Three Minds As One

Chapter 28 - Time, Balance And Healing - Continued

Taylor closed his eyes as Demi held onto him bringing him to the point where Taylor began when he found the place of disruption. He felt them stop and he opened his eyes recognizing the area.
"This is where you started?" Neqeu asked gently.
"Yes I know how to get there now." Taylor smiled blinking his eyes rapidly as the colors seemed to blind him momentarily.
"We will go there with our bodies this time. Not with our minds." Demi stated looking down at Taylor. Taylor put his hand over his eyes shading the brightness that was affecting his vision.
"It's hard to see. Why are the colors so bright here? It wasn't like this before." Taylor asked licking his lips.
"There is a strange magnetic pull in this area Taylor. We have healed this area young one. That is why the area is so bright and strong with color now. Lead us now to the holes." Demi instructed as Taylor started to move forward wanting desperately to leave this area. Demi held onto to his hand tightly with Neqeu following behind.
"Go slow young one!" Neqeu warned knowing the young creature was feeling off center due to the colors of the area. Taylor slowed down listening to her. He concentrated as they slipped in through another rip. He intently looked around trying to remember where the next rip was. He felt frustrated because the colors were different now.
"It... it's different now. I... I don't......" Taylor mumbled not wanting to let them down. He turned in a circle looking around feeling confused and a little scared.
"Taylor see the area like before." Demi stated pulling a strand of hair gently back from his face. Taylor looked up at him with tears stinging his eyes.
"Like before? How?" Taylor asked rubbing his forehead feeling a slight headache coming on.
"You can do it Taylor. See the time when you were here before. Go in your mind and see it." Neqeu advised grabbing Taylor's head with her hands gently. Taylor swallowed hard suddenly understanding. He looked into his memory and suddenly the area was like before. He held the image before him. A smile formed across his face. Neqeu nodded seeing the young one did this action easily without their help.
"Very good. Now proceed Taylor." Neqeu stated watching the young blue eyed one quickly slide into the next rip bringing them along with him.
Taylor easily flowed through popping in and out until finally he reached the spot where he knew the disruption was. He stood next to a rip that was swirling with dark sickly looking colors. Taylor pointed and looked up at Demi fearfully.
"That is where the black holes are. I went through there." Taylor informed them with his voice shaking a little from fear, as he still pointed at the black hole.
Demi and Neqeu turned a medium shade of blue. Taylor swallowed hard knowing they didn't like the looks of the area.
"Go in young one." Neqeu said.
"But I... but we'll be trapped in there. I couldn't find my way out before." Taylor fearfully exclaimed as his eyes darted from side to side. He backed away a few steps.
"Do not fear. We have to go in and fix the area." Demi said feeling Taylor's fear.
Taylor nodded trusting his friend. He moved forward as his heart began to race. He slipped slowly into the rip. Suddenly his body was sucked in violently and he spun out of control losing the hold of Demi's hand. The colors engulfed him.
"DEMI!!!" Taylor screamed realizing he was alone. The area was worse then before. He felt his body slam into forces that stung painfully. He lashed out his arms trying to protect himself. Tears filled his eyes.

"Taylor!" Demi shouted in his mind. He stepped forward but Neqeu reached out and pulled him back.
"No Emitforecnalab you can't go in!" Neqeu sadly informed him watching him turn to a deep shade of blue.
"My Taylor! I have to help my Taylor!" Demi moaned looking toward the rip feeling helpless.
"Bring the other two now Emitforecnalab. I will go in and protect him." Neqeu demanded trying to get him to regain his composure.
Demi disappeared quickly racing to get back to his brothers. Neqeu looked at the rip and slowly entered putting a force around her to protect herself. She entered hearing the screeching sounds of the disruption around her. She desperately searched the area for the young blue eyes hoping he was okay.
"Taylor?" She screamed out with her mind as the dark horrible colors made her heart race with fear. She never dreamed it was this bad. Guilt engulfed her that she sent him in without realizing the danger of the forces. She turned suddenly hearing a weak scream behind her. She saw his body coming toward her spinning out of control. Neqeu reached out and brought him in hugging him against her body.
"Demi?" Taylor weakly called hanging limp in her arms. His body ached from the beating of the forces. She gently caressed his wet forehead. Tears were streaming down his face.
"I am so sorry young one. You are safe. Demi is bringing your brothers now. You will be alright." Neqeu moaned in a gentle soothing tone. She brought forth the healing light and covered his body with it. Taylor felt the heat penetrate his aching body. He immediately felt better even though he was still shaking with fear. He hugged onto her with his eyes wide with panic looking fearfully through the wall that was protecting them.
"I want to get out! Please let's get out!" Taylor begged closing his eyes tightly. Neqeu rubbed his back gently trying to calm the young one down. She felt his body shaking with fear against hers.
"I don't know how young one. I can't see the rip. We have to wait for your mates to pull us out of here." Neqeu said as Taylor leaned slightly back looking into her eyes still hugging her around the neck.
"I... I'm scared. Thank you... thank you for helping me!" Taylor said with his voice cracking.
"They will be coming soon."
"Can you really fix this? It is really bad N..Q. It is worse then before." Taylor expressed fearfully looking at the area with dread in his heart.
"We will young one. We have too! Time has to be balanced young one." Neqeu declared still rubbing Taylor's back hoping Demi would return soon. She didn't know how long she could keep up the block that protected them. The dark forces were crumbling it slowly.

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