Three Minds As One

Chapter 31 - The Questions - Continued

Sam opened the door slowly with Don and Tom behind him. When they entered the room they noticed all three of the boys stood together staring at them cautiously.
"Come and follow us. We don't intend any harm towards you. Please cooperate with us boys. I promise not to use any of my powers if you don't use any of yours." Sam assured them nodding his head.
Ike, Taylor, and Zac looked at each other then back at the men.
"Okay Sam. We will do as you want as long as you don't try anything." Ike stated boldly as Sam crinkled up his brow.
"Deal kid! Please... follow me." Sam said waving his hand for them to come toward him. They slowly approached the door and walked through. Sam gently placed his hand on Taylor's back leading them down a hallway behind Tom. Taylor jumped slightly not liking the man's touch. Sam withdrew his hand as Don cast him a stern look.
They entered a room and saw a long table with six chairs. Three were placed on each side. Don extented his hand, indicating that they should sit down. Ike, Taylor, and Zac walked around the table and sat in the chairs trying to get comfortable. Taylor nervously looked at Sam who sat across from him. He just couldn't feel any trust from this man anymore. He turned away not wanting to look at him.
"We just want to know what is going on with you and the alien." Tom declared sitting heavily in the chair across from Ike.
"I don't know if we should even let you know after how you have treated us!" Ike bitterly exploded as he crossed his arms over his chest.
"Please I don't want this to turn into a fight. I just want some answers this time. This is so important to mankind." Tom said rubbing his hands together as he looked at all of them who just stared back at him.
"Actually how you brought him here almost ripped the time equilibrium totally off balance. Did you know you did that?" Zac asked noticing Tom looked surprised.
"We did what?" Don asked not understanding.
"The dimensional time balance was ripped. We had to help them fix it." Taylor explained looking up at Don shyly feeling Sam's eyes penetrating through him.
"Why do you say them?" Sam asked wanting to know.
"Demi has friends." Taylor stated looking toward Don.
"There are more of them... yes. You have no hold on him anymore. He can go home any time he wants now and you can't stop him." Zac added smiling, liking the sick look that suddenly covered Tom's face.
"But we just want him to know that we are friendly and willing to learn anything he has to offer!" Tom yelled desperately.
"I really don't think that he understands that you are friendly. He calls you the evil ones." Taylor added in noticing Sam cast him a cold hard look.
"But he won't leave you behind, now will he?" Sam chuckled, looking directly into Taylor's eyes that darted back and forth.
"Don't try to scare us Sam! When he returns... he will pull us out of here and take us home again. And there is nothing that you can do to stop him!" Ike yelled pointing at him, feeling totally fed up with Sam and his tactics of instilling fear in them.
"Why isn't he here now? Where is he? He must know that you are with us again!" Sam countered back angrily, slamming his fist on the table. Taylor jumped, as he crinkled his eyebrows together.
"He just... just is finishing up healing the damage that you caused you idiot!" Zac suddenly yelled, bursting into anger as he stood up.
"Sit DOWN! Don't you ever speak to me like that you little punk!" Sam said standing up to face the kid, who came around the table next to him.
"What?! What are you going to do about it... SAM?" Zac bravely yelled daring him. Sam balled his hands into fists wanting to strike out.
"STOP IT! Sam just sit down! I don't want to start anything." Tom yelled warning Sam, knowing his temper. Sam hit the table hard, watching Zac turn around to walk back to his chair. Anger built up inside of him as he watched the kid take a step forward. Suddenly he couldn't take it anymore and quickly reached out grabbing onto a bunch of Zac's hair and roughly pulled it with all his might. Zac screamed in agony and fell backwards hitting the table as he fell on the floor. Taylor and Ike bolted up from their chairs watching their brother go down.
Taylor couldn't take it anymore. He looked at Sam with hate filling his eyes and ran around the table ready to attack him. Tom and Don stood up stepping back from the commotion that was about to erupt.
"YOU CREEP!!! I HATE YOU! WHAT ARE YOU SOME KIND OF FREAK?!" Taylor screamed on the top of his lungs, while Ike bent over Zac who sat up rubbing his head that was hurting him.
"Tay! Don't!" Zac yelled watching helplessly when suddenly Taylor lunged forward at Sam.

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