Three Minds As One

Chapter 22 - Frustration - Continued

Haelz looked at the young creature she pulled in that was causing a disruption in the rifts. Mayte came up beside her gazing at the creature curiously and reached out gently feeling the yellow strings that seemed to grow on the head.
"What is it?" Mayte thought looking up at Haelz glowing a light shade of blue still stroking at the soft strings.
"These were the creatures that were with Emitforecnalab. I think they are helping him. This one must have been pulled into a rip. Poor little thing. He is very sick." Haelz sadly thought lifting him higher into her arms.
"We have to get him back. Emitforecnalab needs him somehow. I can feel him out there. He is searching for him." Mayte stated cocking her head to the right.
"But it is so hard to go to the area where they are. The magnetic grip is so strong." Haelz said glowing a light shade of blue feeling frustrated by the fact.
"They must live where the magnetic hole is. I don't want to get sucked in like Emitforecnalab did. Haelz I feel him close. He is out there." Mayte excitedly thought wanting her mate back desperately.
"We will push him there so he can link onto to this creature." Haelz stated releasing the creature from her arms. He hung limply in the tides floating slowly. They both concentrated together and gently pushed him out to a rip that was connected near the magnetic pull. Sadly they watched him being sucked in hoping the young creature would be okay.

Demi desperately reached into the void searching for Zac. Suddenly he saw his form pop out of a rip. He immediately latched onto the limp body pulling him toward the block.
"I have him young ones." Demi weakly said as Taylor was crying uncontrollably in Ike's arms. Taylor turned and saw Zac just outside the block.
"Hurry Demi! Pull him in. He looks so bad." Ike yelled fearfully watching as Zac come through the block wall. Taylor and Ike bolted to him as Demi sadly watched. Taylor grabbed onto Zac who hung limply in his arms. Taylor started to rock him back and forth petting his head lovingly.
"Zac? Oh God Zac! Please be okay." Taylor weeped burying his head into Zac's shoulder.
"He... he looks so bad. Demi? Is he going to be okay?" Ike gulped tearfully turning toward Demi who was glowing in a sickly color of green.
"We have to get him back. I am very weak for using the energy that pulled Zac in." Demi stated knowing he didn't want to get trapped in here with the young ones.
"Demi are you alright?" Taylor asked looking up with tears staining his face.
"I will be just fine my Taylor. Let's get him back to the room. He needs the healing of Ike's powers." Demi explained as he gently took Zac from Taylor's arms cradling him gently against his body.
"Now each of you hold onto a arm and don't let go." Demi stated as they nodded their heads understanding. He released the block and hurried to get out of the dimensional balance. They came out of the bubble and Demi carried Zac to the mattress placing him down. He rocked onto his side laying next to him feeling exhausted.
"Demi!? You're not okay are you?" Taylor moaned running his hand through his hair nervously sitting down next to him.
"I will be alright Taylor. I just need to rest for awhile. Ike you have to heal your brother. He is very sick." Demi began closing his eyes.
"I.... I hope I can do it." Ike fearfully murmured bending over his brother who was very pale. He gently caressed his forehead. Taylor slid up in between Demi and Zac looking up at Ike who he noticed looked scared.
"Ike? You can do this. I know you can." Taylor professed trying to give him a sense of courage.
Ike nodded and went into Zac's mind. He jumped feeling his brother's pain.
"Oh God....." Ike moaned.
"Ike? What? What's wrong?" Taylor nervously asked licking his lips.
"He... he is in so much pain. I never felt anything like this. I see the healing light. I'm going in now. I hope I do this right. Oh God help me." Isaac prayed as he brought the light over the pain in Zac's mind.
Taylor watched helplessly as his brother went into a trance. He felt Demi lightly touch his back. He turned seeing Demi weakly look up at him.
"Demi? Is there something I can do? You look so sick." Taylor stated reaching out and petted Demi's forehead gently with his hand shaking.
"You're here. That is what I want. Just stay near me Taylor." Demi thought taking Taylor's hand. Taylor gulped hard feeling extremely worried.
"Of course I will. I won't leave you. Just take it easy Demi. Okay?" Taylor gently whispered with tears filling his eyes. He couldn't believe this was happening to them. Everything was going so great. Guilt feelings overwhelmed him thinking it was his fault for letting go of Zac's hand. He bowed his head sadly suddenly hearing Zac moan. He turned quickly watching Ike come out of the trance.
"Ike? Is he going to be okay?" Taylor asked looking from Ike to Zac.
"I did the best I could do. I hope it was enough." Ike stated sadly as Zac moaned opening his eyes slowly.
The world spun around him. Relief overwhelmed him looking up at his brothers.
"Ike! Tay! I'm so dizzy. How? Who were they?" Zac stammered rubbing the side of his head.
"What? What Zac?" Ike asked bending close to his face. Zac blinked tearfully up at Ike.
"How did I get back?" Zac weakly asked still feeling extremely dizzy and confused.
"Demi pulled you in. You're going to be fine Zac." Ike smiled petting Zac gently on the head.
Zac nodded swallowing hard, not wanting to talk. He felt very sick to his stomach.
"Just rest now Zac." Taylor smiled slightly trying to reassure his brother. Zac nodded his head closing his eyes.
Ike and Taylor sat for a few minutes in silence pondering on the event that just happened. Taylor kept stroking Demi's hand with his thumb.
"Demi is sleeping. I'm worried about him Ike. Look at his color." Taylor fearfully looked into Ike's eyes.
"I know. He is green. That must mean he is sick. Maybe I could heal him too Taylor." Ike stated wondering if he could.
"He needs something Ike. Please try." Taylor stated blinking back his tears.
"Okay Tay. Maybe the food is here. Michael should have left the box by now. Taylor go get it and I will try to heal Demi in the mean time." Ike said getting up and sitting down next to Demi.
"But I want to stay here and see if Demi will be okay."
"Taylor? Just go get the food. Everything is going to be just fine Tay. I promise." Ike said as Taylor slowly stood up.
"Okay. I'll hurry back." Taylor mumbled as he walked toward the hall.
Ike looked up watching his brother turn around the corner and go into the hallway. He knew his brother was blaming himself for what happened, but he knew it wasn't his fault. He wanted to give Taylor something to do. He looked back down at Demi and placed his hands on his head going in to find the healing light again.

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