Three Minds As One

Chapter 35 - Time Is Of The Essence - Continued

"Demi start the release and go slow. Taylor is still weak and I don't want him to get hurt in the process." Neque instructed.
"Taylor it is going to be alright." Demi said in a soothing voice feeling Taylor's tears running down his cheeks onto his.
"I...I..." Taylor gasped feeling his body ache. He felt the heat again like before enter his head on both sides.
"We are separating our heads first then we will separate our bodies slowly. Do you understand?"
"Yes." Taylor whispered and saw his brothers approaching near them.
"Ike and Zac don't come any closer now until I say you can." Neque stated as they stopped and nodded their heads listening.
Taylor felt their heads suddenly pop apart and he groaned feeling the tendrils slide out of his throat and left nostril. Dizziness overwhelmed him.
"Mayte let me be the one to separate you. Don't try to do anything. The young one you carry is weak." Neque sternly warned entering her body and created her separation in Mayte's place. Mayte felt another sharp pain enter her side.
"Wiseone I am in pain." Mayte moaned as Taylor jumped feeling the lower parts of their bodies were separating.
"I feel so dizzy. Demi? Help me!" Taylor beseeched him feeling weak and tired.
"I am here My Taylor. We are almost out of the Enosa now. Don't be afraid." Demi crooned softly as the upper parts suddenly separated. Their bodies were completey free from one another. Taylor hung limply in the tides feeling sore and scared. Demi reached out and grabbed Taylor gently cradling him in his arms.
"Mati! Is she alright?" Taylor asked breathlessly running his shaking hand through his wet sticky hair.
"Neque is taking care of her. Don't worry My Taylor." Demi said in a caring voice watching Haelz and Neque gently holding her up in the tides. Neque carefully checked the womb and sighed a breath of relief.
"The young one is weak, but will be fine." Neque stated petting Mayte's head lovingly.
Zac and Ike walked up near Demi feeling concerned.
"Tay? How are you doing? Do you feel alright?" Ike asked grabbing onto Taylor's hand. Taylor looked at Ike and nodded slowly licking his lips.
"We must get them back to the room. They are both very weak." Neque expressed as she and Haelz each took a arm to help Mayte through the tides. Demi still held Taylor who shivered violently in his arms with Ike, Zac, and Michael following.

When they reached the room Demi laid Taylor onto the mattress and covered him with blankets to try to warm up his body.
"De...Demi? Is...is May...May...going... to...to be alright?" Taylor asked shivering out of control.
Demi looked at Taylor with concern as Ike and Zac knelt down beside him.
"We have to warm him up his body." Demi explained as he heard Taylor's teeth chattering as he looked at him lovingly.
"I...I will...will be okay. Take care of...of Mati." Taylor stated in a shivering voice watching Neque and Haelz glowing next to him in shades of healing gold and gently petting Mayte's head. Demi turned and slid over by Mayte feeling scared knowing she was still in pain.
"Oh my Mayte..." Demi crooned softly as she looked up at him with her sad violet eyes.
"Emitforecnalab how is the young one? Is he okay?" Mayte asked with great concern looking over at the shivering boy who looked into her eyes.
"Demi somehow you have to get his body temperature up." Neque stated matter of factly.
"We could bring Tay to the bathroom and place him in warm water in the tub." Ike said as Zac nodded his head agreeing.
"Yes Ike. Can you do that while we take care of Mayte?" Neque asked.
"Yeah. Mike will help us. Just take care of May. We will take care of my brother. Okay?" Ike confidently said smiling down at Taylor who still shivered and smiled back up at him.

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