Three Minds As One

Chapter 2 - Voices - Continued

"Ike? Look to the right." Taylor stated with a odd look on his face.
"What? Oh......God! He is standing by the tree outside!" Ike yelled as a overwhelming fear ran through his body.
"How? How did you know Tay?" Zac mumbled as tears welled in his eyes watching Taylor's face turning a odd shade of white.
"NO! NO!" Taylor began to yell as his body began to shake uncontrollably and he suddenly grabbed his head which was filled with pain.
Zac grabbed onto to Taylor trying to hold him up. Ike ran over to them catching Taylor as he fell forward into his arms.
"Oh Man! He passed out." Zac said helping Ike lay Taylor down onto the bed. Zac got up and ran to the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth. He turned on the faucet wetting it down with cold water. He ran back into the bedroom and noticed Ike was trying to wake Taylor up by gently slapping him on the side of the face.
"Tay? Tay? Please Tay wake up!" Ike yelled.
"Here put this on his head." Zac insisted handing Ike the wet cloth.
Ike gently patted it around Taylor's face. Taylor finally stirred and groaned opening his eyes slowly.
"Ike...Zac? Don't let him!" Taylor screamed bolting up into a sitting position.
"Don't let him what Tay? What are you talking about? Take it easy. Just lay back down." Ike advised with concern, pushing him back down onto the bed.
Taylor eyes were filled with fear and he started to shake.
"He...he is out to get us Ike." Taylor pointed out fearfully.
"The man? You mean the man?" Zac asked bending down next to the bed.
"Yeah. For some reason he wants us. I tried to see why. But he stopped me." Taylor explained still shaking and suddenly grabbed onto Ike's arm. Ike looked at his brother confused.
"With your mind?" Zac asked as Ike turned to look at Zac.
Taylor nodded his head and swallowed hard squeezing his eyes shut.
"We can't read minds. What are you saying?" Ike asked.
"Ike....come on. Ever since we saw that man at the airport I have been hearing and seeing what you guys are thinking. I didn't want to believe it myself. Ike think. You know what I am talking about." Zac professed sadly.
"I....I....but why? How come suddenly this is happening to us?" Ike asked Zac searching his eyes.
"He is gone now Ike. He went away." Taylor said sounding more calm.
"Yeah I know. God how do I know?" Ike hissed angrily standing up and ran his hand through his hair nervously.
"You saw it through Tay." Zac said with tears forming in his eyes. All Ike could do was nod his head.
"We have to tell Dad about this. He is dangerous. I know it! I feel it." Taylor emphasized sitting up again recovering from passing out.
"How? How are we going to put this to him?" Ike asked.
"Tay? What's The Project?" Zac asked.
"That is what I heard the man's voice say to you."
"I don't remember that." Taylor gulped looking into Zac's fearfilled eyes.
"Dad is going to think we are crazy." Ike asserted shaking his head.
"He told us to come to him about anything." Zac attested looking directly into Ike's worried eyes.
"First let's talk about this some more."
"Talk about what Ike?" Taylor asked looking sad and tired.
"Well how come suddenly I can read your mind? I could never do that before."
"I don't know. Maybe he, that man, started it. Maybe it was always there in us, but he brought it out. I can't understand how or why, but somehow he must have." Taylor stated matter of factly.
"Can you read what I am thinking right now Tay?" Zac asked. "I love you Taylor!"
Taylor smiled as did Ike.
"I love you too Zac." Taylor said gently touching Zac's hand lovingly.
"Wow! That is so cool!" Zac exclaimed loudly.
"I read that thought to. But lets put this to a real test." Ike implored looking at both his brothers.
"Okay. What do you want us to do?" Taylor asked raising his eyebrows.
"Well ...lets only try to talk to each other thinking our thoughts."
"Okay. But..." Zac began, but was cut off when Ike put his hand up over his mouth.
"Think it Zac." Ike said smiling as Zac nodded, taking Ike's hand away from his mouth.
"What song should we record tommorrow?" Ike thought looking at Taylor.
"The new one we have been trying to get through lately before this person disrupted everything."
"Did you hear that Zac?"
"Yeah. Sure did. This is definately weird guys. I can't believe we are doing this." Zac smiled.
"VERY GOOD GENTLEMEN!" The voice boomed into all their heads. They all bolted up and looked around fearfully. Ike grabbed Zac who suddenly began to tremble uncontrollably. Taylor felt anger.
"Leave us alone! GO AWAY! Why are you doing this? Who are you? What do you want with us?" Taylor thought back to the voice.
"HA HA HA HA HA. All in good time. You are so perfect my young ones."
Tears of fear started to roll down Taylor's face. Ike put his other arm around Taylor too. They stood there holding onto to each other feeling shocked and helpless. They all felt him go away at the same time. Taylor could see him get into a red car in his mind and drive away. He buried his face into Ike's shoulder and started to shake.
"He...he did that on purpose Ike. He wanted me to see him." Taylor moaned sucking in a breath fearfully.
"Tomorrow we are going to tell Dad about this!" Ike stated swallowing hard and trying to be brave for his brothers as he hugged them tighter to him.

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