Three Minds As One

Chapter 31 - The Questions

Sam sat at his table in his room writing down some thoughts in his journal. He sat back and stared into space as his brow crinkled up angrily. He shook his head looking down at his hands.
"Stop thinking about him!" He bitterly told himself staring at a photo of his father pinned on the wall over his desk.

"You're worthless Sam! Just leave now! I never want to see you again. What you did to Tyler... I will never forgive you for it .....EVER!" Dan Rodden screamed at his son.
"But he...he laughed at me! Dad? Please try to understand. He is always pitting me up against you. He only wants you to love him! NOT ME!" Sam cried trying to reach out to his father who held his brother Tyler in his arms. Dan angrily slapped his hand away.
"Go Sam! I never want to see you again. Tyler did nothing to you to deserve this." Dan Rodden yelled as he looked down lovingly at his bruised and battered younger son.
"He started it! He called me a freak! I can't help these powers that I have! Dad... PLEASE!"
"GO! Before I... I..." Dan threatened pointing at him.
Sam sadly watched Tyler stir in his father's arms and opened his eyes that were filled with fear. His blue eyes stared up at him tearfully as his long blond hair stuck to his sweaty forehead.
"Dad he hurt me again!" Tyler moaned pitifully.
"He won't ever again son. Never again!" Dan lovingly moaned lifting him so his head rested on his shoulder. Tyler smiled and looked up at Sam who angrily turned storming out the door.
"I will never come back! Go ahead DAD! Love Tyler more then me. The perfect little Tyler! The beautiful Tyler with his long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes! Everyone LOVES HIM MORE! I DON'T NEED YOU OR ANYBODY!! YOU HEAR ME!!?" Sam screamed at the house throwing mud at the door from the wet ground. He finally turned and knew he would never come back here again. He stomped down the street knowing now he would make a life for himself without ever fighting or trying to impress anyone ever again.

Sam shook his head trying to get rid of the memory. He hated it when he would remember the last day he was with his family. He turned hearing a knock at his door. He licked his lips twirling his chair around.
"Who is it?"
"Don. Can I come in?"
"Yeah." Sam said as Don opened the door and entered the room. He sat down on the edge of Sam's bed.
"Well what did the kid say?" Don asked as Sam crossed his leg over the other leg.
"Well he answered me truthfully I hope. He said that they have been traveling through time, but they can't do it without him." Sam grinned watching Don's eyebrows go up in wonder.
"Were you nice to the kid this time?" Don asked seriously.
"Of course I was. I did as Tom and you wanted. I never touched him. He is awfully scared of me though." Sam chuckled remembering the fear in Taylor's eyes.
"Well what do you expect after hurting that boy so many times? I don't understand what you have against the kid." Don expressed pushing up his glasses and pulling out a cigarette from his pack.
"I don't have anything against him. I just don't like him very much." Sam stated as he started to pick at a fingernail.
"Why?" Don asked lighting up his cigarette.
"I don't know! Stop trying to analyze me Don!" Sam yelled making Don jump.
"Okay. Okay! Now what are we going to do with the boys?"
"Well I want to question them further. If we can gain their trust.... then maybe we can finally talk with this being, who they seem to call Demi. Tom is throwing fits wanting to take control of the whole situation. The man never realizes that nothing comes easy. We have to have patience." Sam explained as he gently rocked his chair back and forth. Don nodded knowing how Tom was too.
"I hope you plan to get more information soon. That alien could be back any time now. Remember you said Taylor called him with his mind." Don asserted as he stood up and walked over to Sam's desk and put out his cigarette in the ashtray.
"I am going to be doing it in a few minutes. The drug should have wore off by now on the other two boys." Sam said looking down at his watch.


Taylor still sat huddled in the corner, when he saw Ike suddenly roll over grabbing at his head and groaned out loud. Ike blinked and saw a blurry image of his brother in front of him.
"Tay...Taylor? What happened?" Ike whispered, sitting up slowly, blinking hard to clear his vision.
"They...he drugged the food Ike." Taylor rasped fearfully, wiping the tears from his eyes.
Ike slid up next to Taylor not understanding. Zac moaned grabbing onto his head and sat up.
"Ike? Tay?" Zac asked with his voice cracking while he looked around the room feeling totally off center.
"We're over here Zac." Ike told him as Zac turned around and crawled over next to them slowly.
"Th...they put something in our food." Zac angrily rasped, noticing that Taylor was looking very fearful.
"Are you alright Tay?" Ike asked.
"They didn't drug my food guys. Sam came in maybe about an hour ago and asked me some questions." Taylor stated biting his bottom lip.
"He didn't hurt you... did he?" Ike angrily asked. Taylor shook his head.
"No. Not this time. He drugged you both and Mike so you wouldn't interfer when he wanted some information out of me." Taylor explained nervously.
"Why are you so afraid? You said he didn't hurt you." Ike asked his brother, who turned and looked at him sadly.
"He's coming back. I wish Demi was here! Oh God I... I can't face him anymore." Taylor moaned rubbing his forehead.
"Tay...it's going to be okay." Ike said sitting up next to him, reaching his arm around his shoulders. Taylor started to tremble again resting his head on Ike's shoulder for comfort.
"Why is Demi taking so long to come for us?" Zac asked sadly, crawling up near the hole in the wall wondering how their friend was doing.
"Mike? Are you there?" Zac called out, hoping that Mike was okay, knowing that he was drugged with the food also. He heard him moan slightly.
"What? What happened?" Mike asked lifting his upper body up and peered into the hole, seeing a worried brown eye staring at him.
"They drugged us Mike. Are you okay? He... that Sam came and questioned Tay. He said he was coming back. Taylor is really shook up." Zac fearfully told him.
"Stay strong guys! He really is just as human as the rest of us. Keep the faith. Your friend will be here probably very soon to save you guys." Mike said trying to assure them. He sadly rested his head down on his arms again still feeling dizzy.
"Mike? When Demi comes... you will come with us! You hear me? We won't leave you here alone with them." Zac attested wishing he could do more for their friend.
"Thanks kid! Tell Taylor to hang on. He really has a lot of strength inside. You guys are amazing to me. Okay?" Mike yelled back and saw the eye smile.
"I will Mike. Thanks." Zac yelled back and sat up looking over at his brothers who were watching him.
"Mike really is a great guy. Ike... I'll be okay. Just don't ever leave me alone with him if you can help it." Taylor pleaded feeling better after hearing Mike's words of encouragement.
They all looked up and heard footsteps coming down the hallway again. Taylor gulped hard.
"They are coming back." Taylor whispered under his breath.
Ike helped Taylor up as Zac walked over next to them. They all watched the door listening to the key turn in the lock.

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