Three Minds As One

Chapter 27 - Alone And Scared - Continued

Ike stood back watching them inspect his brothers. He could tell Zac was getting somewhat annoyed by Haelz's constant attention and now Taylor was in the middle of a love triangle between Demi and the one called Mayte. He couldn't help but smile. He could sense that Demi was jealous that his mate was liking Taylor. But he felt a little bad being left out of the situation. He was deep in his thoughts when the room suddenly took on a intense golden glow. Demi, Mayte, and Haelz stopped and immediately bowed their heads. Taylor and Zac quickly ran over to where Isaac was standing wondering what was going on.
"Ike? What is happening?" Zac asked as Taylor pointed to the center of the room when another bubble was forming from the dimensional tides. Ike swallowed hard.
"Someone I think is coming through." Ike whispered noticing Demi and his mates stood in front of the bubble glowing in an intense shade of white. Finally a being just like them passed through into the room. Ike, Taylor, and Zac stood astounded by the alien. This one was a few inches taller then their friend Demi. The skin glowed so bright that they had to cover their eyes. The eyes were a deep violet. Lights danced around the room.
"Who is this one?" Taylor whispered watching intently as the being reached out and lovingly touched Demi and his mates on the head.
"Beats me Tay." Ike whispered back afraid to disturb the beings interaction. He could tell that they honored this one in some way.
"What should we do?" Zac murmured softly when the being turned and looked over at them. The being slowly walked up to them as they all stepped back feeling a little unsure and fearful. Isaac nodded his head slightly in a greeting staring directly into the alien's eyes. The alien bowed its head and knelt before Isaac grabbing his hands pulling him forward so he stood in front of her. Isaac swallowed and drew in a deep breath when the alien placed her forehead on top of his right hand. Isaac looked totally confused gazing back at his brothers who looked just as dumbfounded as he did.
"She honors you young one." Demi said trying to let Ike understand her actions.
"Honors me? Huh?" Ike answered now feeling more confused. Ike looked down at the alien wishing she would stop bowing to him.
"You are the oldest so she honors your wisdom of your kind. Place your hand on top of her head to let her know you honor her back Ike. Please show her respect for she is the oldest of our kind. I know you don't understand our ways." Demi explained.
Ike did as Demi instructed placing his hand lightly on her head. She glowed a light shade of gold and stood up. She reached out gently caressing his face and cocked her head to the side looking at him intensely. Ike smiled shyly looking up at her.
"I am glad to meet you ahhh..." Ike began looking up again at Demi.
"Her name is Neqeu. She feels and says that you are beautiful Ike. She senses your gentle caring nature." Demi said turning a shade of gold feeling amused by the expression of awe covering Isaac's face.
"Now you have someone liking you Ike." Zac said chuckling.
"And just think Ike she is the most honored of her kind." Taylor added in smiling.
Suddenly Neqeu grabbed Taylor roughly pulling him forward and pulled his head back looking into his eyes. Taylor gasped thinking maybe she was angry for teasing his brother. He blinked fearfully up at her.
"Blue eyes. The blue eyes. This is the one Emitforecnalab. The one of my dreams." Neqeu stated looking into the fearful eyes of the young one.
"Yes wise one. The sky eyes." Demi proclaimed coming up near them as his mates followed behind him.
"He will lead us to the broken rip. He has been there. I have seen it." She exclaimed as Taylor swallowed hard raising his eyebrows feeling uncomfortable as she held onto him tightly with her left arm still wrapped around his waist and holding onto his head tightly with her right hand.
"Please.... you're hurting my brother... ahhh.... ahhh ..... wiseone." Ike pleaded gently touching her on the shoulder. She released Taylor who fell onto his back laying on the floor. He slid backwards fearfully stopping when he bumped into Zac's legs.
"I am sorry Ike. I didn't mean to hurt him. He is the one who can lead us and heal all time. Through your three minds and ours the dimensions will be balanced again. Will you help us?" Neqeu asked softly looking and feeling love for this young one.
"Yes of course we will." Ike responded and smiled. Taylor stood up with Zac helping him. He brushed off his pants trying to regain his composure again.
"Are you talking about that section in the rips where I saw the black holes?" Taylor asked looking from Demi to Neqeu nervously.
"Yes young one. Then Neqeu was right. You were there." Demi stated glowing a light shade of gold.
"Ummm... yeah. I was there when we were looking for your mates. I couldn't find my way out. Zac pulled me out of there." Taylor explained looking at Zac who just looked back at him nodding his head.
"Do you think my young blue eyes you could find your way there again?" Neqeu asked.
"Yes. I remember how I got there. I was going very slow through the rips at the time searching for Demi's mates so they would help us to heal him again. I remember every step of the way." Taylor asserted feeling confident and smiled.
"Demi? Who is Demi?" Neqeu asked.
"It is what they call me wiseone. They find it hard to pronounce our names." Demi answered.
"This language you speak is interesting. I am sorry for all the pain you young ones are going through due to these evil ones here. But we promise you we will bring you home soon. I have been waiting so long to get my children back." Neqeu stated looking and glowing lovingly at Demi, Mayte, and Haelz. They bowed their heads glowing lightly gold as they reached out and touched her back gently.
"Home. Oh God how we want to go home!" Taylor expressed with tears filling his eyes.
"You will follow us into the rips then and stay close. Once the block is raised Taylor you will lead us to the rip. Follow everything we say." Demi instructed them. Ike, Taylor, and Zac nodded their heads in agreement. The beings led them to the center of the room and formed a circle around them. They watched the bubble form once again to take them into the dimensional tides. Taylor looked up at Demi and smiled as the colors swirled around them, knowing soon they would be home again.

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