Three Minds As One

Chapter 32 - The Enosa

When they reached the point in the dimensional tides Neqeu brought a block up around Ike, Zac, and Haelz while they watched Demi and Mayte prepare their brother for the Enosa. She could feel the worry in the brothers minds as Haelz and her stood behind them peering through the wall. She reached out petting the back of Ike's head lovingly. For some reason she felt very close to this one. She loved his warmth and good humor. Also his caring nature.
"I hope Tay will be alright. He looks so scared." Ike said sadly with tears forming in his eyes. Zac grabbed Ike's hand and gently squeezed trying to reasure him that everything would be okay.
"Tay will be alright Ike. I know he will." Zac stated as he swallowed back the lump in his throat. Ike nodded his head turning and smiled slightly at Zac.

Mayte floated behind Taylor while Demi was in the front. She looked up and down the young one's body, scanning it with her mind, so she would know just how to exactly place herself on his body to form the Enosa.
"I don't understand his structure. He is so much smaller then us Emitforecnalab. He is so different from us."
"Mayte I will show you how their body functions work. They aren't so unlike us. They have more sensitivity then us. They feel pain intensely. Also they are more delicate then we are." Demi explained when he placed an image in Mayte's mind.

Taylor floated between them feeling scared. He turned his head and saw his brothers watching them from the wall of the block, that was about fifty feet away. A bright light caught his attention. He turned back and saw that Demi was glowing white in front of him. He shivered a little, as he licked his lips slowly. His body was still in extreme pain from the damage that Sam caused. Taylor knew his wounds inside him were very bad this time and he felt extremely weak. He watched as Demi was now turning different shades of colors all at once.
"Demi? Wh..what are you going to do to me?" Taylor weakly asked when he felt a burning heat coming up behind him as his body still dripped with sweat.
"We are going to heal you, my Taylor." Demi said in a whisper while the colors swirled around his body as he prepared himself for the connection.
Taylor jumped when he felt Mayte gently lay her body next to his behind him. A wave of pain shot through him making him writhe in agony. Taylor saw Demi coming toward him as he sucked in a sharp breath. Taylor squinted from the bright light emanating off of him. Demi placed himself gently against Taylor and reached up, turning his head to the right, placing his head to the side against his. Taylor felt Mayte do the same on the other side. He was sandwiched perfectly between them. Taylor let out a tiny scream of fear when suddenly he felt them pressing strongly against him from both sides, causing him intense pain.
"Hu..hurts!" Taylor cried out with his voice shaking.
"We are going to become as one body. Relax my Taylor." Demi whispered knowing the young one didn't understand the process of this healing that was about to take place to save his life.
Intense heat started to penetrate him from both sides. Fear raced through him feeling trapped. He felt an odd sensation as if his skin was melting.
"No! Please... can't move. It..it burns!" Taylor cried starting to shake with tears streaming down his face.
"Calm.....calm....feel our bodies....become as one." Mayte droned in a soothing voice.
Taylor tried to do as Mayte asked, but the heat he felt scared him. Panic started to overwhelm him. He tried to lift his arms to pull away, but they held them down against his sides. He could feel their skin was melted together.
"Young one come into my mind." Demi pleaded with him, feeling Taylor struggling between them. He saw the fear in the young one's mind. A crying sob of anguish left Taylor's mouth. He was breathing in short gasps making scared, shivering moaning sounds.
"This will heal you young one. We are going to help you." Mayte whispered as her head began to melt into his. Taylor shut his eyes when he felt their heads forming into one. The sensation was beyond words.
"I... I... don...don't... like this." Taylor rasped when out of the corner of his eye he saw a snake like thing that was white dangle in front of his face. He noticed another one was near his nostril. He crinkled his eyebrows together, trying to move his head back.
"Taylor this one will go into your nose to help you breath and Mayte's will feed you through hers. It will provide the nutrients that your body needs during the healing of the Enosa." Demi explained as Taylor let out a soft, fearful moan.
"What? What are they?" Taylor gulped as one of them started to enter his nostril. His eyes grew wide from fear when he felt it slide down his throat.
"They come from our bodies, that are attached near our upper spine. Stay calm." Demi lovingly said when he heard Taylor gag a little, as the tendril went up his nose. Taylor opened his mouth trying to suck in a breath of air, when the other one went in sliding down his throat. Taylor started to shiver in panic.
"We are the Enosa." Demi expressed with satisfaction, knowing their bodies were perfectly melted together now.
"NO! Please I can't! I can't do this! You're hurting me!" Taylor screamed in fear never feeling anything like this before. His mind couldn't understand what was happening to him. He couldn't stand the feeling of not being able to move.
"Taylor come to us! You have to connect with us in order for us to heal you. Hear me my Taylor. Become as one. Enter our minds now." Demi pleaded hoping he would understand.
"How? Please Demi... Mayte... show me how?" Taylor weeped blinking fearfully.
Demi entered his mind, casting a small globe of light. Taylor saw the light and understood to follow it with his mind. Suddenly he relaxed seeing Demi and Mayte before him as one. Taylor went forward touching the light. He melted into it finally feeling safe. He no longer felt the pain of his body and slowly closed his eyes falling into a deep slumber between them. Demi knew now that Taylor was one with them. Mayte and Demi closed their eyes falling into a deep sleep with him.

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