Three Minds As One

Chapter 34 - Images Of Home - Continued

Michael sat on the mattress leaning against the wall, still feeling awed by the aliens who helped save him. He watched Ike sitting next to the tallest one. He noticed they seemed to be in conversation but weren't speaking a word. He turned and saw Zac come around the corner followed by the other one.
"Ike? Look! We found the food!" Zac yelled happily raising up a box that he held in his hands.
"How did you guys get that?" Ike asked standing up and ran toward them looking into the box that was loaded with food.
"We found the kitchen!" Zac expressed looking up at Haelz smiling while she glowed a bright shade of gold.
Michael got up off the mattress walking up to them as they approached and set down the box in front of him.
"It was just as you said Mike. Exactly where you showed us where the kitchen would be." Zac stated as Michael turned a shade of red with Ike looking at him curiously.
"Huh? What?" Ike asked searching Mike's face.
"I just showed her...with my mind what the kitchen looked like. They wanted to know Ike." Mike defended himself knowing Ike was a little angry because Zac went on his own through the tides with Haelz without his permission.
"Ike? Come on... nothing happened. Stop worrying so much about me. We were careful. Hazel and I are really getting the hang of this....going in and out of the rips into different areas of this place. Besides we have to eat and I was hungry." Zac asserted as Ike cracked a grin as he bent down and noticed a bag of chips.
"What did you call her?" Ike asked.
"Hazel. Her name sounds like it and she told me she likes it." Zac smiled as Haelz nodded her head in approval.
"Well next time tell me when you are going somewhere. Okay? We have to keep track of one another."
"Yeah... sorry about just leaving like that. But I didn't want to wake you up." Zac said smiling.
"Well what did you guys get us to eat?" Mike asked feeling his stomach growl from hunger.
"Well we had to hurry and just grabbed anything we could get our hands on." Zac explained.
"This is a odd assortment of food Zac." Mike chuckled looking at Haelz who squatted down next to him.
"I know. But at least it is something to eat."
"Hmmmm... let's see. Potato chips, a can of gravy, chicken wings, candy bars, cookies, and more potato chips. Next time I think you should let me go with you. I could make sure you eat a more balanced meal then this stuff." Mike said starting to laugh. Ike and Zac chuckled looking at one another.
"Young ones? Something is wrong." Neque suddenly interupted staring into space.
"What? Is it Taylor?" Ike asked standing up feeling his heart drop into his stomach. Zac gazed up sadly as his stomach turned into knots. Neque nodded her head.
"We have to go into the rips near the Enosa." Neque informed them.
"What's wrong guys?" Mike asked looking from Ike to Zac nervously.
"I don't know Mike, but we have to go into the tides with them. Can he come too wiseone?" Ike asked as she gently reached out caressing his face.
"Yes Ike he can. We have to go now." Neque urgently appealed. She grabbed his hand and led him to the center of the room opening a rip into the dimensions. Haelz and Zac followed with Mike holding onto her hand. They passed through going quickly toward the Enosa. Ike could see the cocoon just ahead. They stopped just in front of it. Ike and Zac looked inside seeing their brother's face covered with tears even though his eyes were still shut.
"Why is he crying? Que why..." Ike asked as she raised her hand trying to signal him to be silent. She intently scanned the area glowing in a shade of light blue. Ike licked his lips looking back into the cocoon wanting to reach in and grab Taylor desperately.
"What did they do to him?" Mike asked looking at the clear like cocoon in front of him. He could see the boy inside with two other aliens. It was weird to see their bodies in there as if they were melted together.
"They are healing him Mike. They had to do this to save Tay." Zac explained as he swallowed hard with tears brimming in his eyes.
"What is she doing?" Mike asked pointing at Neque who was still scanning the area.
"I don't know. She'll tell us soon." Ike cut in when she suddenly reached out and took a hold of Ike's hand pulling him toward her.
"Que?" He asked desperately searching her eyes.
"They were at your home and your mate lost the link with Demi and Mayte. They are having trouble getting Taylor to wake up and reestablish the bond." Neque informed him watching his face twist into worry.
"What can we do? Can we do anything to help?" Ike cried out as he floated back near the cocoon looking inside at his brother as his heart began to race.
"Young one you possess another power that could help them." Neque stated as Ike turned looking deeply into her eyes.
"What? What do you mean Que?" Ike asked tearfully wanting to desperately help his brother.
"You can transform your mind into anything you want."
"Huh? I can what?" Ike fearfully gulped.
"You can leave your body and take any shape or form you so desire young one." Neque said seriously watching his eyes open wide with surprise.
"But how is that going to help Taylor?"
"I want you take the form of a light and enter your brother's mind. I will guide you in what you have to do."
"I don't know about this. I don't want to hurt him." Ike stated with his voice cracking. Neque reached out and pulled him lovingly into his arms.
"You won't my Ike. You can do this. I know how much you love him and you can do this better then I can because of your bond with your brothers."
"I'll try." Ike whispered looking into her eyes.
"Close your eyes then."
Ike closed his eyes and suddenly felt a heat penetrate into his mind near the back of his head. He jumped slightly pulling back.
"That is me that you feel. This is the place in your mind where you can leave your body Ike."
"It just feels so strange." Ike expressed when suddenly he felt a pulling sensation in the back of his head.
"Release your mind Ike. There you go. Take it slow."
Ike felt his soul rise and he suddenly saw himself in front of him with Neque's arms still wrapped around him.
"Que?! I..I'm scared." Ike stated not liking the feeling.
"Now you know your healing light? Transform into that."
Ike smiled slightly knowing the shape of the light. He felt himself forming into it.
"I did it! That wasn't so hard. Now what?" Ike breathlessly asked.
"Go into the cocoon and enter your brother's frontal lobe."
Ike turned around and sped toward the cocoon popping inside as he stopped in front looking at his brother's forehead. He floated gently inside feeling Taylor's body jump a little bit.
"Man it is weird in here. It is so different then the healing light."
"That is because you are now the light Ike. Go to the back of his mind to the place where you left your body. Take your time."
"Okay. Don't leave me Que!"
"I won't my Ike. You are doing fine."

