Three Minds As One

Chapter 33 - Love And Understanding - Continued

Haelz and Zac popped out of the rip into a cell. Zac looked around and frowned looking up at Haelz.
"No this is not the place either." Zac said feeling frustrated after coming in and out of the rips several times into the wrong place.
"But young one you aren't giving me the proper image to follow." Haelz stated defending herself.
"I'm sorry. I just want to reach Michael." Zac expressed looking around when they suddenly heard footsteps coming down the hall. They bolted backwards near the wall hearing voices.

"Sam is really out of his mind! In a way I'm glad Joe. I never liked him much in the first place." Dave chuckled stopping to tie his shoelace.
"Well ....I think they should do something about those kids. They are dangerous."
"Dangerous? Yeah right! They only have power because of those beings." Dave said remembering how much he disliked the Taylor kid for breaking his nose.
"Why do they want to talk with Mike? I don't see the point. He doesn't know anything that is going on. Just because he happened to feed them some food and suddenly he is so important?" Joe added watching Dave stand back up. They headed down the hall for Mike's cell with the orders to bring him to Tom Shane's office.

Zac bent a little forward peeking around the door. Haelz gently reached out touching his shoulder in caution.
"We have to get to Mike first, before they do!" Zac moaned looking up at Haelz sadly.
"This time young one slow down and give me a image of Michael." Haelz instructed touching his head.
Zac licked his lips nervously closing his eyes throwing her a image. Suddenly he felt his body pull forward quickly as Haelz pulled him into the rips. Suddenly they popped into a cell again. Zac took a deep breath trying to regain his balance. A broad smile formed across his face when he saw Michael curled into a ball sleeping soundly on a cot near the wall.
"That's him!" Zac whispered happily pointing at him for Haelz. She nodded her head as they walked up next to the man quietly. Zac bent down next to him.
"Mike? Hey man... wake up!" Zac whispered shaking his shoulder.
Suddenly Mike bolted up and hit the wall behind him fearfully looking at Haelz.
"What THE?!" Mike yelled with his heart racing looking at Zac then back at the being.
"Shhhhhh.... stay quiet Mike. We are here to get you out. Remember I promised and right now two guys are coming for you!" Zac explained as Mike still sat petrified on the bed.
"Huh? Zac? What are you talking about?" Mike asked crinkling up his brow.
"We have to go now. They are approaching." Haelz warned as Mike jumped hearing her voice in his head.
Zac pulled Mike to his feet as he stared in awe just following as Haelz put her arms around them and quickly went through the rip as Joe and Dave just turned the corner.
"Oh God! My eyes!" Michael screamed with fear raging through him. The colors blinded him.
"It's okay Mike. We are in the dimensional time rips." Zac chuckled as they were nearing the rip to their room.
"What? Where?" Mike asked shading his eyes not liking the experience.
"We're almost there Mike. Just hold on!" Zac said as they popped out into their room. Mike stumbled off balance hitting the floor. He slowly sat up and sucked in a sharp breath looking up into another set of violet eyes. Ike and Zac couldn't help but laugh.
"Where am I?" Mike asked looking toward Zac, backing away fearfully.
"You're safe now Mike. You're with us. These are our friends." Ike announced, watching the man slowly stand up and nodded his head at Neqeu who cocked her head slightly.


Demi looked down at Taylor who rested his head on his lap. Mayte looked toward Demi feeling concerned for the young one.
"Taylor? Are you okay now?" Demi gently asked pulling a hair behind his ear.
"Yes... I don't feel so dizzy anymore." Taylor answered trying to sit up. Mayte grabbed his arm helping him. Taylor ran his hand through his hair and looked out toward the city thinking.
"What is wrong young one?" Mayte asked concerned knowing the young one felt sad.
"Oh I just... just wish..." Taylor began taking a deep breath and looked down at his hands.
"You want to go home Taylor. I can read it in your mind." Demi exclaimed as Taylor turned and tearfully looked up at him and nodded.
"We will take you there then."
"Really? Home? Oh Demi... I would give anything to see my home again." Taylor cried out with excitement.
"But Taylor you won't be able to touch or say anything to your family, because you are only in spirit mind right now. But you will be able to see them." Demi explained.
"But why do your kind see you?"
"Because we are very advanced when it comes to psychic abilities. Our kind are more sensative with the mind." Mayte answered.
"Well I don't care. I just want to see my Mom and Dad again. I miss my family so much!" Taylor stated licking his lips in anticipation.
"First close your eyes and concentrate on an image of home and then we will go there." Demi instructed watching Taylor smile.
Taylor closed his eyes and brought forth a image of his home. Demi and Mayte placed their hands gently on his head and turned a golden shade when suddenly the colors started to swirl around them. Taylor saw a tunnel of lights feeling their bodies traveling through time. His heart longed for home.

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