Three Minds As One

Chapter 24 - Never Again - Continued

Taylor woke up turning his head to the right slowly, seeing Sam smiling down at him again. He quickly turned his face away and swallowed hard licking at his dry lips.
"Want some water?" Sam asked coldly.
"Yes." Taylor responded wondering if he was just teasing him to be mean.
"Then turn your head." Sam demanded as he slid his hand under his head lifting it slightly. Taylor looked up at him as Sam brought a glass to his lips. He sipped the water slowly while his bottom lip quivered. Sam gently placed his head back down placing the glass on the table next to him.
"Now shall we begin again Taylor?" Sam grinned watching Taylor's eyes dart fearfully from side to side.
"Why are you doing this to me? I am not going to tell you anything. I don't care how much it hurts or how much pain you cause me. I don't think you deserve any information for how you keep treating us." Taylor boldly stated even though he fearfully dreaded more pain.
"I will never understand why you fight me so much. Why do you think you are more special then me?" Sam asked angrily through his clenched teeth.
"When did I or my brothers ever say that? We never did. You hated us from the moment we met you. Why Sam? Why do you hate me so much?" Taylor pleaded looking up into his eyes for an answer.
"I don't hate you! You just are....."
"What Sam? I am what? We didn't want to be here. He didn't either. You forced us into this situation. I just want to go home and be with my family again. That is all I want." Taylor tearfully told him hoping he could somehow understand.
"It's my job. Then you did make contact with him?" Sam smiled as Taylor turned away again.
"You don't care about anyone or anything." Taylor mumbled under his breath.
"Why?! Why should I? No one ever has done anything for me kid. Everything in my life that I have is only due to me! And right now I want to know what you have been doing in that room for the last few days with him!" Sam yelled leaning close to his face. Taylor cringed feeling his hot breath on his cheek.
"No. I won't tell. No." Taylor proclaimed sadly not wanting to look into Sam's angry eyes.
"You want me to hurt you then? Well then get ready kid, because I have a lot more where that came from." Sam informed him sitting up again onto the stool. Taylor fearfully closed his eyes bracing for the pain that he knew was to come. Taylor gritted his teeth as a wave of pain took over his mind. His eyes opened wide with fear. He opened his mouth and let out a scream of agony as he struggled desperately against the straps that were cutting into his wrists.
"Oh GOOOOOD! Nooooooo! Stop! PLEASE!" Taylor cried pitifully through gasping breaths of air.
"Then just tell me what you know! I WANT to know WHAT was happening in there! NOW!" Sam yelled on the top of his lungs slamming his fist onto the side of the table near his chest. Taylor jumped with fear as he looked into the angry green eyes. Taylor knew he was so filled with hate. Taylor remained silent as sweat covered his whole body.
"I... I won't." Taylor stated in a whisper as Sam jumped off the stool and grabbed his shoulders roughly. He started to shake him violently.
"Tell me! What is it going to take? Tell me!" Sam screamed into his face as he shook him. Taylor started to sob out of control. He feared this man so much. He thought maybe he was going to kill him soon.


Zac bolted up looking at Demi and Ike fearfully. He could see Sam was hurting Taylor.
"Tay! Oh God he is going to kill him!" Zac shrieked as Ike grabbed him into a hug knowing his brother was now totally healed. Zac pushed away looking fearfully up into Ike's worried eyes.
"How do you know Zac?" Ike asked watching Zac's face twist into terror.
"I can see him and Sam in a room. I never lost the link with Taylor. Ike!? Demi!? We have to help him now!" Zac begged as Ike bolted up and spun around in a circle nervously, feeling totally helpless and confused.
"NEVER! NEVER AGAIN SHALL HE HURT HIM!" Demi screamed turning a intense shade of black as he viewed the image in Zac's mind. He stood up and let out a wild shriek of anger. Ike and Zac stepped back fearfully watching him. They never saw Demi this angry. He gazed down on them with his eyes glowing red.
"Demi? Please you're scaring me!" Zac begged as Demi approached him. Zac gulped hard as Demi reached out to him with his hand. Zac took it shaking with fear. He reached out to Ike with his other and Ike took hold of it knowing he wanted them with him.
"Don't be scared Zac. I promise that evil one will never touch him or you again!" Demi stated matter of factly. Suddenly they were pulled into the dimensional tides. Zac closed his eyes not wanting to feel sick anymore. Ike did the same as they felt their bodies being pulled through the rips of time at a rapid rate of speed.

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