Three Minds As One

Chapter 30 - The Storm - Continued

Sam stood in front of the door and looked down at his watch. He knew the drug that was in the food should have taken effect by now. He listened closely and heard no sounds. He took the key and slowly unbolted the door.

Taylor slid back against the wall fearfully knowing it was Sam opening the door to their cell. He reached out and shook Ike's shoulder desperately.
"Please Ike wake up!" He whispered with rasping gasps of fear surging through his body. He fought back his tears that were threating to overflow. He looked up and saw Sam smiling down at him.
"He is not going to wake up just now, Taylor." Sam stated taking a step toward him.
Taylor backed against the wall holding out his right hand with his palm up.
"Please... please don't touch me! Please!" Taylor moaned pitifully as his body started to shake. Sam squatted down about five feet away from him.
"Listen to me. I am not going to hurt you. All I want is for you to answer a few questions." Sam said hoping the kid would calm down. Taylor nodded his head with tears filling his eyes, watching also the two guards that stood behind Sam by the door.
"Will you answer my questions?" Sam coldly asked.
"De...depends what they are." Taylor stammered fearfully still huddling against the wall.
"Did you travel through time with your friend, Taylor?" Sam asked seriously sliding a little closer. Taylor slid away against the wall.
"Yes." Taylor answered truthfully not wanting him anywhere near him.
"Do you and your brothers know how to do it too now?" Sam asked smiling at him, enjoying the fearful look that was covering the boy's face.
"No. Not really." Taylor lied, wondering what Sam was up too. Taylor looked down wishing Zac or Ike would wake up. He knew Sam drugged them, because of their powers. He swallowed hard looking back up at Sam who was watching him.
"What do you mean not really?"
"We need Demi... our friend, to help us." Taylor answered with his voice shaking as he nervously put a loose strand of hair behind his right ear. He jumped when Sam stood up and walked up closer to him.
"NO! Stay away from me!" Taylor cried out as Sam now had him backed into a corner. Taylor looked to the right and left fearfully, wishing he could escape being trapped, when Sam squatted in front of him. He drew his legs up to his chest shaking uncontrollably.
"I really scare you so much?" Sam asked reaching toward Taylor's face. Taylor sucked in a sharp breath squeezing his eyes shut.
"Pl...please don't hurt me!" Taylor moaned with his voice filled with emotion. Sam withdrew his hand and stood up. Taylor watched him head toward the door and turn looking back at him.
"Thank you for answering my questions Taylor. Just relax now. I'm leaving. Your brothers shouldn't be out for to long. I only did that so they wouldn't interfer. I'll be back later." Sam said shutting the door behind him. Taylor let out a deep sigh as the tears finally spilled down his face. He remained in the corner wishing Demi would come and save them all soon.

Demi angrily was healing the holes of the rip in front of him, with Neqeu watching him intently. She knew he was desperately concerned over the young ones. She was too, but knew they couldn't leave with the holes still ripped out of place, in time. As soon as they finished they would go back to get them.
"Emitforecnalab they are not in any immediate danger now. Please, my young one, calm down." She begged, watching his body that kept turning from blue to green.
"My Taylor is in fear. I can see the evil one near him!" Demi moaned sadly, intently closing another rip. He looked around the area and angrily saw a few hundred more tiny rips that had to be healed yet, before they could leave.
"Why don't they use their powers against them?" Mayte asked, trying desperately to hurry with the work around them.
"They don't really understand their full potential." Demi answered, coming up to the next rip and started to cast a healing light over it.
"We should tell them." Haelz added in, working near Mayte.
"Children, we can't use that extreme power at this distance. We need to concentrate on healing these holes. Now hush and get back to work. The sooner we get done, then we can save them." Neqeu demanded, hoping the young ones were alright. She wished now she wouldn't have sent them back. She was angry that she didn't see that the evil ones were up to something. She sadly bowed her head as she threw out a healing bolt at a rip.

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