Three Minds As One

Chapter 30 - The Storm

Ike, Taylor, and Zac stood frozen with fear watching the guards with helmets and storm gear run around the corner at them with their guns in the air. Ike instantly put up a block wall trying to protect him and his brothers as the men ran forward. They noticed one man bounced off the wall of the block. Taylor cringed watching the man fly backwards with a shocked expression covering his face. The other men stood back looking to fearful to approach. Suddenly Tom Shane came around the corner with Don Connor following behind.

"Leave us ALONE!" Ike screamed angrily pointing his finger at Tom who boldly walked up next to them.
"We only want to talk with you son." Tom cooed sweetly in an even tone watching the boys stand close to one another. He gingerly reached out and felt some kind of force surrounded them. He quickly pulled back his hand fearfully. Zac grinned feeling safe within the block wall that Ike formed around them.
"There is no talking. You better leave us, because soon our friends will be back!" Ike answered throwing him a dirty look.
"Don't try to sweet talk us. We won't fall for that. I know what you are thinking." Taylor added in, noticing Don stepped back a few steps to the right that was near him. Taylor turned looking at him straight in the eyes.
"I know that Sam hurt you Taylor, but he won't anymore. Your friend made sure of that. We only want to communicate with the being." Don pleaded stepping a few paces closer. Taylor stepped in closer to Ike not trusting this man.
"But he won't want too. Not after what you did to him or us." Taylor expressed angrily, licking at his lips while he still watched Don intently.
"We never meant to cause anyone any harm. Sam was wrong in how he treated you. We want to make up for that Taylor." Don claimed noticing he now had the attention of all three of the boys.
"Make up? You will never know the pain or damage that he caused sir!" Taylor yelled balling his right hand into a fist.
"I know Taylor. I am so sorry. That is all I can say. I know that won't ever make up for your pain. Sam had to much of a ego. He hates it that you three have powers that surpass his. He should never have handled the situation the way he did." Don consoled him, trying to get through to the boy who's face turned into a frown.
"We should never have been in this situation. You KIDNAPPED us!" Zac yelled angrily walking up next to Taylor.
"I know that was wrong too. But we were desperate. We needed you." Don argued pushing his glasses up his nose with his finger.
"Did you ever think that maybe if you asked us, that maybe we would have helped?" Ike said flinging his hands out angrily.
"You better leave. I...I don't want to discuss anything with you! Just GO!" Taylor yelled knowing something sinister lurked inside this man's mind, but he couldn't quite see it. The man was blocking something from him. Taylor nervously looked around scanning the area filled with men who now completely surrounded them.
"You're trying to take our minds away from something." Ike stated feeling odd as Zac formed the link between them. They could feel Taylor's fear.
"No. No son we are not. We just want to talk." Don begged licking his lips nervously watching a guard slowly approach his side who stood taller then him. Taylor looked intently at the guard.
"No! You're trying to hide something from me! You're blocking something from my mind!" Taylor yelled fearfully rubbing at his forehead angrily feeling frustrated. He turned to look at his brothers.

Don knew the Taylor kid was slowly crumbling his wall in his mind. He knew soon that they had to make their move or they would lose them. As the boy turned he nodded his head in a signal. The room suddenly was filled with a screeching sound that made the boys jump. They collasped to their knees covering their ears in agony.

"NO!" Ike screamed feeling like his eardrums were going to break, causing him to feel dizzy as he rocked slightly backwards. Suddenly fear overwhelmed him as he lost his hold of the block for a moment and desperately tried to put it up again to protect him and his brothers. But in that moment the guards surged forward as they grabbed for them.
"GO... AWAY!" Zac bellowed loudly when suddenly the men flew backwards as if they were hit by a mighty blow. Zac stood his ground, filled with anger as he lifted another man in the air throwing him against the wall in front of him. He saw some guards roughly take hold of his brother, Ike, dragging him across the room as they lifted his legs carrying him. Zac, with his mind, ripped the men from him throwing them onto the floor. Ike fell hitting the floor and jumped up quickly running back toward Zac, knowing he was using his telekinetic power.
"Go Zac! Go!" Ike yelled joyessly.
Taylor stood up recovering from the sound and still felt a little off center. Ike reached out to grab him, when Don also reached out and took hold of Taylor's right arm roughly. Taylor tried to pull away, but the guard next to him suddenly sprayed mace into his eyes. He screamed in agony spinning in a circle rubbing desperately at his eyes.
"ZAC! My eyes! Help me!" Taylor screamed moaning with pain. He felt an arm go around his neck and was roughly slammed up against a body. He reached up trying to tear the arm from his neck, with his eyes tearing from the mace. Taylor sucked in a sharp breath suddenly sensing who had a hold of him.
"Oh God its SAM!! IKE!? ZAC!?" Taylor cried out with fear as his body began to tremble.
"Let GO of my brother NOW!" Zac fumed watching the man pull off his helmet as he held onto Taylor tightly.
"Give UP! Or I'll hurt him very bad! HEAR ME!?" Sam yelled as he reached to his side and pulled out his gun and placed it next to Taylor's neck.
"I...I'LL..." Zac stated getting ready to throw a bolt of telekinetic power at him.
"Try it boy... and before it hits me you won't have a normal brother any more!" Sam warned him, watching Zac's face turn into a look of horror.
"Let him GO... SAM! You don't scare me! You don't want to kill him! You need us!" Ike boldly yelled daring Sam.
"I didn't say that, now did I? I will make sure he doesn't walk again though." Sam smiled placing the gun into Taylor's right hip. Taylor shook uncontrollably as he blinked painfully throwing his head back.
"DEMI!!!" Taylor screamed in his mind calling out to him.
"Don't try to call him! Now just give up." Sam stated jerking Taylor roughly, loving the feeling of his trembling body against him. He knew he had them in a corner now. Zac and Ike bowed their heads feeling helpless, knowing Sam would hurt their brother as he said.
"I thought Demi hurt you." Ike stated bitterly biting at his bottom lip.
"I was pretty bad for awhile, but you and your friend.... Demi.... underestimated my will and power. It was a fight but I won!" Sam laughed as Ike looked into his eyes nervously.
"Now just take down that wall again Ike and give up. Nothing will happen to you if you do as we say. All we want is to talk to your friend. You are our only link to him." Tom said merrily, feeling truimphant while he took out the earplugs he had in his ears so the screeching sound wouldn't hurt him when they used it on the boys.
"Ike... please?" Taylor moaned starting to cry as he grabbed desperately at Sam's arm around his neck.
"Taylor? You want us to give up?" Ike asked sensing his brother's pain and fear.
"It is all we can do for now!" Taylor rasped blinking his eyes rapidly from the pain. Sam jerked his arm choking him slightly.
"Do as he says Ike." Sam said staring at him boldly.
Ike frowned as he turned and looked at Zac. Zac nodded his head looking totally helpless as he swallowed hard. Ike slowly brought down the block. Four men approached and grabbed them by the arms as they led them all out of the room.

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