Three Minds As One

Chapter 32 - The Enosa - Continued

Ike and Zac were amazed watching Demi and Mayte melting together with their brother. They watched them floating in the tides together as one. Suddenly strings of light whipped and started to swirl around their three bodies. Ike and Zac shaded their eyes watching these thin translucent strings coming from all directions from the dimensional tides, noticing that they seemed to be attracted to the Enosa that Demi and Mayte formed with their brother just moments ago.
"What's going on?" Ike asked looking up at Neqeu seeing she was glowing in an bright golden shade.
"The cocoon is forming around the Enosa now. This will stay around them till your brother's body is totally healed." Neqeu explained as she lightly petted his hair.
"How long? How long will this take?" Ike asked still watching the strings whipping around them.
"The healing will probably last for several days in your time. Don't worry my Ike, they will save him. He is stronger then you think he is." Neqeu stated as Ike smiled slightly.
"This is awesome. I never saw anything like it before." Zac expressed with awe, his eyes wide with wonder.
Haelz looked down at Zac feeling amused at the look covering his face.
"Actually it looks really beautiful. I mean... how the string like things are whipping around." Ike added in, hoping Taylor was alright.
They watched until finally Demi, Mayte and Taylor were perfectly wrapped into a cocoon. Ike looked up at Neqeu noticing she was glowing an intense shade of white.
"Can we go near the cocoon?" Ike asked curiously, wanting to make sure his brother was safe.
"Give it a few moments to let it completely form solid. Then young one you may go and see him." Neqeu answered reading the concern in his mind. Ike turned back and gazed out of the wall praying that this form of healing would really save his brother.


