Three Minds As One

Chapter 32 - The Enosa -Continued

Neqeu took down the block wall watching Ike and Zac quickly race over to the cocoon. Ike sadly peered through seeing Taylor's face in the translucent cocoon that enveloped them. Zac swallowed hard noticing how Taylor's head and body seemed to be tightly pressed between Demi and Mayte.
"He looks so fragile." Ike stated looking at Taylor's peaceful sleeping face.
"What's those white things in his nose and mouth?" Zac asked wanting to touch the cocoon, but didn't know if he should.
"He is okay my young ones. Taylor is with them now. His body is now healing." Neqeu said gently feeling the concern in Ike's mind.
"The tendrils are helping him to breath and giving his body the nutrients he needs as he heals." Haelz explained to Zac who looked up at her with concern covering his face.
"Shall we go back to your room now Ike?" Neqeu asked rubbing Ike's back gently. Ike nodded his head turning around.
"Can we touch the thing?" Zac asked with concern.
"Yes... it won't disturb them." Haelz said, watching him gingerly place his hand on it. He pulled back looking at his hand.
"It feels like it is vibrating with intense heat or something." Zac curiously said as Ike looked over at him.
"It is the healing light that you feel. They are healing him at the highest level possible." Neqeu informed them as Ike sort of understood remembering how he used his healing light.
"I hate to think of Tay in there. It looks so...so weird." Zac said getting a shiver run up his back.
"He is there. They all are, but their minds are free. Taylor is with them on our world." Haelz said in a reasuring tone.
"He is where? I don't understand." Ike expressed with wonder in his voice, crinkling up his brow slightly.
"It is hard to explain, but Taylor is happy. Please believe me. He is safe with them." Neqeu said grabbing Ike's hand and pulled him toward her. Ike looked back at the Enosa cocoon with a yearning look covering his face.
"Let's go back now. You both need rest." Neqeu announced firmly, putting her arm around Ike's shoulders. Ike nodded as they suddenly bolted forward at great speed through the tides.
"Where is Zac?" Ike yelled trying to turn his head to see him.
"They are right behind us young one." Neqeu stated seeing the opening to their world just before her.

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