Three Minds As One

Chapter 31 - The Questions - Continued

Sam heard the words 'some kind of freak'. They echoed through his head hearing his brother's voice.
"You FREAK!!!" Tyler screamed at him.
Anger came to a head in his mind. Never again would he hurt him or put him down. He reached down into the depths of his powers and brought fourth the strongest pain he could lash out with. He threw it at the boy who was coming at him.
"I HATE YOU TYLER!" Sam screamed watching Tyler stop in his tracks grabbing at his head. Sam laughed watching him writhe in agony.

Taylor screamed clutching his head as he jerked back, feeling like his whole body was exploding in extreme pain.
"Oh GOOOOD! Help me!" Taylor cried out in agony collasping to the floor while Ike and Zac looked on in horror. Ike ran to Taylor and grabbed him, noticing a trickle of blood ran out of his left nostril. Taylor gasped with tears spilling down the sides of his face, looking desperately up into his brother's eyes.
"Ike? I...I hurt so bad! Oh God it hurts!" Taylor whispered when Ike suddenly burst into tears.
"Why?! Why?! What did he ever do to you?!" Ike cried out with rage and anguish filling his heart as he rocked Taylor's upper body in his arms, when Sam backed up looking totally confused. Zac stood up with a look of pure rage covering his face.
"DON"T EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN!" Zac screamed, sending a bolt of energy toward Sam, lifting him into the air and slammed Sam's body against the wall roughly. He wanted to kill this man. He started to push onto Sam's chest hard with his mind, wanting to squeeze the life force out of him, for what he did to his brother. Sam flung his arms out desperately trying to catch his breath. Tom and Don backed into another corner fearfully not knowing what to do or say. They just watched with fearful eyes.
"Zac!? Stop! Don't do this! He's not worth it Zac!" Ike cried out sensing his brother's anger. He gently laid Taylor down and ran to Zac who still had his hold on Sam.
"Ike? Don't stop me! Please... he hurt Tay! He won't hurt Tay ever again!" Zac cried out as tears started to spill down his face. Ike grabbed Zac by the shoulders, spinning him around so he faced him.
"Zac, listen to me! Let go! Let go! You don't want to kill him Zac! I know you. Please Zac!" Ike yelled trying to get through the rage that overwhelmed his brother. Suddenly Zac opened his mouth wide when a sob of pure agony came out and he went limp in brother's arms. Ike rubbed his back lovingly, as he too had tears running down his face. He saw Sam slide down the wall, hitting the floor hard while he sucked in air desperately.
"It's okay Zac. It's okay! We have to help Tay." Ike consoled rocking his brother.
Zac looked up into his eyes and turned looking over at Taylor who was laying on the floor helplessly.
"Oh God Tay!?" Zac moaned with saddness, running to his brother who was shaking uncontrollably in pain, with Ike following behind. Ike gently lifted Taylor's upper body again into his arms lovingly and gently.
"I... I can't breath. I... I feel so cold." Taylor rasped feeling numb all over his body.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! What did I do? I'm sorry! So sorry!" Sam cried out putting his head into his hands as he burst into tears. Zac, Ike, Tom, and Don looked over at him feeling confused. He slowly raised his head, getting into a crawling position and came toward Taylor who hung limp in his brother's arms.
"No! You stay away from him! Haven't you done enough to him?" Ike screamed angrily, pulling his brother up into his arms tighter as Taylor groaned weakly.
"I didn't know! I confused him with..." Sam whined pitifully, reaching out his hand and gently touched Taylor's arm.
"Who? Who are you talking about?" Zac asked, not believing that they were seeing this cold hearted man in tears weeping like a baby.
"Now I know! I know why I hated him so much! He reminded me of Tyler, my younger brother. Taylor looks so much like him! I took out my anger on him. Please forgive me! Oh... please forgive me!" Sam yelled throwing back his head.
Zac swallowed hard not knowing what to say, watching Sam as he gently touched Taylor's forehead. Taylor winced still rasping for air.
"I'm so sorry Taylor." Sam whispered softly while he stroked his head gently.
"Pl...please don't hurt me!" Taylor cried out as he sobbed, when a wave of pain racked his body. He stiffened, throwing his head back and shook uncontrollably. Ike sat holding unto his brother as he reached into his mind to bring forth the healing light. He went into Taylor's body and gasped at the damage he saw. He let out a sob knowing he wasn't going to be able to heal his brother this time.

