Three Minds As One

Chapter 28 - Time, Balance And Healing - Continued

"Yes. I would love to know this thing called song." Neqeu stated.
Ike, Taylor, and Zac stood next to each other smiling at her.
"What song guys?" Ike asked looking from Taylor to Zac.
"A short version of Mmmbop." Taylor said.
"One, two, three....." Taylor said snapping his fingers.
They exploded in song filling the space around them in perfect harmony. Neqeu, Demi, Haelz, and Mayte stood in wonder from the sound that they heard. Demi shut his eyes remembering when the last time he heard this wonderful sound and the peace that it brought him. They stopped singing noticing they all seemed to be in a trance of some kind.
"Ummm.... are you okay?" Taylor asked nervously noticing all their eyes were shut and their skin was glowing a intense shade of gold with the lights dancing around them. But none of them seemed to respond to his question.
"Demi?" Ike called out watching Demi slowly open his eyes.
"It is peace." Demi whispered happily feeling drowsy.
"But are you alright?" Taylor asked coming up next to him.
"Yes young one. I love you Taylor." Demi stated suddenly swooping Taylor up into his arms and hugged him against his body tightly. Taylor gasped not expecting this kind of reaction.
"Demi?" Taylor rasped not liking the hold Demi had on him. He was finding it hard to breath.
Ike and Zac bolted up next to Demi watching him tightly hug onto to Taylor who was desperately trying to get away.
"Demi? You're hurting Tay. Please put him down!" Zac yelled trying to get him to put down his struggling brother.
Demi released Taylor who fell backwards into Ike's arms. He took a deep breath feeling relieved to breath again.
"What is wrong with them? What happened?" Zac asked watching them all sway with their eyes shut looking like they were lost in pure ecstasy.
"Our singing did this I guess. Are you okay Tay?" Ike asked helping Taylor into a standing position.
"Yeah I'm fine. I thought he was going to squeeze me to death for a moment there." Taylor answered looking up at Demi feeling confused.
"I guess we shouldn't have sang the song. If I would have known this is how they were going to react I never would have suggested it!" Zac stated gulping hard.
"Will they come out of it? Our singing put them in some kind of deep trance." Taylor asked fearfully.
"I think so. But how long will it take is the question. Man! Why did we sing?" Ike exclaimed running his hand through his hair.
"I guess we have to sit and wait until they come out of it." Zac said looking around him.

Neqeu was under intense joy. Her body glowed golden as did her mates around her. She never expected this feeling. Song was wonderful. She never dreamed of power such as this. These young creatures were amazing to her. She knew it was time that they should get started and heal the disruption of the rips. She forced herself to regain back her control.

Ike watched Neqeu intently noticing she was suddenly glowing a light shade of blue. She opened her eyes and jumped slightly seeing the brown eyes of Ike gazing into hers. She slowly reached up and ran her finger down his right cheek.
"Are you alright?" Ike asked feeling worried.
"Yes my Ike. That power you have is amazing. It makes us feel good." Neqeu informed him as she looked at Demi and his mates. She moved up to them and placed her hands on their heads sending forth a small energy to snap them out of the trance that held them. Demi jumped and opened his eyes.
"It is time to heal my children." Neqeu announced watching Demi move up next to Taylor. Taylor gazed up at him with a look of concern in his eyes.
"What did she do Demi? We were so worried that we did something wrong. We didn't mean to cause you any......" Taylor began as Demi reached down placing his hand on Taylor's shoulder.
"Taylor the music you give is soothing to us. The effect is wonderful. She just brought us back to reality again with her powers." Demi answered cutting Taylor off.
Taylor nodded his head and saw that they were finally acting normal again. Neqeu slid up to Demi and Taylor.
"It is time to go Tay...lor. Are you ready young one?" Neqeu asked watching Taylor give her a nervous smile.
"Ahhhh.....yeah. What do you want me to do?" Taylor asked innocently looking into Neqeu's deep violet eyes.
"You, Demi, and I will proceed first into the tides. You must lead us to the place of disruption."
"But I don't know how to get there from where we are now. I only remember how I got there from where we were the last time." Taylor stated swallowing hard.
"We will then bring you to that point in the tides young one." Neqeu assured him as Taylor nodded his head.
"Once we get there I will then send for your mates and Haelz and Mayte will bring them." Demi added looking toward Ike and Zac who stood listening to their instructions.
Demi took Taylor's hand gently in his and followed Neqeu toward the wall of the block. Taylor looked back at his brothers nervously as they went into the tides. Ike and Zac slid up to the wall watching their brother slip through a rip with Demi and Neqeu.
"Don't worry young ones. He will do just fine." Haelz stated sensing their concern for their mate.
"I just don't want Taylor to get hurt anymore." Zac said sadly looking up at her.
"He will be safe." Mayte affirmed gently caressing the top of Zac's head trying to reasure him. Zac nodded and smiled.

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