Three Minds As One

Chapter 23 - You're Mine Now

Taylor slowly sauntered down the hallway sniffing back his tears. He knew Isaac wanted him to go so he would be doing something besides feeling worried. He finally reached the room and peaked around the corner. He saw no one looking through the windows and stepped out into the area. He looked to the entrance and saw the box of food waiting for them.
"Well more food. Maybe if Zac eats something it will help." Taylor thought as he walked near the entrance where the package laid on the floor. He bent down to lift it when suddenly he heard the door behind him open, but before he had a chance to turn around a hand roughly slapped across his mouth. Fearfully he dropped the box grabbing up at the hand.
"I got you!" Sam exclaimed as the guards lifted Taylor's legs. Taylor struggled trying to swing out watching them swarm around him. He tried to scream but Sam's hand was still across his mouth tightly.
"Hurry Don! Put him out. I don't want them coming to help him." Sam angrily whispered.
Taylor kicked his legs trying to loosen the hold the guards had on him. Don injected the needle as Taylor let out a muffled scream. They carried him through the door, closing it quickly behind them. Taylor felt his world growing dark around him.
"Demi! Help me!" Taylor desperately screamed in his mind.

"We are going to put him in the room at the end of the hall." Sam ordered as the guards nodded their heads as they carried Taylor down through the hallway following him.
"You got him! Great! Now for the other two." Tom exclaimed running toward them from another hallway.
"Did you put Michael in the cell?" Sam asked still feeling angry that this man betrayed them.
"Yeah. He's pretty scared right now." Tom replied as they entered the room and placed Taylor onto a table. Sam strapped his arms and upper torso down while Don strapped down his legs tightly to the table.
"He should be scared. He had no right to take matters into his own hands. But in a way we should thank him for it too." Sam smiled as he rubbed his broken arm.
"Yeah... we finally captured one of the boys!" Tom said cheerfully looking down at the kid.
"Now to find out what was going on in there." Sam began leaning close to Taylor's face.
"You think the other two will come out now? I mean we have their brother." Tom smiled feeling like they were gaining back control of the situation again.
"I don't know. All I know Taylor Hanson is going to tell me what was going on between the alien and them." Sam gushed placing his hand on Taylor's forehead.
"I have a feeling it is going to be hard to get anything out of him." Don interupted gazing at Sam.
"Oh... he'll tell me! Believe me this kid is going to tell me everything he knows." Sam chuckled in a evil tone.


Demi glowed in a pale shade of green as Ike was trying to heal him. He felt a little better due to Ike, but he knew the young one didn't understand his body structure. Fear bolted through him feeling a desperate call coming from Taylor. He quickly grabbed at Ike's hands to stop him and sat up knowing Taylor was in trouble.
"Demi?" Ike asked wondering what was bothering him suddenly as Demi gripped onto his hands tightly.
"Taylor?" Demi questioned looking around the room.
"Taylor went to get the food Demi. Why?" Ike asked looking concerned.
"They captured him! That evil one has him." Demi fumed growing more angry.
"Tay?" Zac moaned turning his head weakly. Ike turned releasing his hands from Demi's. Zac rolled onto his side trying to sit up.
"Zac. Don't try to sit up." Ike protested trying to stop him.
"No! They have Taylor. Ike they have Taylor! I dreamt it Ike." Zac gulped still feeling very sick. He got up on his hands and knees weakly but fell back down flat on the mattress, landing on his stomach. He sucked in a deep breath as his head began to spin again. Ike slid over to him and rubbed his back.
"Zac don't worry. Demi will get Taylor back. Right Demi?" Ike pleaded with his heart beginning to race as he noticed Demi still glowed in a greenish shade.
"I can't do anything right now. I must heal Ike. I have to help my poor Taylor and Zac." Demi lamented as he looked up at the ceiling.
"Show me Demi! Show me how to heal you." Ike insisted wanting to know what to do.
Demi placed his hands on Ike's head gently. Ike closed his eyes ready for the knowledge.
"Follow my light that I will create Ike." Demi instructed as Ike nodded his head.
Ike saw a green ball of light floating in front of his mind.
"Now follow it and bring in the light of healing from your mind. As I tell you where to heal you will know you are doing it right as the ball begins to turn white again." Demi pointed out.
"How long will this take? We have to get Taylor away from Sam. He hates him so much. I don't know what he is going to do to him." Ike tearfully stated following the green light.
"I know I am very weak. This will take some time. But together it will be faster. Then I can heal Zac. He is still in so much pain Ike. I promise we will get Taylor back."
"I feel so helpless." Ike stated turning to look again at Zac who lay on the mattress as he was caught in his own world of agony. Zac moaned pitfully as his body began to shake.
Ike began the healing process following each step at a time knowing it was up to him to get everyone back on their feet again.

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