Three Minds As One

Chapter 24 - Never Again - Continued

Taylor shook with fear as the sweat rolled down his body. He let out another scream of agony as the pain engulfed him. The intensity was getting stronger with each wave Sam threw at him. He didn't think he could last much longer.

Sam grew more angry with each passing minute. He couldn't understand how much pain this kid could take. He thought a few more blasts of pain and then he would finally crumble. He knew Taylor was growing weaker by the second. He smiled as he got ready to throw another wave of pain at him. Suddenly the wall to his left exploded as the plaster flew into the air around him. Sam jumped back fearfully raising his arms into the air blocking the pieces that hit him. He saw the alien come through the wall running toward him. Sam ripped the probes off his head desperately knowing he had to get away. He bolted to the door, but felt the huge hand take hold of his shoulder, pulling him back and roughly spun him around. The alien lifted him into the air under his arms slamming him up against a wall. Sam let out a scream of pain as he felt his broken arm snap again when he hit the wall violently under the pressure.
"You will never touch him again evil one!" Demi thought into his mind. Sam's eyes grew wide with disbelief hearing the words in his head as he looked into the intense glowing red eyes of anger.

Ike and Zac ran over to Taylor who weakly gasped for air. Zac petted his head gently as Taylor started to weep. Ike looked down at his hands noticing his wrists were bleading from the strain of the straps.
"Oh Taylor. You're going to be alright." Ike said softly gently taking off the straps that held his brother down. Taylor let out choking gasps between the sobs.
"Tay he will never hurt you anymore." Zac boldly stated as he turned to see Demi pinning Sam tightly against the wall behind him. Sam fearfully hung there not moving an inch.
Ike lifted his upper body gently hearing Taylor groan pitifully.
"Ike.....Zac....hu..hurt...so....ba...bad!" Taylor cried not being able to hardly speak due to the intense pain.
"Can you sit up Tay?" Ike asked softly. Taylor shook his head and Ike carefully rested him back down on the table. Tears filled his eyes looking across at Zac who's face was an expression of concern.

Demi lifted Sam carrying him to the center of the room. Sam wimpered with fear wondering if the alien was going to kill him or not. He walked near the table where Taylor and his brothers were.
"Look at him evil one! Look what you have done to him! What kind of being are you to do such a thing to a innocent creature such as this? You will never find out my secrets. Only they shall know how to travel through time like me. You will never hurt anyone again evil one!" Demi claimed as he shook him in the air.
"Are you going to kill me?" Sam fearfully asked.
"You don't care about anyone but yourself. You are worthless evil one. And no, I am not going to kill you. My kind would never sink that low. But your mind shall be like a child." Demi informed him. "What? What do you mean by like a child?" Sam swallowed hard looking into Demi's eyes.
"Just that evil one." Demi said as he put forth a bolt of energy into a part of his brain. Sam jerked fearfully trying to raise a block in his mind but his world grew dark as he passed out in his arms. Demi placed him down roughly next to the wall by the door.
"Demi? What did you do to him?" Zac asked noticing Demi was growing to a lighter shade.
"His mind will be as a child. Maybe for once he will be happy with himself." Demi stated as Zac stared down at Sam who lay in a crumpled ball by the wall.
"My poor Taylor." Demi moaned petting Taylor's head gently. Taylor looked up at him with his eyes filled with pain and tears. Demi lifted him carefully into his arms, sensing the damage of Taylor's body.
"Demi." Taylor groaned weakly blinking back the tears that streamed down his face.
"Young ones, let's go back now before the others arrive. They are coming. I can see them with my mind." Demi expressed as Ike and Zac took hold of his arms. They flew back into the dimensional balance leaving all the pain behind them.

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