Tom sucked in a sharp breath when a clear like bubble formed in the center of the room. Demi burst through with his mates while Neqeu followed behind.
"Taylor! My Taylor!" Demi screamed as Sam looked up at the huge alien in amazement. He swallowed hard not really caring if the alien punished him or not, for what he did to the young boy. He bowed his head and gently reached his arms under Taylor's upper body and legs pulling him from Ike's arms, while Ike looked tearfully up at him. Sam lifted Taylor as he stood and turned seeing that Demi was glowing in a deep shade of blue, watching him intently, carry his Taylor towards him. With a pleading look covering Sam's face, he held Taylor out while Demi gently made a moaning sound. He reached out and took the boy from him.
"Please help him! I'm sorry I have done this to him. I didn't mean..." Sam couldn't finish, when he covered his face with his hands and sat on the floor wrapping his arms around himself and began to rock back and forth.
Neqeu sped over near Ike as he reached his arms out for her as she approached. She lifted Ike up off the floor and gently hugged him as he rested his head on her shoulder.
"I...I can't help my brother wiseone! He is hurt very bad!" Ike cried out as Neqeu petted his head gently.
Zac stood shaking with tears pouring down his cheeks. He looked up into Haelz's violet eyes with a painful, lost look covering his face.
"Tay? Tay?" Zac mumbled starting to shiver violently as Haelz took him into her arms. He fainted as she lifted him up with her skin turning a shade of blue. She made a soft moaning sound and carried him over to where Demi stood, who was in a deep intense shade of blue as he gently rubbed his face against Taylor's.
"Demi?" Taylor whispered painfully wanting to hug him, but couldn't find the strength to even raise his hand.
Neqeu put her arms around Ike again, lifting him and slowly walked to the center of the room as his body shook from sobs of anguish.
Tom and Don watched in amazement as the aliens went through the bubble again taking the boys along with them. They turned looking at Sam sitting in the middle of the floor rocking back and forth humming to himself as if he was trapped in his own little world.


They came through into their room as Demi carried Taylor over to the mattress and gently placed him down. Taylor jerked again feeling a wave of pain overwhelm his body.
"Demi! Where's Ike and Zac?" Taylor rasped weakly with tears flowing down the sides of his face.
"We're right here Tay. Zac are you okay?" Ike asked, knowing his brother was recovering from passing out. Zac sadly nodded his head. Ike gently caressed the side of Taylor's face.
"The pain isn't so bad anymore. I can't feel anything." Taylor smiled weakly with his body dripping with sweat.
"Yeah... Tay... you're... you're going to be just fine." Ike said with his voice cracking, knowing how bad he was hurt this time.
"Ike? Tell... tell Mom and Dad that I love them and..." Taylor's voice cracked with fear as he looked up at his brothers with tears filling his eyes.
"Tay, don't talk like that!" Zac yelled angrily as the tears slid down his face.
"I... I can't..." Taylor began when he started to cough violently. Ike grabbed Taylor's hand noticing he gripped it very hard. Ike gasped when he saw some blood came out of the side of Taylor's mouth.
Demi stood up and moaned loudly rocking back and forth. Neqeu squatted down next to Ike, gently placing her hand on Taylor's forehead.
"We will perform the Enosa on him. Demi and Mayte will do it." Neqeu declared boldly as Ike and Zac gave her a confused look.
"What? What is E..no..saa?" Ike asked curiously looking into Neqeu's eyes as he licked at his lips.
"It is the healing cocoon. We use it for only the most extreme cases of injury or sickness young one, among our kind. Do you give us permission to use it on him?" Neqeu asked glowing in a gentle shade of gold.
"Anything wiseone! Anything to save my brother!" Ike bellowed pitifully and then looked down at Taylor who was desperately trying to suck in some air.
Demi bent over and placed his hands under Taylor's shirt and lit his healing light to heal the damaged lungs so he could breath normally again. Taylor blinked slowly feeling the healing light enter his chest and shut his eyes as tears spilled down the sides of his face.
"There my Taylor. Can you breath easier now?" Demi asked lovingly running his finger down his cheek.
"Yes, but I'm scared Demi. Please help me!" Taylor implored crying harder, when he realized he couldn't even move his legs.
"Young ones please help me to take his coverings off. The Enosa has to be done body against body. We will become as one in the process." Demi explained with Ike and Zac nodding their heads trying to understand.
Mayte and Demi lifted Taylor gently with their minds hearing him groan, so Ike and Zac could take his clothes off without causing him to much pain. Ike swallowed hard watching his brother's body shiver from the cold of the room.
"Now what do we do?" Zac asked sniffing back his tears regaining his emotions again. All he could think about was helping his brother.
"We will bring him into the dimensional tides and heal him. It can only be performed in there." Neqeu told them as Ike still looked confused, but trusted that they would heal his brother.
"This will completely heal him?" Zac asked looking up at Haelz with hope filling his eyes.
"Yes young one. It will." Haelz stated petting his head gently trying to comfort his fear.
Demi and Mayte carried Taylor to the center of the room as Neqeu opened the rip in time. They passed through and carried Taylor at lighting speed to the proper place to perform the Enosa with Ike, Zac, and the others following behind. Demi hoped it wasn't to late for his beautiful Taylor.

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