Three Minds As One

Chapter 25 - A Time For Healing - Continued

Demi awoke and gently petted Taylor's head lovingly. He looked at his hand and noticed it was still a shade of green. He closed his eyes feeling very sick. He pulled Taylor against his body wanting to feel his warmth. He weakly reached out pulling Zac close to Taylor and then Ike close to Zac. He wanted them all together as one. He let out a painful breath and closed his eyes feeling good that they were safe. Feeling assured he drifted off to sleep again.

Taylor woke up noticing he was being held in Demi's arms. He took a deep breath and stroked Demi's arm that was around his waist. Taylor shifted a little trying not to disturb Demi. He was content not to feel pain anymore. He looked down and saw that Demi's arm was a very deep shade of green. Fear struck his heart. He tried to roll over but he couldn't move from the weight of his body next to him.
"Demi? Demi?!" Taylor asked fearfully wishing Demi would respond. He reached out and shook Zac on the shoulder.
"Zac? Wake up! Zac?" Taylor yelled as Zac rolled over half opening his eyes. He gave Taylor a confused look.
"What is it Tay? Oh my GOD!" Zac screamed bolting up into a sitting position. Ike jerked at the sound of Zac's scared voice.
"Zac? What's wrong?" Ike fearfully said watching Zac. He turned his eyes to look at Taylor and breathed in a sharp breath seeing that Demi was deep shade of green. He sat up and crawled quickly over to Taylor who was trying to escape Demi's arms.
"Demi?! Please Ike help Demi! Oh God!" Taylor yelled as Ike and Zac pried away Demi's arms from around him. Taylor slid out from under him. He kneeled in front of him and softly touched Demi's head as tears filled his eyes. Ike and Zac swallowed hard.
"Demi!? Wake up Demi! Please Demi wake up!" Taylor cried shaking Demi's arm roughly. His stomach rolled into knots seeing that there was no response.
"Oh God.... please!" Zac moaned as the tears began to pour down his face hugging onto Demi around the back.
Ike immediately checked to see if he was alive. He placed his head against his chest to listen for a heartbeat. He heard the thump closing his eyes in relief.
"He's alive!" Ike stated sitting up. "Let's roll him over onto his back."
"Ike... can you heal him again?" Zac asked with a pleading look covering his face.
"Why is he so sick? What happened?" Taylor asked helping his brothers as they turned him gently over.
"I think he was still sick from the first time, but he was so worried about you Tay. It took hours to heal you. He was growing weaker and weaker." Ike informed him.
"He's sick because of me?" Taylor cried bursting into tears. Ike grabbed his brother by the shoulders.
"Taylor listen to me. He loves you! He loves you so much. Don't feel guilt over this. He wanted to save you. You were hurt very bad Tay! Very bad!" Ike exclaimed watching Taylor's eyes dart back and forth, wide with fear and hurt. Ike hugged Taylor against him as Taylor broke down and weeped in his arms. Ike stroked Taylor's back comforting him.
"Guys we have to do something. He can't die! I won't let him die!" Zac avowed sniffing back his tears.
"I'm going to try and heal him again." Ike stated as Taylor sat back wiping the tears from his face with the back of his hand, trying to regain his emotional feelings.
"But Ike can you? Do you really know how? He is really bad this time." Taylor asked searching Ike's unsure eyes.
"Maybe his mates could." Zac added as Ike and Taylor looked at him with a shocked expression covering their faces.
"What do you mean Zac?" Ike asked curiously.
"I was with them in the rips. One of them I think pulled me in when I was lost out there. I remember the violet eyes. And I felt a hand stroking my head. I'm pretty sure they were both there with me guys. They must have helped me get back to you!" Zac explained breathlessly.
"But how Zac? How can we connect with them?" Taylor asked looking back down at Demi sadly.
"Maybe we could throw out a link to them. Like we did when you connected with Mom and Dad, Taylor." Zac said as Taylor ran his hand through his hair pushing the strands away from his face.
"We have to try something. Maybe it could work." Taylor stated hopefully looking up at Ike.
Suddenly Demi shifted a little making Taylor jump. Taylor bent near his face. Demi slowly opened his eyes looking up at him.
"Demi?" Taylor whispered softly as his voice cracked with emotion.
"My Taylor is okay now." Demi weakly exclaimed reaching up his arm and stroking Taylor's cheek lovingly. Taylor's eyes filled with tears again.
"I love you Demi. Please hold on. I... we are going to help you. Okay?" Taylor tearfully choked on his words. Demi just nodded and closed his eyes as his arm fell limply to his side. Taylor stroked Demi's head sadly.
"How are we going to do this? Wait.... I know how Demi enters the rips. But we have to do this together and that means leaving Demi alone for awhile." Ike stated standing up feeling determined. Zac and Taylor stood up and walked next to him.
"Are you ready guys? Remember never let go of each other. We can do this for Demi. We owe him so much!" Taylor stated looking from Zac to Ike. Zac smiled taking a hold of Taylor's hand. Ike nodded holding Taylor's other hand. They knew Taylor would be the center. They all took a deep breath and walked to the center of the room hand in hand. They closed their eyes, with hope filling in their hearts, concentrating to open the door into time. Demi's life depended on them.

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