Three Minds As One

Chapter 29 - Help Us - Continued

Hours went by as they kept up the work of healing the disruption. Neqeu was impressed with the young creatures who followed all of her instructions. She knew they were getting tried and weak from all the work. She was told by Demi how they had to eat flesh to keep their strength up. A couple of times she knew the ones called Taylor and Zac looked on the verge of collapse. Ike was weak but stronger then his mates, who kept on saying they were his brothers, not his mates. She didn't understand the word but knew it meant something close to mates. Taylor came around the rip with Mayte following him.
"It's looking great now! How much longer will this take....ahhhh....NQ? Taylor asked squatting down feeling a little dizzy.
"Not to much longer. How are you my young one?" Mayte asked lovingly touching a strand of his hair enjoying the touch. Taylor turned and smiled.
"I'm okay. Just a little tired." Taylor said looking around for Demi.
"I think it is time for you and your brothers to return to your dimension. We can now heal the rest of rip." Neqeu affirmed not wanting them to get any weaker. Taylor smiled nodding his head looking shyly up at Mayte who wouldn't stop touching and stroking him. Taylor shifted a little trying to back away from her attentiveness. But she only slid forward again with Taylor giving up and just let her stroke his hair.
"Where are Ike and Zac?" Taylor asked looking around toward the rip.
"Ike is in the rip with Demi. Zac is on the other side, outside with Haelz. I will call them all in." Neqeu answered watching Mayte start to rub Taylor's back as he shifted again forward.

Ike came out of the rip with Demi as Zac and Taylor stood waiting for them. Demi glowed a shade of gold knowing the balance of time was almost healed completely.
"The young ones will now go back and wait for us to return. They are exhausted and I want them to rest." Neqeu informed Demi who came up near Taylor not liking the attention he was getting from Mayte again. He couldn't understand why she was so taken by him.
"I will lead them there and then come back." Demi stated taking Mayte's hand away from Taylor's head. Mayte turned and looked at Demi feeling a little angry that he stopped her from feeling the young one. Demi glowed a shade of blue which Mayte understood and backed up.
"I am really sleepy." Zac said yawning thinking Demi's jealousy was amusing. Taylor didn't seem to get what was going on. He just stood there looking up at Demi not noticing Mayte's disappointment.
Demi took Taylor's hand as Ike took his other while Zac grabbed onto Taylor's.
"See you soon wiseone." Ike said as they slipped into a rip. Neqeu felt a tingling sensation of love toward him.

Demi brought them to the rip of their time and watched them go through. Taylor waved to him and smiled.
"Don't be to long!" Taylor thought to Demi.

Zac ran to the mattress and plopped down smiling as Ike sat down next to him. Taylor crawled onto the mattress and grabbed his pillow putting it onto his lap leaning against the wall.
"Well guys we did it! Probably when they finish we will be going HOME!" Taylor yelled filled with excitement even though his body screamed for sleep.
"Home! Oh man I want to go home! I want to see Mom and Dad!" Zac expressed as he laid on his pillow and yawned.
"And Jessie, Avie, Makie, and Zoe!" Ike filled in smiling and plopping down on his pillow as Taylor slid down the wall taking his pillow and placing it under his head smiling. They all fell asleep quickly as their bodies were exahusted from healing the rips.

A few minutes passed when they were violently awakened by a crashing sound that resounded down the hallways of the room. They heard men yelling and heard the sound of feet thudding on the floors.
"Oh God! They are storming the room!" Ike screamed bolting up and grabbed his brothers who sat up rigid with fear. They watched the corner as shadows of human shapes were seen on the walls coming near.

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