Three Minds As One

Chapter 2 - Voices

Taylor slept restlessly. A voice was booming in his head disrupting his dreams again.
"You can hear me kid. I know you can. You have a special job to fill. Soon I will be coming for you."
"Nooooo.... please go away. Leave me alone!" Taylor yelled suddenly waking up and noticed both his brothers were looking down at him with concerned looks covering their faces. He lifted his hand and ran it through his wet, sweaty hair.
"Tay? You okay?" Zac asked looking concerned and scared.
"Ahhh... yeah. Bad dreams I guess." Taylor groaned breathing deeply.
"Yeah? Me too. I kept hearing a voice saying it was coming for me." Zac explained with his voice shaking as his eyes filled with tears.
"So did I." Ike stated gently rubbing Zac's back to calm him down even though he was just as upset and nervous as he was. Taylor sat up slowly letting the covers fall down to his lap.
"Guys? I don't like this. The last few nights all I keep having is dreams about that man we saw at the airport. Why? I didn't want to say anything about it. Are you two having nightmares about him too?" Taylor asked rubbing his forehead as another headache started pounding at his temples.
"Ahhh... yeah. I thought maybe I was crazy or something. I wanted to tell you, but I thought maybe you guys would just tell me to get over it. I..I don't understand why I am afraid of that man. What does he want anyway?" Zac exclaimed balling his hands into fists.
"Tay? Are you alright?" Ike asked noticing Taylor kept rubbing at his temples.
"Just a headache again."
"What are we going to do about this? I mean is this just our imaginations running away with us?" Ike questioned looking confused and helpless.
"I say we should tell Dad about this." Zac declared looking deeply into Ike's eyes.
"But Dad is going to think we're just crazy." Taylor expressed sadly, sucking in a deep breath of air wishing his headache would go away.
"Are we? Look we are all having the same dream. Or is it a dream? I have this odd feeling he, that guy, is around here somewhere." Ike grumbled angrily as he stood up and headed toward the bedroom window.
"Well we can't tell him now. It's three in the morning." Taylor pointed out, looking at the alarm clock on the dresser as he kicked off the covers and flipped his legs over the side of the bed sitting up next to Zac, who was watching Ike looking out their bedroom window.

Ike gazed out the window scanning the area outside. Anger was forming inside of him. The last few days were hard on him and his brothers. He noticed they were all in bad moods and finding it hard to concentrate on their music lately. Ever since they left the airport a few days ago, nothing has been the same. That odd man was disrupting their lives. He wished they never would have seen him. He was worried about his brothers. Taylor kept having massive headaches lately and Zac seemed depressed and moody, not like his usual happy self. If this man was doing something to them, he wanted to find a way to make him stop. He couldn't understand why this person affected them so much. He noticed their mother and father and the rest of the family knew something was going on with them also.

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