Three Minds As One

Chapter 34 - Images Of Home

Taylor felt Demi's hand tightly grip onto his as their bodies were pulled forward through the dimensional tides.
"Demi I feel... I feel so weird." Taylor stated with his eyes tightly closed.
"We are almost there young one. Just keep concentrating on your image of home." Demi instructed looking at Mayte who followed close behind them. Taylor thought of his mother and father and tears filled under his eyelids. He felt bad that his brothers weren't with him now. He swallowed hard and then suddenly he felt a jerk and heard a hissing sound around him.
"Open your eyes Taylor. We are here. Remember they can't see or hear you young one." Demi told him watching Taylor slowly open his eyes.

The room was dark. Taylor knew it was his parent's bedroom. His heart started to race when he saw both of his parents were sleeping peacefully together in bed.
"Mom... Dad?" Taylor whispered as his voice shook with emotion. Demi rubbed his back gently wanting to comfort him. He gazed up at Demi, then at Mayte as they walked up to the bed. Taylor went on the side where his father slept. Taylor reached out and gently caressed his father's cheek. His hand shook as he longed to reach out and hug him.
"Dad I... I love you. I want you to know that soon we will be home." Taylor whispered with his voice shaking.
Mayte looked down at the woman who suddenly turned, rolling toward her mate. She could feel the saddness in this female's heart. The longing of something lost. Mayte looked up at Taylor who was intently watching her.
"You look a lot like her young one." Mayte stated as Taylor smiled slightly and nodded with tears glistening in his eyes.
"Seeing them is ripping my heart out Demi. I want..." Taylor began when Demi wrapped his arms around him from behind understanding the young one's longing that he felt inside.
"Is it too hard for you? Do you want to leave Taylor?" Demi asked gently feeling Taylor's body start to shake a little in his arms.
"No I want to stay awhile. I just need to be close to them, even though they don't know I'm here." Taylor expressed sadly looking up at Demi who still held him lovingly.
"So this is your home young one? And these are the ones who created you?" Mayte asked as Taylor chuckled slightly at the question.
"They are my parents. I wonder how my other brother and sisters are?" Taylor questioned sniffing back his tears.
"Others? You mean you have more mates my Taylor?" Demi asked with surprise as he turned Taylor around looking into his eyes.
"Yes we have a little brother named Mackie and three sisters." Taylor stated noticing Demi and Mayte turned a shade of bright yellow.
"I didn't know you could have so many mates. Your parents are amazing." Mayte exclaimed looking at the female feeling awed.
"Why? Big families are not unusual. Don't you have many young ones between two mates?" Taylor asked smiling up at Demi.
"In our life times we only have maybe two. When a young one is born on our world it is a celebration." Mayte added thinking these creatures were so different from them. She walked around to where Demi and Taylor were standing.
"Can we see more of your home? I would love to see your other mates or.... brother and sisters." Mayte asked correcting herself. Taylor smiled and nodded his head. He walked toward the door and reached for the handle but noticed his hand seemed to go through it.
"What the?" Taylor expressed in amazement watching his hand pass through the handle.
"You're here only in mind Taylor. Just walk through the door young one." Demi informed him walking up next to him and went through with Mayte following behind. Taylor gulped and turned looking at his parents, then up at the door. He slowly raised his arm and put it cautiously through the door feeling unsure of himself. He suddenly felt a hand grab his and he was pulled through quickly to the other side.
"Demi!? Don't do that!" Taylor yelled looking up at Demi's innocent looking eyes.
"What? I'm sorry young one." Demi answered noticing Taylor had a look of fear as he looked back at the door.
"I feel like a ghost or something. This is so weird." Taylor stated looking down the hallway which was also dark. Taylor walked down to the next room where his sisters slept and sadly stood in front of it.
"What is in there?" Mayte asked knowing the young one felt sad but excited.
"It's my sisters room. Jessie and Avie sleep in there." Taylor informed them pointing up at the door as his heart began to race.
"Do you want to enter?" Demi asked watching Taylor hesitate.
"I... I feel so..." Taylor began when Demi grabbed his hand and gently caressed his knuckles with his thumb. Taylor swallowed the lump that formed in his throat and took a step forward passing through the door, releasing Demi's hand. He looked around the quiet room hearing the slow rhythmic breathing of his sisters in the darkness. He slowly approached Avie's bed and bent down in front of her and smiled seeing her innocent sweet face sleeping peacefully.
