Three Minds As One

Chapter 27 - Alone And Scared

Taylor layed on the mattress staring at the wall. The nightmares he was having about Sam kept waking him. He shifted his body rocking into Ike who slept behind him. He heard Ike groan and felt him turn as he fell back to sleep. Taylor sat up and turned his head, looking at his brothers. He glanced around the room hoping maybe to see Demi, but sadly he was still gone.
"Tay? Are you alright?" Ike asked in a whisper as he rubbed at his eyes.
"Ah..huh." Taylor answered looking down at his hands. Ike reached up and rubbed Taylor's back.
"Wonder what time it is?" Ike said still hating the fact of not knowing what time of day it was.
"Ike? I wonder if Demi is okay. I feel..... feel....." Taylor began not knowing how to put into words what he was feeling inside.
"Scared?" Ike asked with concern sitting up next to Taylor.
"Not really scared. Just not safe anymore. What if they find out that Demi is gone?" Taylor said pointing in the direction that was outside of the room. He looked at Ike with fear in his eyes.
"We can't let them know that Tay." Ike responded trying to reasure his brother.
"Ike... I.... I can't go out there again. I... I don't want him to......." Taylor couldn't finish sucking in a sharp breath of air.
"Tay? Sam can't hurt you anymore. Demi made sure of that. Just don't worry about him anymore." Ike said looking directly into Taylor's eyes.
"How can you be sure of that?" Taylor whispered rubbing his hands together.
"Demi did something to him. I remember he said he would have a mind like a child or something."
Taylor crinkled his eyebrows together and turned when he saw Zac roll over facing toward them.
"Mind like a child?" Taylor asked with his eyes darting from side to side looking into his brother's eyes.
"Yeah. He said he would never hurt anyone ever again." Ike boldly stated.
"We have to go home Ike. I want to go home." Taylor moaned with tears filling his eyes.
"I know Tay. I want to go home too. I still can't believe that we are in this situation." Ike added running his hand through his hair gently.
Zac sat up yawning and turned his head looking at his brothers.
"What are you guys talking about?" Zac asked still feeling half asleep. He slowly looked around the room hoping to see their friend somehow.
"Just that we want to get out of this place. Maybe Demi is home now. I... I hope he is okay." Taylor answered shifting around so he was sitting up against the wall. Zac nodded understanding.
"I can't believe he would just leave us here. I think he will be coming back to help us." Zac said looking at Ike who was still running his fingers through his hair trying to get out the tangles that formed there.
"One thing I think all of us could use is a shower." Ike stated looking at his hand while he crinkled up his nose in disgust.
"I'm hungry." Zac groaned feeling his stomach growl.
"Well I don't think Michael will be sneaking food to us anymore." Taylor sadly exclaimed wondering what they did with him.
"Where... what do you think they did with him? He was so nice to get food to us. I feel that we should try to do someting for the man." Zac added leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees.
"Guys we can't just sit here doing nothing. We have to form some kind of plan to get out of this place. But first I am going to take a shower. Okay?" Ike stated sliding off the mattress and stood up as Taylor and Zac watched him.
"I want a shower too. So don't take forever in there Ike." Zac smiled knowing how long his oldest brother could sometimes take in the bathroom. Ike smiled back and walked toward the hall leaving Zac and Taylor alone.
"I don't feel much like taking one." Taylor mumbled resting his head back against the wall.
"Taylor of all of us, you need one the most." Zac stated crawling up next to Taylor.
"Who really cares?" Taylor said still feeling depressed.
"I do! You really stink Tay." Zac said holding his nose as he slid up leaning his back against the wall next to him.
Taylor cracked a smiled and chuckled slightly, swinging his hand out slapping Zac softly on his leg. "Very funny. But I guess you're right." Taylor agreed smiling.
"Maybe after the showers we can start making up a plan of what we are going to do to get out of this place, like Ike said." Zac added still hoping somehow Demi would return to them.


Michael sat on the corner of the bed in the cell feeling scared. He wondered what was going on outside. He remembered the commotion from yesterday. All he got out of one of the guards is that the alien attacked Sam Rodden while he was torturing Taylor Hanson. In his heart he was glad. He hoped that the alien made sure that he would never hurt anyone again. It seemed the whole complex was up in arms over something. He wondered when they were going to feed him again. It was hours ago since his last meal. He got up and started to pace the cell. He still wondered what they were going to do to him for sneaking food to the boys behind their backs. Fear gripped his insides not wanting to face Sam again. He knew the man and how he could torture you without touching a hair on your head. But he had no regrets in his heart. He knew he did the right thing.

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