Three Minds As One

Chapter 27 - Alone And Scared - Continued

Hours passed and Taylor was enjoying the feeling of the warm water cascading down his body. The shower was making him feel somewhat better. He yearned for Demi in his heart knowing he was becoming very attached to this alien who had helped him so much in the past few days, while they were held here against their will. He knew Isaac wanted to help him get his mind off things. He smiled knowing his brother cared and understood his feelings he had for Demi. It seemed Demi and him somehow had a special bond. He bent his head slightly over rinsing the shampoo from his hair with his fingers when he suddenly felt a presence surround him. He lifted his head rubbing the water from his eyes and looked around curiously. A shiver ran up his back as he swallowed hard. He shook off the feeling and resumed rinsing his hair thinking he was probably just imagining things, wishing to hard for his friend to return. He ran his fingers through his hair pulling it back from his face and opened the door a little to the shower stall, feeling the cold air rush in. He reached for the towel that he placed near the shower stall on the table and noticed it was gone. He looked down to the floor thinking it may have slipped off the table, but could see that it wasn't there either.
"I swore I put it there." Taylor said to know one, opening the door wider and stepped out.
"I have it young one."
Taylor jumped hearing Demi's voice and spun around dripping wet as his heart started to race. He noticed the room glowed with the tiny lights filling the room around him. He turned and saw Demi standing in front of him glowing in a intense shade of gold holding the towel out to him.
"Demi!" Taylor smiled grabbing the towel, placing it quickly around his waist.
"You are beautiful my Taylor." Demi expressed staring at Taylor who blushed, looking up at him shyly.
"How? How long were you standing there?" Taylor asked as Demi reached out and gently caressed the side of Taylor's face lovingly.
"I didn't go in the wet room with you. I didn't want to invade your privacy. I respect your shyness of your body young one." Demi said feeling amused by Taylor's reaction.
"Demi? Oh God I have missed you! Your mates healed you again." Taylor exclaimed suddenly hugging onto Demi forgetting his embarrassment.
"I wasn't gone that long my Taylor. They thought that you hurt me till I explained everything to them. We need your help. The dimensional balance is almost fixed, but we can't seem to find one area of disruption." Demi explained. Taylor looked up at Demi and stepped back reaching for his clean white sweats that his brothers and him found in the storage room earlier. He quickly put them on not really caring if Demi saw him naked anymore.
"We will help in any way we can Demi. Where are your mates?" Taylor asked running his fingers through his wet hair.
"They are still in the tides. They will come here shortly. Are your brothers in our room?" Demi asked touching the top of Taylor's head. Taylor nodded as he opened the door to the bathroom. He bolted down the hallway with Demi following him. He ran around the corner seeing his brothers discussing something as they sat on the mattress.
"Guys! Demi's back! Demi is here!" Taylor cried, out of breath running up to them. Ike and Zac bolted up seeing Demi come around the corner.
"Demi!" They both yelled in unison running to him. Zac flung his arms out and hugged onto to Demi's waist excitedly. Demi reached down and happily petted Zac's head. Taylor stood back smiling at his brothers reactions of seeing Demi again too.
"I knew you wouldn't leave us! I knew it!" Zac exclaimed releasing his hug and looked up into the purple eyes.
"I could never abandon you young ones. You're my friends." Demi expressed looking toward Taylor lovingly and then at Ike and Zac.
"They healed you Demi? Did they... your mates think that we hurt you?" Ike asked licking his dry lips searching Demi's eyes.
"At first... yes. But after they healed me I showed them the whole situation and I taught them your language as well." Demi explained.
"Ummm... Demi? I think they are coming in now." Taylor said pointing at a clear bubble forming in the center of the room.
They all stood back as Mayte and Haelz came through the rip. They both walked up to Demi and stood next to him.
"Young ones these are my mates." Demi declared proudly as they bowed their heads in a greeting.
"Ahhh.... hi!" Zac excitedly said smiling at them, looking from one to the other.
Haelz reached out and ran her fingers over his mouth as Zac jumped back a little.
"Beautiful." Haelz mumbled as she turned a deep shade of gold. Zac stepped back feeling off guard by Haelz's attentiveness toward him. Taylor chuckled watching Zac feeling confused.
"What? Taylor stop it!" Zac exclaimed feeling annoyed, as Haelz kept reaching out toward him.
"Ummm... nice to meet you too." Zac stated grabbing her hand away from his face and shaking it. She cocked her head slightly feeling fascinated with him.
"I think she likes you Zac." Ike said smiling. Zac turned a deep shade of red throwing Ike a 'cut it out look'.
"Yes... I like him." Haelz answered innocently as Zac looked up at her with a shocked expression covering his face.
Zac swallowed hard not knowing how to react. He walked over near Taylor who was still smiling.
"Ahhh.... thanks." Zac mumbled shyly as Haelz walked up next to him.
Mayte glanced over at Taylor and was curious to see the one with the color of the sky in his eyes, that Demi told them about. Taylor looked up as Mayte came over to him and gently turned his head with her hands, as Taylor raised his eyebrows wondering what she wanted.
"Why are your eyes different young one?" Mayte asked bending her face closer to his. Taylor shook his head away from her grasp gently and smiled.
"Because my eyes are blue? I just take after my mother I guess." Taylor stated flinging his hand out nervously for emphasis. She touched his still damp hair enjoying the soft feel of the strands. Taylor looked over to Demi who turned a light shade of blue watching Mayte inspect his Taylor. Demi approached walking up behind Taylor and put his hands on his shoulders looking at Mayte. For some reason Taylor felt better having Demi near him. Demi softly removed Mayte's hand from stroking Taylor's hair.

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