"I love you Avie. We...." Taylor began when suddenly he heard a sound as if someone was crying. He stood up and turned toward Jessica's bed seeing her body was shaking with sobs. He noticed Demi and Mayte were standing at the end of her bed sadly staring down at her. He quickly walked over squatting down next to her and saw her face twisted in saddness while the tears rolled down her cheeks onto her pillow.
"Why is she crying my Taylor?" Demi asked with concern watching Taylor's face twist into agony.
"I... I don't know." Taylor answered as he reached out and tried to caress her cheek gently wanting desperately to comfort her.
"Ik...Ike...." Jessica sobbed running her hand over her eyes, wiping the tears angrily away. Taylor bowed his head and started to cry.
"Jessie? We'll be home soon. Please don't cry." Taylor pleaded tearfully knowing she couldn't hear him. He stood up and faced Demi feeling totally helpness. Mayte ran to him and hugged him into her arms rocking him gently.
"She is crying because of us. I wish I could tell her that we will be home soon. Oh God..." Taylor moaned burying his face into Mayte's chest as he reached his arms around her hugging onto her tightly.
"Let us leave this place Taylor. It is too painful for you." Demi demanded not wanting Taylor to get any more upset then he was now. He walked over as Taylor still sobbed in Mayte's arms. He gently petted his head feeling worried about Taylor.
"Demi please! Not yet. I want to see the rest of the house. I have to see!" Taylor turned looking up into Demi's eyes. He stepped back from Mayte walking toward the door and then quickly ran through with his hands over his ears not wanting to hear his sister's sobs that were breaking his heart. He stood in the hallway sucking in deep breaths to regain control of his emotions. He saw Mayte and Demi pass through the door following him.
"Are you okay young one?" Mayte asked with deep concern.
"I just had...had to get out of there. I can't stand seeing Jessie that way." Taylor explained blinking back his tears.
"What is down that way?" Demi asked pointing down the hallway trying to change the subject.
"The living room of the house."
"What is the living room?" Mayte asked cocking her head slightly to the side.
"Ummm... it's the room where... how do I explain? It's where my family goes for entertainment. A place to read, watch TV or just talk." Taylor answered hoping he explained it so they understood.
"I would like to see it. It sounds interesting my young one." Demi expressed as he headed toward the room with Taylor and Mayte following behind him. Taylor ran to get ahead of Demi so he could lead them in the right direction. He turned the corner and quickly stopped as Demi bumped into him.
"What is wrong?" Demi asked confused noticing Taylor had a shocked expression covering his face. Taylor sadly viewed the room seeing tables, chairs, and desks with telephones set up around the area.
"What is all this? Why is..." Taylor couldn't finish suddenly realizing why the room was set up like this. He gulped hard as he walked over by a table and looked down at a piece of paper and read the heading that stated the FBI. Taylor ran his hand through his hair nervously.
"They are trying to find us with the help of the FBI, I guess." Taylor announced looking up at Demi who was looking out the window intently with Mayte standing next to him.
"Why are people out there?" Mayte asked.
"Huh? People?" Taylor mumbled, quickly running up to the window and peered out.
"Yes a lot of your people are out there." Demi stated watching Taylor's face turn into a frown.
"That's the press! I guess they are here to find out what is happening in the search. I..I mean Ike, Zac, and I are big news right now, because we were kidnapped some days ago." Taylor angrily hissed between his teeth.
"But they haven't found you. How are they going to find you young one?" Demi asked stepping away from the window.
"They don't know. Oh... I hate to think what Mom and Dad must be going through." Taylor said bowing his head feeling sick to his stomach and suddenly felt extremely dizzy.
"Taylor?" Demi asked as he quickly caught Taylor, who fell backwards into his arms.
"Emitforecnalab we are losing the link!" Mayte screamed reaching out to Demi.
"Mayte we have to leave now! This was to much for him. We have to go back into the tides to wake his mind." Demi yelled lifting Taylor into his arms. Demi spun around while Mayte went to the center of the room opening a rip for them to pass through. They ran into the rip together as Taylor hung limply in Demi's arms.
Demi and Mayte raced through the dimensional balance hoping to get back near the Enosa in case they would lose the link with Taylor.

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