Three Minds As One

Chapter 35 - Time Is Of The Essence

Ike, Zac, and Mike were enjoying their odd feast of potato chips and cookies when Neque suddenly bolted up with Haelz turning into shades of blue. Ike coughed swallowing his food wrong wondering what made Neque jump up in fear.
"What is wrong Hazel?" Zac asked sensing the overwhelming fear also.
"It's Mayte! She has to come out of the Enosa now." Neque said running up to Ike grabbing his hand and forcefully pulling him to the center of the room. Zac and Mike stood up as Haelz reached out to them to take her hands. Zac grabbed her hand as did Mike and she pulled them also to the rip that Ike and Neque already went through.

Ike felt fear as Neque sped quickly toward the Enosa. He closed his eyes feeling dizzy as the rips were spinning around them.
"Please Que! What is wrong? Why are you afraid?" Ike screamed as she held him in her arms.
"We are almost there! Mayte is with child. She has to come out of the cocoon or the young one may not make it!" Neque yelled as she felt fear penetrate her soul. She saw the Enosa and stopped with a sudden jerk and felt Ike's head snap back against her chest. She looked down at him feeling sorry for scaring him.
"Is May... alright? But what about Tay? Is he healed completely?" Ike fearfully stated rubbing the back of his neck as he floated near the cocoon.
"I have to check the progress my Ike. Why did you call her May? It is Mayte." Neque asked cocking her head touching the cocoon gently with her hands.
"It is easier to say May. Is that alright? Like how I call you Que. Is the cocoon or Enosa hurting the child?" Ike gulped knowing Neque was really worried glowing a shade of dark blue.
"I don't know how far along she is. If I would have known I would have done the Enosa to heal your brother." Neque sadly stated when she saw Haelz finally arrive with Zac and Mike with her.
"Haelz? Demi has contacted me. Get on the other side behind Demi and I will go by Mayte." Neque instructed as Ike slipped back next to Zac and Mike and fell silent watching.
"Ike? What about Tay? Is he going to be alright? Hazel told me earlier that they had to remain in the cocoon for awhile yet." Zac said fearfully looking up at his brother who's face turned into a frown.
"I am sure Que knows what she is doing." Ike whispered watching Neque starting to glow into the rainbow colors that swirled around her.
"My Ike bring up a block around you. This may be dangerous for you and I want you to be safe when we open the cocoon." Neque informed him as Ike swallowed hard and did as he was told.
"Que! Please be careful." Zac yelled looking through the wall of the block sadly, feeling his stomach twist into tight knots.
"Oh God... I'm scared Zac." Ike whispered with tears brimming in his eyes.
"Me too." Zac added in.
Mike jumped when the rips of the dimensions started to shift and swirl around them.
"What is happening guys? I...I don't like this!" Mike stated fearfully backing up and spun around.
"Mike it's okay. You're safe in here. Don't worry." Ike assured him as Mike nodded his head fearfully.

Neque watched as Haelz placed her hands on the cocoon as she did the same thing on the other side.
"Haelz are you ready?"
"Yes wiseone. Is the boy going to be okay?"
"He is close to complete healing. I am sure he will be fine. My Ike will heal him the rest of the way if need be." Neque said as she closed her eyes to concentrate. She went into the minds of Demi, Mayte, and Taylor sensing fear among them. The bond with them was established.
"We are here. We will open the Enosa." Neque expressed in a soothing voice.
"My wiseone what about Taylor? He isn't totally healed." Mayte pointed out as she felt a stab of pain enter her left side. She knew the young one she carried was in danger.
"Mayte he will be alright. Demi when we open the cocoon you have to be with Taylor." Neque instructed.
"Yes wiseone." Demi answered.
Taylor felt his body again and suddenly opened his eyes and let out a rasping breath of fear. Demi and Mayte knew he was full of panic.
"Taylor? Calm down. You are with us." Neque crooned softly feeling his body struggle between them.
"I'm hurting May..tee. I don't want to..." Taylor gagged feeling the tendrils in his throat.
"I will be alright my young one. Just follow everything we tell you." Mayte answered as Taylor sucked in a deep breath trying to control the fear that was overwhelming him.

Suddenly the rips spun and swirled as Neque and Haelz concentrated to start the opening of the Enosa. The strings whipped through the area latching onto to the shell of the cocoon. Heat penetrated the wall from the strings that started to melt the Enosa that encased them. Neque and Haelz stood back watching the cocoon melt before them. Pieces dropped off and swirled up into the tides until all that was left was their bodies floating still melted together as one. Neque and Haelz approached glowing intensely and placed their bodies onto the backs of Demi and Mayte. Their bodies were dripping wet from the fluid that formed during the healing process. Neque noticed that Taylor was shivering between them.

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