfully.
"Young one... just being here is helping. Mayte loves you dearly." Neque said running the back of her hand down his cheek as he shyly looked down.
"Is this my fault?" Taylor tearfully gulped.
"No she is in the final stages of development. Our young grow quickly in the womb. It takes only about two weeks for one of us to form once the female is impregnated. You will see how our young are born into this world."
Taylor looked up at her with awe and took Mayte's hand trying to comfort her. Ike and Zac sat behind Taylor watching as Demi came up on the other side.
"How do you know when she is ready?" Taylor asked hating to see Mayte in so much pain.
"When her body turns to a violet shade it will be time my Taylor." Demi announced looking down at Mayte loving his mate intensely. They sat waiting and watching her when she began to turn into a violet shade.
"It is time!" Neque announced excitedly.

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