Three Minds As One

Chapter 33 - Love And Understanding - Continued

Neqeu watched Ike and Zac sleeping peacefully on the mattress as she sat next to them. Haelz was busily stroking Zac's hair enjoying the softness while the young one slept. Zac groaned slightly rolling over bumping into Ike. He rolled onto his back again and yawned, opening his eyes slowly. He saw Haelz upside down above him and smiled.
"Good morning or or... whatever. I wonder what time it is." Zac said as he sat up.
"It is daylight here young one. Did you have a good rest?" Haelz asked glowing a light shade of gold.
Zac nodded his head and looked over at Ike who still slept soundly.
"How is Tay?" Zac asked remembering Taylor wrapped in the Enosa.
"He is doing fine. Maybe later I will take you there to see him again Zac one." Haelz said knowing the concern and love he had for his brothers.
"Yeah... I would really like that. I don't know what we would have done without you guys. I... I mean Tay... was so bad." Zac said sadly bowing his head looking at his hands.
"What is wrong Zac? He will be okay. Why are you so sad?" Haelz asked as she started to pet his hair again, running a strand behind his ear. Zac blinked and looked up into her eyes.
"I feel... feel like it is my fault Taylor got hurt. If I didn't get so smart with Sam... he...he wouldn't have hurt him." Zac choked with his voice cracking.
"Oh no! No young one! It is not your fault. The evil one is only to blame. He didn't have to hurt anyone, but he did." Haelz consoled squeezing his shoulder gently.
"Oh Man!" Zac suddenly yelled slapping his forehead. Haelz jumped back by the sudden reaction and cocked her head curiously watching him stand up.
"I... we left him there! Michael! I promised him that we would help him." Zac yelled waking Ike who looked up at him totally confused.
"Zac what are you yelling about?" Ike groaned feeling annoyed by Zac's outburst.
"Mike! Ike.... we left Mike in that cell. We have to go get him. I promised him." Zac bellowed throwing out his hands into the air. Ike sat up rubbing at his eyes and chuckled.
"Zac calm down... will you? You're right. We did promise." Ike stated looking at Neqeu who was gazing at him lovingly. Ike gave her a smile.
"Who is this Mike you speak of?" Neqeu asked.
"He helped us! He gave us food when we were starving. And for that they threw him into a cell." Zac explained looking anxious.
"Neqeu I will take Zac and bring this one back here. It is only right to help this being who was so kind to them." Haelz stated standing up next to Zac who nodded his head in agreement.
"Yes... but be careful. The evil ones are still lurking. Go and quickly come back." Neqeu stated watching Haelz grabbing onto Zac's hand pulling him to the center of the room.
"Thanks... thanks wiseone!" Zac chirped as he was pulled by Haelz into a rip abruptly.

"I think I should have gone with them. Maybe we should follow because..." Ike began as Neqeu put her finger lightly to his lips.
"Young one you worry to much about your brothers. Zac will be alright." Neqeu expressed gently glowing a shade of gold watching Ike's eyes dart back and forth.
"I just want to make sure nothing happens to him wiseone! I... I..." Ike explained when she suddenly pulled Ike into her arms and hugged him close. Ike looked up at her confused as she gazed down at him.
"I love your caring nature Ike. I love how you care for your mates."
"Well I..I just don't want anything more to happen. Taylor? Is Taylor doing okay?" Ike asked as she grabbed his head and pushed it softly against her chest.
"Yes Ike, your mate Taylor is healing nicely. He will be just fine. Don't worry he is with them now in mind on our world." Neqeu crooned softly holding him lovingly enjoying his closeness. Ike smiled and bent back looking into her eyes.
"Can I ask you something wiseone?" Ike questioned as she turned a soft yellow shade.
"What is it young one?"
"Earlier you said Taylor was in your dreams. What did you mean by that?" Ike asked blinking innocently as she released him placing him in front of her.
"He is the one foretold in my dreams so long ago. He has the sky eyes." Neqeu stated.
"But many people here have blue eyes. Taylor isn't the only one."
"Ike he is the one. I remember his face clearly. He is standing by the rips looking worried. He reaches out and cast his light forward. The other two are standing beside him. That is you and Zac. The one of images connects with one of us and the healing begins. Three minds stand alone against a great evil. They are afraid and we are there to protect them. You see Ike... you are the ones I dreamt of." Neqeu explained caressing the side of his face lovingly. Ike swallowed hard and smiled.
"It was just a psychic dream. You make it sound as though we are so special." Ike chuckled as Neqeu stared deeply into his eyes.
"But you are special Ike. Don't you see? To our kind you have saved us. When Demi, your friend was pulled out of the tides they rocked the dimensional rips causing our world to go off balance. We have waited so long." Neqeu explained watching Ike's eyes open wide.
"I never realized. Is everything healed out in the rips? I mean is it okay now... right?" Ike asked seriously shifting a little to the right.
"Yes young one. The balance is stable now. Once your mate is healed we will bring you home again." Neqeu answered.
"Home! Oh that sounds so great! I can't wait to get back. It seems like we have been here for years instead of just days." Ike exclaimed looking into her eyes deeply as she turned a deep golden shade.

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