Three Minds As One

Chapter 33 - Love And Understanding

Taylor was impressed with the city that they took him to. The crystal spirals of the buildings fascinated him. It was as if the city sparkled and swirled with the colors of the rainbow. Everything looked advanced in structure and design, but yet so simple really. Demi watched the young one enjoying himself with his eyes wide with wonder as they walked down the streets of the city. Demi was thrilled to be back after so long, even though he was only here in spirit. Other beings came out to greet the one of dreams, as they passed by.
"Why do they call me the one of dreams Demi?" Taylor asked as they sat on a bench within the city limits.
"Neqeu dreamed of you long ago Taylor. I remember her speaking about you when I was very young."
"Huh? What are you saying?" Taylor asked raising his eyebrows.
"I thought then it was just a fable. But she always claimed that one day someone unlike us would save our world from disaster. And Taylor you are the one." Demi said as Mayte sat down on the other side of Taylor.
"Oh come on Demi! This is really far fetched. I'm just a regular human being. And anyways without Ike and Zac I would not have been able to help." Taylor stated looking at Demi seriously.
"She spoke of the image one with the color of the sky in his eyes would help save the balance of the tides." Mayte added running her hand gently down the back of his head. Taylor turned and looked at her.
"But a lot of people where I come from have blue eyes. It is not uncommon. Really!" Taylor expressed flipping out his hand.
"Taylor the wiseone told me you were the one of her dreams. She saw your coming as well as your mates. She loved you all the moment she first dreamed of you." Mayte added lovingly stoking his hair. Demi grabbed her hand and pulled it away. She glowed a light shade of blue looking deeply into his eyes. She turned her head angrily away.
"Ummm... what's going on between you two?" Taylor asked watching them now both glowing in a shade of blue.
"Nothing Taylor. We are fine." Demi expressed sadly.
"This doesn't have to do with me?" Taylor asked as Mayte turned looking at him.
"Ask Demi." Mayte mumbled as Taylor turned and faced him.
"Demi?" Taylor pleaded searching his eyes.
"I just don't... I don't want Mayte touching you!" Demi angrily stated with Taylor's face suddenly looking shocked.
"She loves you to much Taylor. I sense it from her." Demi exploded watching Mayte turn a shade deeper.
"Huh? You... I... what!?" Taylor stammered not knowing what to say turning a bright shade of red.
"He is just so beautiful Emitfoercnalab. I can not help my feelings for the young one. But I also love you deeply. I know you love Taylor just as intensely as I do." Mayte said defending herself.
"Well I... well I..." Taylor hesitated looking from one to other feeling totally confused.
"But Mayte... he is my Taylor!" Demi yelled as Mayte turned away again.
Taylor stood up raising his hands feeling exasperated.
"Hold it one moment here! I love you Demi, but like a friend. And Mayte I love you to just the same." Taylor informed them backing away slightly not wanting to get between them.
"Yes Taylor. That is how I love you too. But I worry that Mayte doesn't." Demi sadly stated watching Mayte turn her head slowly turning a shade of yellow feeling amused.
"My dear Emitfoercnalab! Of course I feel the same as you. I love the young one as a friend. But I can't help to feel that he is beautiful." Mayte expressed reaching out for Demi as he grabbed her hand gently. Taylor rolled his eyes letting out a sigh of relief.
"Yes he is Mayte. Taylor is beautiful." As they turned and stared at him. Taylor felt uncomfortable that they kept calling him beautiful.
"I'm not beautiful. Where I come from we call males good looking or something. Females are beautiful." Taylor stated chuckling when they both cocked their heads at the same time.
"But you are Taylor. Your presense is beautiful." Mayte droned looking at him up and down.
"I give up! Okay... I'm beautiful I guess!" Taylor said smiling knowing he wasn't going to get them to understand what he meant.
"How do you do that Taylor? Turn the corners of your mouth upwards?" Mayte asked looking at him intently.
"They have muscles in their faces that allow them to do it when they are happy or content." Demi answered remembering when he asked Zac that same question.
Taylor nodded his head and walked back to them suddenly feeling a little weak. Mayte and Demi grabbed out for him noticing his legs were collasping under him and pulled him between them sitting him down.
"Man... I feel dizzy. What's going on?" Taylor asked swallowing hard resting his head on Demi's chest.
"The Enosa. It is the process of healing. Just rest now till the energy climbs again." Mayte softly whispered petting his head gently.
"I feel a little sick." Taylor said closing his eyes as he sucked in a deep breath.
"It's okay my Taylor. This is normal. It will pass." Demi explained putting his arm gently around Taylor.

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