Three Minds As One

Chapter 30 - The Storm - Continued

They were led down a hallway and roughly thrown into a dim lit room. Taylor hit the floor hard as Sam threw him in last. He curled into a ball and started to weep shivering in fear. Ike and Zac knelt down beside him wanting to comfort their brother.
"I... I'm sorry Ike... Zac." Taylor mumbled as Ike gently sat him up.
"Tay? This is not your fault. There was nothing else we could do. I couldn't let him hurt you." Ike said putting his arm around him as Taylor rested his head on his shoulder with his eyes still shut.
"I won't let him touch you Tay. I promise you that." Zac vowed sitting down on the other side of him.
"I don't know how or why, but he is more powerful now. Oh God... my...my eyes still hurt. I can't see." Taylor moaned gently rubbing at them.
"Turn your head Tay. Let me take a look at them." Ike said as Taylor sat up straight. Ike lightly touched the side of his face and touched his eyelid with his thumb as Taylor winced with pain.
"Can you open them?" Zac asked with concern leaning in to see.
"No. They sting to much. Heal them Ike." Taylor pleaded reaching out blindly touching the back of Ike's hand.
"First let's rinse them out with some water. Let's get all the mace out of your eyes." Ike seriously stated as Ike and Zac grabbed onto Taylor's arms and lifted him to his feet, leading him over to a sink that was in the room. Zac turned on the faucet letting the warm water run a bit. Ike bent Taylor over and gently took his hand cupping it, letting the water fill it and then ran the water against his brother's sore swollen eyes.
"Taylor? Try to open them as I put the water on them... Okay?" Ike instructed petting the back of his head with his other hand. Taylor nodded his head and opened his eyes a crack.
"Ohhhh... this hurts." Taylor mumbled as Ike kept running water over his eyes.
"Just keep your baby blues open Tay." Ike teased as Taylor cracked a smile.
Zac grinned at Ike's remark when he started to look around the room. He noticed it looked like some enclosed cell that they were thrown into.
"Starting to feel better?" Ike asked noticing Taylor could now keep his eyes open without to much pain.
"Yeah. It feels good." Taylor answered as Ike finally made him stand up turning off the water.
"Look at me now." Ike demanded grabbing the sides of his brother's face. Taylor blinked rapidly with tears still running down his cheeks due to the mace.
"How do they look now?" Taylor asked licking at his lips nervously noticing everything was still blurry.
"Not bad...." Ike murmured and put his right hand over them bringing forth his healing light. Taylor felt a soothing heat enter his eyes. He smiled knowing his brother was now healing them.
"There! Good as new Tay!" Ike yelled happily as Taylor slowly opened his eyes that weren't puffy or red anymore.
"Thanks Ike." Taylor smiled giving Ike a hug.
"Guys?" Zac questioned suddenly looking concerned.
"What wrong Zac?" Ike asked.
"We're in some kind of cell. This place is old." Zac stated still curiously looking around the room as he walked up next to one wall on the left.
"Yeah it does." Taylor sadly agreed, feeling thankful to see clearly again.
Zac found a hole on the lower part of the wall and wondered what was on the other side. He bent down and peered through jumping back suddenly with a shocked expression covering his face.
"Zac?" Ike asked with concern as Zac pointed at the hole and looked up at his brothers.
"Someone looked back at me!" Zac exclaimed swallowing hard.
"Really? Let me see." Ike said bending down next to him and nudged Zac to the side and looked through. Ike too saw a human eye staring at him.
"Who's there? Can you hear me?" Ike yelled wondering who the eye belonged to. Taylor walked over and sat down next to his brothers.
"Michael! I'm Mike. Who are you?" The voice yelled through the hole.
Taylor jumped with his brothers when they realized it was their friend who was sneaking in food to them. Taylor slid up next to the hole pushing Ike softly to the side.
"It's us! Ike, Taylor, and Zac! Are you alright?" Taylor yelled into the hole.
"Yeah I'm fine! Oh man... how did they capture you again?"
"They surprised us. They caught us off guard. Don't worry Mike our friend will get us out of here." Taylor answered as Zac leaned in putting his hand on Taylor's shoulder.
"We never got to thank you for the food. You really saved our lives!" Zac said while Taylor and Ike smiled.
"I... I'm really sorry kids for all the trouble that you have gone through." Michael said leaning his forehead against the wall next to his hole. He hated to think what they were going to do to them next.
"How are you doing Mike? Are you okay? They didn't hurt you or anything... did they?" Zac asked.
"No! They just threw me in here. I'm being treated okay. Just feel a little nervous being trapped in here though." Mike yelled back smiling, finding it amazing that after all the pain they have been through they were actually concerned for his welfare.
"When is feeding time around here?" Zac chuckled trying to lighten the conversation as his stomach growled. Taylor and Ike chuckled at the question.
"They should be coming with the food in about a few minutes. If they don't give you any boys, just tell me. I'll give you some of mine. I won't let them starve you again." Mike assured them as he looked up at the ceiling.
"Are the eats good?" Zac bellowed with his mouth watering.
"Hey not as great as my cooking... but not bad kiddo!" Mike chuckled, liking this kid's sense of humor, even though he thought that they must be really scared.
They all laughed at the remark. Ike looked up at the door to their room when he heard someone next to it on the other side. They all bolted up and backed up a couple of steps, fearing to see it open. Suddenly they noticed some trays were being slid in, by a slot, on the bottom of the door. Taylor watched intently as three were pushed in, with one stopping near his right foot. He noticed they had their names written on the covers. He bent down and lifted the lid with the one that had his name on it. His eyes lit up seeing meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy, with corn on the side.
"Food!" Taylor yelled and smiled broadly as Ike and Zac grabbed their trays. They went and sat near the hole and began to eat greedily. The food tasted very good after a couple of days of not eating again.
"Did you guys get any food?" They suddenly heard Michael ask through the hole in the wall.
"Yeah! We're eating it right now." Ike yelled back as he placed another mouthful of mashed potatoes into his mouth.
"Good. At least they aren't going to be cruel anymore about not feeding you guys." Mike yelled mumbling through his mouth full of corn.
"I wonder when Demi will come. I.. I don't want to face that Sam again." Taylor fearfully admitted swallowing his last mouthful of his dinner.
"Did he hear you Tay, when you called out to him?" Ike asked with his face filled with concern.
"Yeah... I felt him. I know he heard me." Taylor assured Ike and Zac who sadly looked up at him feeling a little drowsy.
"Man....*yawn*....I feel so sleepy." Zac stated rubbing at his eyes.
"Yeah me too. I guess the food is getting to us." Ike added yawning himself with his eyes half shut.
Taylor wondered why he didn't feel sleepy like them. Fear coursed through him as he looked at them when they both collasped falling to the side. Taylor looked down at his plate and then at his brothers who were both out and sleeping on the floor. Suddenly he realized why their names were written on them and sadly they subconsiously fell for it.
"Mike?! They drugged the food! Oh God... they didn't do it to me. Why?" Taylor fearfully cried through the hole. He listened expecting an answer, but Mike didn't respond.
"Mike?!" Taylor yelled again swallowing hard and closed his eyes, moving his mind into the cell where Mike was and saw that he too was sleeping against the wall. He started to shake when he heard footsteps coming down the hall.

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