Three Minds As One

Chapter 28 - Time, Balance And Healing

The colors that surrounded them seemed more intense. Taylor looked up into Demi's eyes as they traveled through the tides. He felt a little dizzy but smiled watching him and his mates gently move them through the rips.
"Are you okay my young one?" Demi asked noticing Taylor was swaying a little to the right in front of him.
"Yeah... I'm fine." Taylor assured him as Demi suddenly put his arms around him from the back and lifted him as did Neqeu with Ike and Haelz did with Zac. They knew the tides were making them sick and they were slowing them down as they were getting closer to their destination.

Ike turned and looked at Neqeu when they finally stopped. She gently released him, letting him float in the tides with his brothers. Demi brought up the block that surrounded them all. Ike bowed his head happy to feel once again steady. Taylor looked through the walls and noticed this place was different from where Demi always took them when he was teaching them.
"Where are we?" Taylor asked still looking through the block wall.
"We are in a area that is more stable then where I always took you before young one." Demi responded coming up close to him. Mayte followed standing on the other side. Taylor looked up at her and smiled.
"What do you want us to do now?" Ike asked watching Neqeu intently who was glowing a bright shade of yellow.
"I want the young blue eyes to lead Demi and I to the place of the disruption of the rips. Then once we are there we will heal the holes that is destroying the time balance." Neqeu stated reaching out and gently caressing the side of Ike's face lovingly. Ike smiled feeling a sense of love toward her. For some reason she made him feel at peace.
"Will he be safe? I... I don't want my brother to get hurt anymore. He has gone through so much these past few days." Ike said seriously looking toward Taylor who turned to look at him.
"Ike... I will be okay. Don't worry so much about me." Taylor added knowing his brother was only trying to protect him.
"We won't let anything happen to him Ike. He's very special to us. He has been in my dreams for so long. I thought he was only a fantasy. Your minds work as one. He is the center of the balance between you. You Ike.... are special because you will help us to heal the holes with your power. Zac will move the holes together as you do this. It is hard for you to understand how important you are to us. Without your three minds we wouldn't be able to do this. We can bend time back to the right place again." Neqeu informed them as they stood astounded by the statement.
"But we aren't special. We still don't understand how to totally use these powers that we have." Zac began swallowing hard. Ike and Taylor nodded their heads in agreement.
"No one else of your kind could even begin to do what you are about to do. We will guide you every step of the way." Demi stated lovingly petting Taylor's hair.
"You make it sound like we are going to do all the work." Taylor said looking from Demi to Neque.
"You are young ones. It is your side of the time balance that is ripped and only your kind can repair it. After what the evil ones did only you can repair it." Neque informed him still feeling in awe of this one. She felt like somehow this blue eyed being was going to be more to her people then what she could comprehend at the moment.
"I still don't understand. Why?" Taylor asked crinkling his eyebrows together.
"When a world or race disrupts the time equilibrium, as the evil ones did, it is that side that must bring back the stablility between the opposing forces. No other side can do it. That is why you are so special to us. We thought no one was advanced enough to do this. But your minds were meant for this purpose." Neqeu explained watching Taylor's eyes grow big with wonder. She felt amused that they didn't understand this.
"And to think that we were only musicians." Zac stated smiling. Ike burst into laughter at Zac's remark. Taylor followed suit as they all laughed together. Neqeu jumped back fearfully from the sound that came out of them.
"Neqeu don't fear.... it is their way to show joy." Demi explained knowing the wise one didn't understand.
"What are musicians? I am glad that they are happy that they will heal the time balance." Neqeu expressed turning a light shade of gold.
"I'm sorry Ne...Ne...Q. I... we didn't mean to show any disrepect toward you. Zac just stated the obvious. We love to write and sing music. We never dreamed we had any other purpose in our lives. It just struck us funny." Ike explained putting his hand on her shoulder lightly.
She looked into his eyes deeply cocking her head to the left. Ike couldn't help but smile.
"My love for you Ike grows as the moments pass by." Neqeu said touching a strand of Ike's hair pulling it back gently. Ike blushed looking down at his feet.
"Music is a form of song and we love to write and preform it." Taylor added smiling at Ike who looked up at him looking relieved that Taylor took the attention away from him.
"Song? What is song?" Neqeu asked cocking her head to the right.
"I think the only way to show you is to sing for you." Zac said happily with Haelz at his side.

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