Three Minds As One

Chapter 24 - Never Again

Demi could feel Taylor was in extreme agony. He grew a darker shade of blue as the anger grew inside of him. He felt helpless as Ike was continuing to heal him. He new this was going to take awhile. He hoped that Taylor could hold out till then. He looked over at Zac who seemed to be sleeping again. He was glad that he wasn't feeling the pain for at least a little while.

Ike was following the green light and kept healing the areas of Demi's body. He felt frustrated because the ball still was glowing green in front of him. He wished this healing process could go more quickly, but he wanted to make sure he did everything Demi told him to do.
"Demi? Am I healing you? The ball hasn't grown a lighter shade for over an hour now." Ike sadly stated.
"You are doing fine Ike. Just keep going. I am feeling better as the time passes. The dimensions took so much out of me. I'm sorry young one." Demi expressed sensing Ike's impatience.
"I just want to help my brother. I am so afraid for him. Why did I send him to get the food? I just thought I would make him do something to get his mind off things. He was blaming himself for what happened out there in the dimensional tides." Ike informed Demi who turned a lighter shade of blue feeling sad.
"It wasn't his fault. The rips there are very strong and off balance. There is some kind of magnetic pull there in the area. If it was anyone's fault Ike, it was mine. I just should have put up the block quickly before that happened." Demi began wishing he could reach out and protect Taylor from the evil one. He knew he was in extreme pain.
"I wish this could be done faster Demi, but I understand. How is Zac doing?" Ike asked concentrating on another area of Demi's mind healing it with the light.
"He is peacefully sleeping for now. Don't worry Ike he will be fine. Zac's mind is very confused and mixed up due to experiencing the rips out there in the dimensions. He is a very sick boy. I am watching him closely. As soon as I am healed I will heal him again." Demi assured him knowing Ike felt overwhelmed with concern over his brothers. Ike nodded his head following the green ball of light to the next section Demi wanted him to heal.
A few hours passed by as Ike continued to heal Demi. The ball of light was almost white now before him.

Zac rolled onto his side bringing his hand up to his face as he shook again from the pain that was throbbing in his head. Tears spilled down his face again. He started to cry with uncontrollable sobs of anguish. He felt like he couldn't take the pain much longer. He could see Taylor in another room and didn't know why he suddenly had this power. He thought only Taylor could see images. Suddenly through his agony he realized that Taylor and him were still connected together in the mind. The link was never dropped since being in the dimensional rips and he couldn't release the connection. He blinked watching Sam torture Taylor. He crinkled up his brow wishing desperately he could help his brother. He angrily pounded his fist onto the mattress as he helplessly watched the image before him.
"Ike! Please help me! My head.....ohhhh...my head." He moaned rolling onto his back holding his head in his hands. He closed his eyes tightly as the lights hurt him from above.
He felt a cool hand gently caress his forehead.
"Ike?" Zac moaned trying to focus his eyes.
"Yes Zac. You're going to be okay. Demi is healed now. He is going to heal you. Okay?" Ike tearfully swallowed hard as Zac nodded weakly.
Demi placed his hands gently on his head and went into his mind. Tears spilled down his face uncontrollably from the pain. Quickly he felt the light of healing warming the area that hurt him so badly.

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