Three Minds As One

Chapter 25 - A Time For Healing

Demi placed Taylor down onto the mattress after they passed through the dimensions again. Taylor groaned lifting up his hands reaching out to Demi.
"Plea...please Demi don't go away!" Taylor wimpered feeling every part of his body ache with extreme agony.
"I am here my young one. I love you my Taylor. He won't ever hurt you again." Demi pledged caressing his head gently. Taylor painfully squeezed his eyes shut as Ike and Zac bent down near him.
"Oh man! Demi can you heal him?" Ike pleaded knowing Taylor's body was weak with exhaustion.
"Of course my young one and you will help Ike." Demi stated lovingly, reaching out and caressing the side of Ike's face gently with his thumb. Ike burst into tears leaning his face into Demi's huge hand.
"I... I want to help too." Zac sobbed fearing for his brother who started to shake with sweat pouring down his face. He fearfully watched Taylor desperately sucking for air.
"I... I can't breath!" Taylor yelled with his eyes wide with fear.
"Just take it easy Tay. We are going to heal you." Ike said looking up into Demi's eyes. Demi placed his hands onto Taylor's chest and instantly glowed a intense shade of gold. He went into his body with the healing light and healed his lungs. Taylor coughed raising his right hand reaching out to Zac who took hold of his hand gently and placed it lovingly onto the side of face.
"Can you breath now young one?" Demi asked as Taylor nodded his head.
"I hurt so bad. Am I going to be alright? Please..." Taylor fearfully moaned looking up into Ike's eyes as he started to cry again.
"You are hurt very bad my Taylor. This is going to take awhile for us to heal you. Do you understand?" Demi asked gently hating to see him in so much pain. Taylor nodded his head slowly.
"What do I do Demi? Tell me how to begin." Ike pleaded, gently stroking Taylor's face wanting to help heal his brother.
"You will start with your healing light from the bottom of his body and work towards the center as I begin from the top Ike. Just take your time young one." Demi instructed. Ike slid down to Taylor's feet and quickly brought forth his healing light entering Taylor's wounded body. Zac remained holding Taylor's hand trying to comfort his brother as Demi and Ike concentrated.

Hours passed and slowly Taylor's body was being healed. Taylor fell asleep with Zac sleeping right next to him. Demi was exhausted, but kept going on because of his love for this young creature. Ike kept looking up at Demi at intervals, noticing Demi was turning more green in color by the minute. Ike knew Demi was growing sick again. Ike licked his lips nervously knowing they were almost done. Finally both their lights met as one. Demi rocked back sitting down heavily, bowing his head.
"Demi? Are you okay? Please Demi say something!" Ike tearfully begged, as he slid near Demi touching his shoulder gently.
"I am fine Ike. Just rest now. I know you are very tired." Demi lied as he reached out and touched Ike's hand to reasure him.
"Demi you are not alright! I know when you are green... that means you are very sick! Doesn't it?" Ike sternly declared.
"I just need to rest my Ike. We both do. Let's go to sleep now. My Taylor is now healed." Demi expressed with relief, sliding next to Taylor. Ike slid and layed down next to Zac. Ike stared at Demi laying next to his brother and watched him stroke Taylor's hair lovingly. Ike was worried about him. Demi slowly drifted off to sleep with his hand resting on top of Taylor's head. Ike closed his eyes with tears forming under the lids. He thought to himself that after he slept he would heal his friend again. Ike was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep himself.

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