Three Minds As One

Chapter 26 - We Have To Do It For Him

The colors swirled around them as they entered the dimensional tides. Zac closed his eyes trying to regain his balance making sure he was tightly holding onto Taylor's hand. He noticed Taylor was doing the same.
"How far do we go in Ike?" Taylor asked feeling unsure of his space and time.
"I remember a certain color pattern where we stopped. When I see it that is where I will bring up the block." Ike stated matter of factly.
"Hope you're right about it Ike." Zac answered opening his eyes to search the area.
"What did it look like? Maybe I can spot it with my mind." Taylor asked turning his head to look at Ike. Suddenly Ike's face looked distored and a dizzy spell hit him. He closed his eyes to to regain the control of this balance.
"Tay? Are you okay?" Ike asked.
"Yeah. Fine. I just shouldn't have turned my head so fast." Taylor answered not wanting to let his brothers down.
"Just take it slow. Wait! There it is! The colors I was talking about." Ike exclaimed excitedly pointing ahead of him.
"How far were we from it?" Taylor wanted to know.
"Just a little bit further I think."
"Don't think Ike! Know for sure." Zac stated squeezing Taylor's hand tighter. Taylor squeezed back and smiled.
"Okay. I say right here." Ike said stopping the flow of movement. They floated slowly in the tides. Ike reached out and grabbed Zac's free hand so they were now enclosed in a circle. Taylor and Zac smiled even though the tides were making them all feel off balance somewhat.
"Bring up the block Ike. I don't know if I can take this much longer." Taylor expressed as Ike nodded.
"Let's do it!" Zac commanded smiling.
Ike bought up the block around them. Taylor took a sigh of relief feeling finally safe again.
"We did it! We actually did it guys! Now we have to try and find Demi's mates out there. I hope they are close by." Taylor smiled feeling proud of himself and his brothers. He was still worried about Demi, remembering the color of his skin. He hated the thought that they had to leave him all alone.
"First you Tay. Try to search for them with your mind." Zac instructed. Taylor swallowed and closed his eyes throwing his mind out into the rifts. He saw colors and shapes moving and slowly scanned the areas like Demi taught him. He reached further and further searching for movement and odd, out of the ordinary shapes. He licked his lips concentrating as he traveled through another rip.
"This is weird." Taylor expressed crinkling up his brow.
"What Tay? What are you seeing?" Ike asked looking concerned.
"It's.... it's just.... you know how the colors are all together? Like flowing together? Well in this section everything looks off. There are all different sizes of black spots in here. What the?" Taylor said as beads of sweat started to form on his forehead.
"Tay? What's wrong? Be careful." Zac exclaimed touching Taylor's shoulder gently.
"I can't find a way out of here. I... I don't see how I came in. Where's the way!?" Taylor cried feeling suddenly scared and trapped.
"Tay take it easy. Just calm down. It's there. Just keep searching." Ike stated trying to keep Taylor from losing his cool. Sweat started to roll down his face. Zac gulped watching Taylor concentrate.
"I can't see it Ike! Help me guys!" Taylor expressed desperately reaching his hands out.
"Wait Tay. I'll pull you in." Zac stated throwing out his link.
"Zac... what are you doing?" Ike yelled sternly.
"Taylor? Let me into your mind.... now!" Zac demanded knowing Taylor was feeling lost and scared.
"But if I do you might be trapped in here with me Zac." Taylor stated as he started to shake.
"Tay... listen to me. I can pull you out of there. I know I can. Just do as I say. Okay?" Zac declared looking up at Ike who threw him a look of concern.
"Are you sure Zac? Are you sure you can do this?" Ike asked searching Zac's determined eyes.

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