Three Minds As One

Chapter 27 - Alone And Scared - Continued

Don watched Tom nervously light up a cigarette as he sat at his desk.
"Tom? What are we going to do now? Sam is still in a coma. We can't just sit here and do nothing. Look what that alien is capable of. He actually came out of that room and and......"
"I KNOW! Don't keep reminding me. I'm trying to think of something here. Those boys are a big disappointment to me. I know now they will never cooperate with us. They are somehow linked with that beast. I'm thinking about aborting the whole project. We have to take over the situation here. Look what he did to my friend. Sam will never be the same again!" Tom fumed taking another puff of his cigarette angrily.
"How? How are we going to stop them? Their powers are way beyond anything I have ever seen before. What Sam did to that boy only tiggered the creature's anger. He should have never done that! Maybe if we were more kind to them they would have cooperated with us. Sam was jealous of those kids. He knew they were more powerful then him and all he thought about was proving his superiority over them. Sometimes I think he really didn't care about the whole project. His ego always got in the way!" Don bellowed as he stood up leaning over Tom's desk to make his point.
"Sam was always faithful to the project. Don't ever put him down like that! He's a good man. Those boys are evil! They are the ones to blame here Don." Tom screamed defending Sam's actions.
"How can you say that?! We are the ones who kidnapped them. All we did was treat those kids badly... especially the Taylor boy. Sam seemed to hate him the most. I don't know why. He found pleasure in hurting that kid. I could see it in his face everytime he caused him pain. The only thing I agree with you is that we have to somehow take back the situation here. We don't have any idea what they are planning in there!" Don expressed as he sat back down in his chair. Tom turned his chair slightly looking directly into Don's eyes.
"Well I am not going to argue about Sam anymore Don. I guess we have our own opinions about him. What I want to do is... is storm the room and take the boys back. Maybe then we will be on top of the whole situation again. I know that alien cares about those kids. He has proven that. Maybe the alien will cooperate with us if we have the boys under our control again." Tom stated licking at his lips.
"It sounds to easy. I don't think it will be that simple to capture them again. They might know even now what we are saying." Don contested tapping his fingers against the arm of the chair.
"I want to do this as a total surprise. We will wait a couple of days and then strike. Maybe by then Sam will wake up. I'm sure he would agree with me on this plan." Tom expressed crushing out his cigarette in the ashtray still feeling angry.
"Oh... what are we going to do with Mike? He has been sitting in that cell for over a day now." Don asked feeling bad that the man turned against them. Deep down he felt bad for Mike. He always enjoyed the man's sense of humor.
"Right now I don't really care. I just want to concentrate on the matter at hand. Let him sit in there and ponder what he has done. He could have ruined everything. I'm just glad we caught him in the act." Tom angrily asserted pounding his fist against the desk top.
"Well I'm going to see how Sam is doing. I will see you later." Don said, getting up and heading for the door.
"Keep me updated about his progress Don." Tom stated sadly as Don opened the door and looked back nodding his head, before he closed it.
Tom turned in his chair facing the window, watching the waves from the beach crash onto the shoreline. He rubbed his hand over his face feeling frustrated and angry. He hated those boys. They were taking away his dreams of fame. He vowed to himself that he wouldn't let them do that. A smile crossed his face imagining how he was going to stop them.

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