Three Minds As One

Chapter 23 - You're Mine Now - Continued

Taylor woke up feeling disoriented. His vision was blurred as he blinked trying to see clearly. Fear engulfed him when he realized he couldn't move. He could feel that straps were holding down his hands and feet. The room was dim with only a small light that was above him. He started to shake knowing they captured him again. He turned and saw no one in the room.
"Oh please Demi help me. I need you." Taylor whimpered softly feeling terrified. He turned when the door opened and quickly closed his eyes. He heard footsteps approach him near his right side.
"Open your eyes Taylor! I know you are awake." Sam stated grabbing onto to his shoulder.
"Let me go!" Taylor yelled opening his eyes feeling sick that he was again looking into the evil, sinister green eyes of Sam.
"Well it is about time that you returned to us." Sam smiled enjoying the fearful expression that covered the kid's face.
"You... you grabbed me and pulled me out of there you creep! They will come for me. I know they will!" Taylor angrily stated turning his head as he strained against the straps balling his hands into fists.
"You are going to tell me what you and your brothers have been up to these past few days." Sam informed him as Taylor threw him a angry look.
"I won't tell you anything! You won't get nothing out of me!" Taylor screamed boldly.
"We'll see about that Taylor. We'll see!" Sam started to laugh as Taylor swallowed hard wondering what Sam was going to do.
"Don't try anything Sam! No matter what I won't tell you what you want to know! Ever!" Taylor exploded shocking Sam a little as he stepped back from the table. He walked over to a small table as Taylor watched him slide it up next to him. Taylor saw that it was covered with a sheet. His heart began to race when Sam took the sheet off revealing some kind of instruments that lay on top of a tray. He fearfully cast his eyes away looking back up at the ceiling.
"Feeling a little scared kid? These are going to help me see what is stored in that mind of yours." Sam asserted as he lifted up some wires.
"Leave me alone." Taylor appealed looking up at Sam.
"I am going to put these probes onto your head and then connect the other side to mine. This will help me to see within your mind." Sam smiled as he started to put one onto one of Taylor's temples. Taylor shook his head knocking off the probe.
"Stop fighting it kid! If you keep moving your head I will hold it down with clamps. Got it!?" Sam yelled picking up the end and replaced it on Taylor's temple again.
"No! Let me GO!" Taylor shouted angrily again shaking his head from side to side.
"Don! Get in here now!" Sam yelled feeling frustrated. Don entered the room and came up to the table.
"Hold his head down firmly while I put these on." Sam instructed as Don grabbed Taylor's head roughly.
Taylor tried to move his head but Don's grip was to strong. He started to breath hard twisting his hands against the straps. He felt Sam placing the probes securely.
"I hate you!" Taylor hissed between his clenched teeth as tears formed in his eyes looking up at Sam who now placed the probes onto his head also. Sam chuckled at the remark not caring what the boy said to him.
"There I'm ready now. Now let us begin." Sam smiled sitting himself down on a stool next to him. Taylor sucked in a sharp breath. He watched Don leave the room and shut the door behind him.
"I won't tell you anything. I won't let you see anything either." Taylor proclaimed strongly looking into Sam's eyes defiantly. Sam only smiled back at him.
"Really? Then feel this Taylor Hanson. Because the more you fight me the worse it will be for you." Sam emphasized letting Taylor feel the pain that he caused with his mind.
"Oh GOD!" Taylor screamed jumping as pain ripped inside his head. He gasped for a breath of air when the pain subsided.
"Now tell me Taylor... did you make contact with our special guest?" Sam asked looking down at Taylor who was breathing rapidly. Taylor just turned and looked at him not answering. Sam threw in another bolt of pain. Taylor screamed again in agony. He never felt anything so painful before in his life. Sweat beaded on his forehead.
"You see Taylor.... this machine here enhances my power ten fold. I have the power to increase or decrease the pain at my choosing." Sam smiled noticing Taylor was breathing fearfully as he closed his eyes.
"Can't be afraid. Can't be afraid." Taylor thought trying to calm his fears.
"Can't be afraid of what Taylor? Me?" Sam laughed as Taylor turned and gave him a shocked look. "Why yes. I can even read your deepest thoughts."
"I won't tell you any...ahhhhhhhh...." Taylor screamed feeling the pain overwhelm him. He burst into tears biting his bottom lip as his body began to tremble.
"Don't make it hard on yourself. Just tell me now... did you contact our friend?" Sam asked bending close to Taylor who began to shake from fear. He enjoyed watching his facial expressions.
"No. No I won't." Taylor stated weakly licking his lips.
Sam tried to dig deep into Taylor's mind, but something was stopping him. He knew Taylor knew how to block him from his thoughts. He knew it was probably going to take awhile to break him down. He threw in a massive stream of pain. He saw Taylor's face twist into agony as he let out another scream. Sweat poured down his face with his body straining violently against the straps that bound him.
"Oh God.....oh God....help me." Taylor whispered feeling faint.
"Just tell me what you know Taylor." Sam asked again angrily wishing he would break under the pressure. He hated that the kid was so strong. Taylor turned his head away from him as he broke down and cried with loud agonizing sobs.
"Just tell me what I want and then you will have no more pain Taylor. All this agony will end. All you have to do is tell me." Sam pleaded hoping he would listen to him. But the kid just shook his head no. Sam crinkled his eyebrows together.
"Please....plea....." Taylor moaned when another bolt of pain filled him.
Sam saw his eyes roll to the back of his head, watching the young man passing out.
"Pretty soon Taylor you will tell me all I want to know. It's just a matter of time. No one is here to help you now." Sam smiled as he waited for him to wake up again to proceed with his questioning.

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