Zac and Mike watched in amazement as they saw Ike's ghost like form transform and enter into Taylor's head.
"Zac? What did Ike just do? What is going on?"
"He is going to wake Tay up. Ike can transform into anything he wants. Cool!" Zac expressed as Mike raised his eyebrows in shock.
"You guys are really something." Mike whispered under his breath.

Ike finally reached the area in the back of Taylor's brain. He saw the lobe and entered it.
"I'm here. Now what?" Ike asked.
"Wake him Ike. Tell him to wake up. Just say it."
"Taylor! Tay! Wake up! You have to wake up Tay. It's me Ike! Can you hear me?" Ike said when he saw a dim light to his right.
"I...I..." Taylor's voice said weakly.
"Taylor listen to me you have to link back with Demi and Ma..Mati." Ike demanded.
He saw the light was getting brighter.
"Que is that Taylor's light?"
"Yes. Keep talking to him." Neque instructed.
"Come on Tay. I know you have the strength. I want to hear about Mom and Dad. I know you were there. Taylor you have to wake up and link back to them. I am not leaving here till you wake up!" Ike yelled watching Taylor's light intently. He suddenly heard a groan.
"Mom..." Taylor whispered softly.
"Yes Tay! Find Demi." Ike demanded forcefully. He saw the light suddenly burst out all around him.
"Ike get out now! Come back to your own body immediately." Neque yelled as Ike went out at lightening speed racing toward his body. He felt a jerk as he slapped back into his own mind again. He jumped opening his eyes staring into Neque's.
"Did I do it right?" Ike asked feeling exhausted. Neque petted his head and glowed golden with the lights floating around them.
"Yes. He is back with them. I can feel it." Neque said feeling proud of Ike who smiled up at her.
"Is he going to be okay?" Zac asked coming up next to them.
"Your mate Taylor will be just fine. Let's go back to your room so you can eat my young ones." Neque said reaching out her hand and rubbed Zac's cheek lovingly.

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