Three Minds As One

Chapter 34 - Images Of Home - Continued

Taylor jumped hearing his brother's voice in his head. He felt disoriented and scared.
"Taylor come and touch the light again. Do you see us my Taylor?" Demi pleaded sounding full of worry.
"Yes...what happened?" Taylor asked as he reached for the light entering inside feeling safe once more with Mayte and Demi.
"We thought we were going to lose you. You passed out and we couldn't link back to you." Mayte stated hugging him into her arms.
"I thought I heard Ike." Taylor stated looking up at Mayte confused.
"He woke up your mind." Demi stated gently petting his head and feeling relieved that Taylor was back with them.
"Where are we?" Taylor asked still feeling a little scared.
"We are in the tides near the Enosa young one." Mayte informed him.
Taylor backed away and saw the cocoon floating about thirty feet away from them. He saw his brothers and the others were leaving the area.
"Can we go back to the room where Ike and Zac are?"
"No young one. It will disturb the balance of the Enosa. We will return to our world." Demi stated as Taylor turned around facing him.
"Why would it disturb the balance? I don't understand." Taylor asked looking up into Demi's eyes.
"It is hard to explain." Demi said looking at Taylor lovingly.
"How much longer is it going to take for my body to heal?"
"Maybe another day. You are healing nicely." Demi assured him watching his Taylor smile up at him and then saw his face turn into a look of concern.
"Who else is with us?" Taylor asked suddenly looking around.
"No one. It is only the three of us Taylor." Mayte asserted wondering why he asked the question.
"But I feel another presence. It feels like four. It's weird ...but when I look at you Ma..Mati I feel two." Taylor stated licking his lips. Mayte cocked her head and looked over at Demi.
"You do? I don't understand.... oh my Mayte!" Demi exclaimed when he too saw what Taylor was seeing and feeling.
"What?! What is wrong?" Mayte asked turning a shade of blue feeling scared as Demi and Taylor looked at her.
"You are filled with a young one my love!" Demi stated as he grabbed her hugging Mayte tightly in his arms.
"I am? I didn't realize. I was so worried about our Taylor that I didn't...." Mayte began filled with emotion as she rested her head softly on Demi's shoulder.
"Ummm... congratulations." Taylor said smiling at his friends not knowing what else to say.
"Oh my Taylor we must tell Neque immediately. This changes things. If we would have known Mayte was having a young one we would not have chosen her to be apart of the Enosa." Demi expressed with concern, knowing that it was dangerous to the young one in the womb.
"I..I'm sorry. I didn't mean...." Taylor began feeling suddenly sacred.
"It is not your fault young one. We didn't know either." Mayte droned sensing his fear for her.
"We must go back into our bodies." Demi stated as he reached out and brought Taylor between them. They stood huddled together as Demi led them back into their bodies and reached his mind out toward Neque, once again.

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