Taylor was in a comforting blackness feeling the presence of Demi and Mayte with him. Suddenly he felt a tingling sensation over his entire body. His mind woke and he noticed he couldn't open his eyes.
"Demi? I'm scared. What is happening to me?" Taylor asked feeling panic start to rise in him again.
"The Enosa is healing your body." Demi answered.
"Why can't I open my eyes?"
"Your body is in a deep sleep as well as ours. Only your mind is free. That is how we are communicating now." Demi explained.
"But I..I can feel my body." Taylor said, feeling weird.
"Yes I know. But you are still free to travel around with your mind young one." Mayte added wishing they could help the young one to understand what was taking place.
"It's odd, but I can feel you and Ma...May....tee too. Is that normal?" Taylor asked wanting to know more about this Enosa thing they were putting him through.
"Yes... Taylor. It is normal." Mayte chuckled feeling amused.
"What happens exactly?" Taylor asked feeling concerned.
"Our bodies are instilling the healing light into yours at the highest level possible. We had to form the Enosa for you Taylor, because the other kind of healing would not have helped you. The cocoon that is around us keeps in the energy." Demi explained knowing Taylor was listening to every word.
"How lo....." Taylor asked as Mayte interupted him.
"This will take a few days in your time Taylor." Mayte added cutting him off knowing he was going to ask how long.
"Why can't I see you?"
"Young one, just open your mind's eye. We are standing right in front of you." Demi said chuckling as he watched Taylor open them. He jumped seeing that Demi and Mayte were right in front of him, only inches away. Demi and Mayte looked at one another glowing yellow as they reached down to comfort Taylor.
"Where are we?" Taylor asked looking around noticing they were in some barren land, but the colors were unlike anything he had ever seen before.
"You are on our world young one." Mayte explained watching him look around in amazement.
"Your sky is so blue here." Taylor exclaimed with wonder, looking up at the clouds that were purple in color.
"Do you like it young one?" Demi asked reaching out and gently ran his finger down the side of his face.
"Ahhh... it's okay. Just so different. My eyes feel strange. It's hard to focus on anything." Taylor said looking up at Demi, then at Mayte.
"We are from a four dimensional time balance. That is why you can't see things right, but your eyes will adjust with time." Mayte added touching a strand of his hair still admiring the softness of it.
"But we are not really here. I..I mean our bodies are back in the time rips. Right?"
"Yes Taylor, in a sense that is true. But we are here too." Demi said with Taylor crinkling his eyebrows together not understanding the concept.
"I know you don't understand my young one. But we can still feel one another because we are as one."
Taylor smiled looking down at his body and then up again at theirs. The ground here felt soft and warm under his bare feet. He suddenly saw something forming in the distance as if it was heading toward them. The images were blurred and distorted.
"What is that?" Taylor asked, pointing at a mass of colors that were getting closer and closer.
"It is more of our kind." Mayte said glowing golden in color feeling content.
"Umm... more?" Taylor swallowed hard, backing up near Demi fearfully.
"Taylor they won't hurt you." Demi said as the beings approached stopping about five feet in front of them. They circled around them looking intently at Taylor who suddenly felt like some animal on display. He looked up at Demi, then toward Mayte. Mayte reached out and grabbed Taylor by his hand pulling him toward her. Taylor jerked back not wanting to leave Demi's side.
"Demi?" Taylor cried softly as Mayte put her arms around his shoulders, holding him close.
"It's alright young one. He is telling them all about you." Mayte explained rubbing his shoulder.
"Oh... sorry. I don't like the way they are looking at me May...may..tee." Taylor said putting his hand on her's that was gently rubbing his shoulder.
"They are just curious about you as your kind was with us." Mayte explained.
"I guess it's only fair. Do they think I'm weird looking?" Taylor asked chuckling a little.
"No! All beings are beautiful in our eyes. The only thing they don't understand is your yellow strings on your head." Mayte said glowing yellow.
"Huh? Yellow strings? Oh... my hair!" Taylor started to laugh.
"They are also amazed by your eye color young one. You are the one of the wiseone's dreams. They have heard about you." Mayte explained looking lovingly down at Taylor who looked confused.
"But I..." Taylor began when an old one approached, coming up in front of him, squatting down and stared at him curiously cocking his head to the right. Taylor shyly cast his eyes up and down, staring back at him while he leaned against Mayte.
"Am I suppose to do something?" Taylor asked looking toward Demi who was glowing golden with white lights floating around him.
"He just wants you to know that all of us are thankful to you and your brothers for saving the time balance." Demi said feeling proud of this young one who looked very uncomfortable as the others also came up to him.
"Please... I am not special. I..I..." Taylor began as one being reached out and touched his arm making him jump slightly.
"He says you are soft and warm to the touch Taylor and quite beautiful." Mayte expressed softly, knowing Taylor wasn't enjoying the attention as he blushed.
"Umm... thank you." Taylor said to the being nodding his head slightly. The being glowed yellow and slid back releasing his arm.
Demi walked up and stood next to Mayte and Taylor, watching their fellow beings enjoying the company of the one of dreams. The old one stood up and suddenly grabbed Taylor and lifted him in the air from under his arms, with Taylor sucking in a sharp breath of air.
"What... what is he doing?" Taylor cried out, looking into the purple concerned eyes of the old being, gazing up at him.
"He only wants to see you closer young one. He knows you are very sick. He is wishing you well." Demi explained hoping he wouldn't panic by the attention.
"Please sir... please put me down. Thank you for your concern." Taylor softly said, as the old one gently placed him down again onto his feet. He backed up bumping into Demi.
"You handled that nicely young one." Mayte said.
"He understood me? But how?" Taylor asked turning to look up into Demi's eyes.
"We are translating for you." Demi explained.
"They want to know if you would like to see more of our world." Mayte said as Taylor's face lit up suddenly with joy.
"I would love to see more of where you come from! Oh yes!" Taylor bellowed excitedly as he smiled up at Demi and Mayte. Demi and Mayte felt amused by his reaction. Taylor looked at the crowd of beings noticing they all were glowing golden and a million white lights seemed to be floating around him in the air.
"They are very happy that you approve, Taylor." Demi chuckled.
"I think I can see that Demi." Taylor answered watching the lights.

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