Three Minds As One

Chapter 26 - We Have To Do It For Him - Continued

"Yes! Just do it. Taylor show me where you are." Zac said sliding in front of Taylor who threw his head back, flinging his sweat drenched hair out of his face.
"Please Zac....get me out. I can't see the opening." Taylor begged as he let Zac into his mind.
Zac was shocked seeing the image of where Taylor was. He brought the link up near the energy of Taylor's mind. He latched on and pulled with all his strength feeling the center of his own mind. Suddenly he could feel them moving out and back to their own bodies. Ike saw both of them jerk. Taylor opened his eyes as tears of relief flowed down his face.
"Oh God....thank you Zac!" Taylor smiled and reached out hugging onto to Zac who smiled broadly. Ike slapped his back feeling relieved.
"Hey anytime Tay! I knew I could do it." Zac expressed looking up into his brother's thankful eyes.
"How did you do it?" Taylor asked wiping the sweat off his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt.
"With the same power I stopped the water tank from falling on Ike. Hey... it was easy." Zac stated shrugging his shoulders. Taylor chuckled running his right hand through his wet hair.
"I wonder why that section is like that. Maybe that is where the time balance is ripping. Like what Demi was trying to explain to us." Taylor began when he saw something white flash near the outside of the block. Taylor moved forward near the wall of the block watching.
"Taylor?" Ike asked moving up next to him.
"Shhhh.... I saw something out there guys!" Taylor mumbled excitedly.
Zac slid in closer next to Ike trying to see what his brother saw. Taylor closed his eyes and threw his mind out close to the block. Suddenly he saw a shape to the right and turned. He gasped looking into the violet eyes again. The eyes took on shape gazing into his. Taylor swallowed hard not knowing how to connect.
"One of them is out there." Taylor whispered under his breath.
"Say something to her Tay." Zac declared licking at his lips nervously.
"But she won't understand. Oh my......" Taylor murmured in awe.
"What Tay? What do you see now?" Ike asked wanting to know why Taylor's face turned into a look of complete shock.
"They are both there. They are staring at me. Zac? Try to pull them in." Taylor instructed waving his hand in a circle. Zac went into Taylor's mind again and smiled. He threw out the link hooking onto the two figures and drew them forward. They pulled back, jerking Zac a little off balance, but he kept pulling them forward, not wanting to let go. Ike stepped back as he saw them coming closer to the block wall. He noticed they were both a shade of blue as they popped through the wall. Taylor and Zac slid back near Ike as the two stared back at them.
"Oh...oh... they are blue guys. They are probably mad." Zac stated looking up at Taylor who nodded still gazing upon them in awe.
One moved forward toward Taylor and reached out grabbing onto his right wrist and pulled him forward. Taylor gluped looking up into the eyes. She gently touched his head still glowing in a shade of blue.
"Ummm... we need you to help us. Your... your friend... mate is very sick." Taylor whispered fearfully. She ran her finger down the side of his face stopping near his right eye.
"Tay? Show her a image. Maybe that is how we can communicate with them." Ike stated wondering if Taylor was listening as he looked into the eyes of alien looking scared.
"Yeah.... good idea Ike." Taylor mumbled as he closed his eyes throwing out a image of Demi. She moved suddenly as the other one slid up beside her. She gently released Taylor and both let out a moan.
"I think they understand. Now to get them to follow us back." Zac stated feeling sorry for them.
"We have to get them to help Demi. I wonder how he is doing." Taylor expressed sadly bowing his head slightly. The one nearest to him reached out and placed her hand softly on his head. Taylor saw a image form in his mind. It was of Demi. Taylor smiled up at her, knowing she was trying to say she understood.
"Let's go back Ike." Taylor stated.
"Will they follow?" Ike asked as Taylor nodded his head. Ike took the wall down around them. Taylor immediately felt dizzy and rocked to the left as Zac grabbed his hand pulling him next to him.
"Oh man.... I feel sick." Taylor moaned closing his eyes.
"Let's get back fast. I don't want Tay to get sick again Zac." Ike said holding onto Taylor knowing probably being in the section that was weird made him feel this way. They bolted forward pulling Taylor along who was looking more pale. Zac smiled a little, noticing the two aliens were following right behind them.
"They are coming Tay!" Zac yelled triumphly.
"Good. Are we almost there?" Taylor asked feeling a little faint.
"Almost Tay! Hold on." Ike happily said as he saw the opening to their time just before them.
They burst through into their room. Taylor immediately ran over to Demi who was still in the shade of intense green as he laid unmoving on the mattress. Taylor kneeled down next to him watching the two mates approach.
"Please help him! He is very sick and we don't know how to heal him." Taylor begged swallowing hard. Taylor was suddenly thrown roughly back hitting the wall as they turned a light shade of black bending over Demi.
"Oh God...." Taylor moaned still pinned against the wall. Ike and Zac ran to him, when they too were slammed against the wall against their will.
"Why? Why are they doing this to us?" Zac yelled trying to fight the power that held them.
"I think maybe they think we hurt him." Ike said sadly watching them hover over Demi gently caressing him.
"How will they understand that he is our friend?" Taylor tearfully stated leaning his head back against the wall.
"Guys? Where are they taking him?" Zac fearfully questioned as they lifted Demi from the mattress carrying him to the center of the room.
"Wait! Please! Don't leave!" Taylor yelled desperately watching the bubble form to go into the dimensional rifts. He tried to fight the hold that pinned him tightly, but he couldn't move.
They all sadly watched when they vanished into the rip and then they suddenly were released from the power that held them. Taylor bolted up and ran to the center of the room. He collasped onto the floor starting to cry.
"Noooooo..... Demi!" Taylor screamed not wanting to believe he was gone.
"Tay! It's... it's going to be alright!" Ike said running to Taylor and knelt down beside him with Zac coming up from behind him looking sad and confused.
"Why? They just left us! They left us Ike!" Taylor moaned rocking back squeezing his eyes shut. Ike put his arms around Taylor feeling just as scared. Zac sat down on the other side of Taylor reaching out his hand and gently rubbed Taylor's leg with his bottom lip quivering as he looked sadly around the room. He couldn't imagine not seeing their friend anymore.

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