Three Minds As One

Chapter 29 - Help Us

Demi raced to get back to his mates and Taylor's brothers. Fear and extreme worry filled him. He saw the walls of the block just ahead. He darted forward at lighting speed popping into the walls of the block so fast that Ike and Zac jumped back gasping fearfully. Demi stood in front of them glowing a deep shade of blue.
"Demi? What is wrong?!" Ike yelled with fear in his voice, knowing it was something about Taylor.
"They are trapped in the disruption my young ones! We have to go there now! Neqeu went in to save him!" Demi explained whipping up Zac into his arms roughly, not letting them have a chance to speak. Haelz lifted Ike and sped after Demi while Mayte dropped the block and then bolted following behind.
Zac shook in Demi's arms feeling the rips go by at lighting speed. He could sense Demi's raging fear.
"Please Demi....tell me that Taylor is okay!" Zac screamed hearing his voice sound distorted due the speed in which Demi was traveling.
"All of us will save them together. There is not much time though!" Demi's mind voice echoed through the rips.

Taylor fearfully watched the block crumbling around Neqeu and him. He gripped on tighter as she hugged back feeling the fear overwhelm her too. She kept petting his head as she tried to concentrate harder to keep the block around them. He noticed she was a light shade of green.
"Neq...Neq..U? Are you alright? Can I help?" Taylor yelled knowing she was getting weaker.
"No young one. Just hold on. They will be here soon to pull us out of here." Neqeu confidently stated turning in a slow circle wishing she could see the way out.
"Oh God....help us!" Taylor cried feeling the block disappear around their feet. Tears started to fill his eyes as he rocked his head back shaking with intense panic.
"I can't keep it up much longer. Try not to let go of me if it happens Taylor." Neqeu instructed him.
"Where are they? I...I'm so scared!" Taylor implored looking deeply into her eyes.
"Just hold on. Do you understand young one? You must not let go of me." Neqeu demanded as Taylor blinked breathing in rasping gasps of fear. He nodded his head slowly as a tear slid down his cheek.
The forces started to rock them to the side as the block was almost gone that was protecting them. Taylor squeezed his eyes shut waiting for the tides to whip them around the area. Panic filled him when the wall dropped around them and their bodies were spun violently into a circle.
"NO!" Taylor screamed flinging his arms out as Neqeu held onto him tightly around the waist. She knew panic was filling his mind. Suddenly she felt a jerk latch onto her right arm and started pulling her toward a rip that was to the right. Taylor was white with fear when suddenly a voice filled his mind.
"Taylor I got you! We're pulling you out!" Zac bellowed as Taylor fainted in Neqeu's arms.

"I have him!" Zac yelled pulling with all his strength.
"Yes! I can feel it. Just keep using your power. I am helping you." Haelz commented while their power was working as one. Mayte and Demi were pulling Neqeu slowly while Ike kept up the block that surrounded them. He licked his lips watching them work together to save his brother and Neqeu. Ike saw their bodies suddenly come through the huge black hole that was in front of them. He noticed Taylor was pale and hung limp in Neqeu's arms with her skin glowing green . Worry filled him hoping they were both alright as they were pulled through the block wall together. They all ran to them filled with concern. Demi looked at Taylor who was passed out in Neqeu's arms.
"Neqeu let go of Taylor." Demi gently expressed as she still tightly held onto him. She raised her head slightly with understanding and stiffly released his limp body as he fell into Demi's arms.
"Tay?!" Ike moaned petting his head as Demi held him.
Mayte and Haelz gently moaned placing their hands on Neqeu's head. Zac swallowed hard watching them heal her lovingly. Neqeu started to glow a light shade of gold and reached out hugging onto Mayte and Haelz.
Taylor moaned as he opened his eyes slowly realizing he was safe in Demi's arms. He smiled a little and turned seeing Ike's face filled with concern.
"Demi? Ike? What took you guys so long?" Taylor whispered as Ike rubbed Taylor's right hand between his trying to warm his ice cold fingers.
"We got here as fast as we could Tay. How are you feeling?" Ike asked feeling relieved that Taylor was going to be alright.
"Exhausted. I'm so tired and extremely thristy." Taylor answered weakly shutting his eyes. Demi petted his head lovingly glowing gold and then placed his hand gently over his mouth.
"Drink young one." Demi stated as Taylor sucked the water from his hand. Ike smiled and then turned when he felt a hand touch his shoulder lightly. Neqeu squatted down next to him with Zac and Demi's mates standing behind.
"How is he Demi?" Neqeu asked watching Taylor drink the water slowly that came out of Demi's hand.
"He is fine my wiseone. Just exhausted. But he will be okay." Demi said looking intently into her violet eyes.
"Can we fix the damage of the rips wiseone?" Mayte asked feeling concerned knowing how they almost lost their oldest and the young one who looked up at her weakly.
"It is very bad in there. We are going to have to work in groups for short intervals, taking turns. The blocks that we use don't last long in there." Neqeu stated.
"That is a understatement!" Taylor added as he tried to sit up.
Neqeu felt amused by the young one's comment. She looked at Haelz, then at Zac.
"Haelz I want you to go in with the youngest one Zac and begin. Bring up the strongest block you can and show him how to heal the rips. When your block starts to crumble we will pull you out and then Demi and Ike will go in next. After that when the young blue eyes, Taylor and I regain our strength back we will go in again. We shall keep working like this till the rips are healed. Mayte will go around the area healing whatever tries to escape through into the healed rips. Taylor will help her when he isn't working inside the disruption." Neqeu instructed as they all listened intently.

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